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   Chapter 25 Free of the Chains

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Five days ago

Castle Vitalis Garden Pond




A crack of lightning appeared some distance away from where Amanda stood. It was so strong and loud, but it didn't divert her focus on the man that continued to close in on her.

Steady were his footsteps, simply bidding his time, just like some sick old lion stalking its prey. But to Amanda it was an advantage. It gave her an enough time to plan her escape. It gave her the time to evoke the witch blood within her.

Her mother always told her that their kind had natural abilities. Powers that they can use even though they haven't reached their twenty-fifth birthdays yet. Unfortunately, her mother didn't get the chance to teach her how to summon it. A sure disadvantage indeed.

Though Amanda still doubted she had an ability, it was her best choice to fight off the man who certainly eyed her like a piece of meat. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, evoking whatever power she could use.

But then, the unexpected happened.

The angry sky flashed another batch of lightnings again and this time, the man used this to his advantage.

Literally lightning-quick, he was upon her, large hands secured on her shoulders to halt her escape.

Amanda's breath knocked right out of her lungs. Her heart, she swore, could have just jumped out of her chest.

"No!" she yelled, pushing his chest away and in the process, shoved a little of the collar of his maroon long-sleeved shirt. There she saw the tattoo, or a mark, peeking itself; two inverted crescent moons she knew were supposed to be for the use of witches only. Her mother created one for her father - her soulmate. Her only lover. If the man had one, then that meant...

Could it be that he had a witch lover too?

That was the ultimate question that swam in her mind.

She stared at the man's face, just to see who he was, but she was already too late. The man was already lowering his head directly into her neck; white fangs gleaming in her peripheral vision.

"Let me go. Let me go!" she ordered, but he ignored her.

"Hmm, you smell so good just like before, woman. I certainly want to taste you." He inched nearer, his grip tightening on her shoulders.

Frantically, Amanda fought to save herself - pushing his face and kicking his groin, hoping he'd feel some pain there. It was successful. Well, sort of.

Her neck at least was spared.

But a bite was still a bite, even in the shoulder. It still hurt fucking big time.

"Ackhhh!" Amanda flipped her head back to scream in agony. She squirmed, but the man only pressed himself, jailing her using his body. She felt her flow of blood change. She felt her veins collapse. She heard the sucking noise of his mouth, his pleased groans as he took all of her.

In that moment, she remembered Cord. Remembered how delighted she felt as his fangs pierced her wrist.


His fangs were nowhere near Cord's. His felt like a jagged arrow dipped in poison. Felt like barb wires drenched in acid. But maybe, it was expected. Her blood didn't sing to him. It sang and favored the Vitalis Master.

Tears from Amanda's eyes rolled down her cheeks. She wasn't a crier but considering the current circumstances, she was disappointed with herself for not being able to fight back.

Yes, fight back.

And then, she remembered her ability. Or the possibility that she might have one.

Before her eyes rolled back and heart shut down, she gathered her will and summoned whatever ability she had.

No! I will not die like this! she cried.

Inside her then, Amanda felt the beginnings of heat. Caustic heat. She clenched her fists and there she found her fingers hardening, spewing off energy currents.

Without waiting, she grabbed the nearest body part of the man she could find - his elbow. Quickly then, the man's arm and shoulder petrified - turning gray and fossil-like.

There was a pained gasp before the attacker wrenched himself out of Amanda's flesh, glaring, and in haste, pushed her into the pond.

Amanda would have seen his face then, but sheer fatigue and loss of blood eased her eyes shut as she fell into the depths of the murky water.


Castle Vitalis (Present)




Boreal eyes versus arctic ones landed on Amanda as soon as she heard Cord and Matteo's voices.

She stared at Cord and saw that at least he looked worried enough for her as oppose to Matteo who appeared jealous. Really jealous. An almost punch-to-the-face jealous. And Amanda somehow knew why, but she was too shaken, too disturbed of the appearance of her attacker and the flashbacks she had to even care about the two men's obvious tension.

"Are you alright?" she heard Cord ask, voice low and with a hint of concern.

"She isn't, it's pretty obvious, " Matteo scoffed, moving forward to stand some few feet away from them.

Cord ignored him. He didn't so much as raise his head or eyes to look at him.

"What's wrong?" he continued. He gripped her left wrist tighter, urging her to answer.

Amanda released a shaky breath. When their eyes met, she felt a sense of safety instantly.

"Cord, my atta-"

"Cait, you don't need to answer him. It's none of his business, " Matteo interrupted.

The Vitalis Master still ignored him, but produced an impatient huff he did.

"You feel cold, Amanda, " he

hose were in the past Amanda. The past!" Cord's voice rose higher.

"But it happened still! Now tell me, tell me a good reason why I shouldn't be afraid of you!"

This time, their eyes met - hazel-violet orbs to greenish-red ones. A raging flame of challenge versus a burning iron of purpose.

"I promised not to suck you dry didn't I?"

"Inadequate, " Amanda hissed, disliking his choice of words. "You want to keep me in this castle. You don't want me to leave. Wouldn't that scream odd for you if you were in my shoes? I am not an object Cord. I am not your pantry. I am a human. I have a life outside of this place."

She pressed a finger on her chest as if to prove her point.

But was it even her true point?

Or was there something else she wanted to tell him? Like words that opposed her previous statements?

Because yes, in all honesty, she hated herself. She hated herself for feeling for him. She may not care to admit it but yes, she just wanted to be locked in his castle, in his embrace, bathed in his warmth that made her complete and free. Free than being outside his castle.

How twisted was that? A woman lying to herself. But she couldn't say that to him. She couldn't tell him the truth. At least not audibly.

"Is Fate playing with me?" Cord released a resigned sigh, stepping a meter away from Amanda and opening a space for her to escape. "I've killed too many witches, hated them with all my dead heart, but now, I'm drawn to you - who is probably the last of your kind. Are you Fate's answer to torture me?"

"I'm not torturing you, " she objected without delay, not moving on her spot.

Cord simply smiled, but it was one without weight.

"You are, Amanda. Standing there, acting like I have a disease and accusing me of my past transgressions. Do you think I didn't atone for that? I've lived for far too long. Guilt and darkness had been my constant companion, and because of that, sometimes it made me wish I was human again just to die and end my suffering."

"I'm not torturing you, " Amanda uttered again, looking down, unsure of how to answer him.

Cord's stare on her deepened.

"Then kiss me, " he suggested, "Kiss me like you did before I poured my past to you. You standing there is torture enough."

Amanda was taken aback. What a great suggestion indeed. But she refused to move.

The corner of Cord's mouth twitched.

"Come to me, " he said.

But Amanda kept her feet still. She lifted her head to meet his gaze, daring him to act out his command instead.

Cord's patience broke. "Shit. Such a stubborn woman you are." In a swift move, he seized her waist and pressed her body against his. His mouth collided against hers and so did her back against the wall. He moved to steady her face, one hand on her nape while the other palmed her cheek.

Amanda's moan escaped in response. She would have been alarmed with this, but somehow, it made her happy. By the heavens, it was far better for that released than confined. Her hands found the collar of his coat and boldly, she gripped them tight, pulling him closer in the process.

Their tongues dueled, igniting their desires the same as what they felt last night. And more. More. It was enough to replace the dangerous words they hid within themselves.

But in a distant area of the hallway, away from view, one didn't approve of their union: Matteo, who curled his fingers into a tight fist, blood almost draining out of his palms.

'Spy them and see for yourself how your witch got tempted by the Vitalis Master, ' the words of Garett rang again and again in his mind.

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