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   Chapter 23 A Witch's Curse

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Castle Vitalis

Province of Liege, Belgium

Year 1012 (A flashback of the past)




"Don' me, " a woman sitting in a cushioned chair stated. It was with so much disgust that the man standing in her front gave out a pained expression.

"Lea..." He reached again, aiming to touch her shuddering shoulders but stopped when she yelled.

"I said don't touch me!" Her eyes bore a look of hate, of anger and disappointment to the man who just betrayed her trust. "Don't you dare put your filthy, adulterous hand on me!"

Tears rolled down from her eyes and probably the millionth time that night after hearing of her husband's illicit affair from a family friend.

"I made a mistake." The man knelt in front of her, scooping up her trembling hands and kissing it softly. "Please forgive me, darling. The woman is a witch! She cast a spell on me! She charmed me!"

"Si...lence, " her voice came out weak, so she sucked in a deep breath and shouted, "Silence!" Pulling her hands away from his mouth, she cast him a pointed, but wet glare. "How could you, Bernard. How could you do it? What about our family? Your son! He looked up to you!"

"Lea..." the man inhaled, shutting his eyes as if to show how sorry he was. The flames in the hearth were the only audience of their drama, dancing wildly in time with the chaos in their hearts.

Then, a knock on the door sounded, followed by an older voice of a man, "Excuse me, Master Vitalis."

Both of the occupants in the stone-walled room turned their heads to look at their servant.

"A woman outside insists that she see you."

The Vitalis Master quickly shook his head and stood up. "No. No! Don't let her in!"

But it was already too late.

A woman stepped forward when the door opened wider.

"Bernard..." her soft voice emerged.

The Master was speechless at first. His eyes bulged, his mouth parted.

The same happened to his weeping wife, but quickly it changed into rage.

"Eloise..." his voice broke. From acting a contrite man earlier, his overall persona now changed. His face softened for a millisecond. His eyes locked gazes with the interrupting woman with passion and longing. He looked almost, almost in love with her.

Eloise, the supposed witch and his lover, truly looked lovely even when wearing a simple ankle-length dress common at that time. She was a natural brunette with its length up to her waist. Her hazel-violet eyes looked normal, but as the flames continuously flickered, it reflected a mint green shade.

"That's her?" Lea spoke up first, standing next to her husband in a guarded position.

Her presence was enough to make Bernard realize he was in a tight spot. A very tight spot.

"No, Lea, stand back, " he ordered, tossing an arm out to stop her from walking, and probably to stop her from strangling his untimely visitor.

"I'm the wife! Why should I stand back?!" Lea shouted, her hands curled up into a tight fist. She shot both of them a scathing look, but it was the supposed witch who had the audacity to grin in response.

"I told you she's a witch! She might harm you!" Bernard reminded. But in his subconscious, he knew he wasn't supposed to say it in front of his lover but what else was he to say? Comforting his wife first was his top priority.

Eloise shook her head and clucked her tongue. "But you didn't seem to care about that when you had me, Bernard."

"Eloise stop, " Bernard managed to send her a glare. "Leave, please. I'll talk to you later."

"No, you will not!" Lea cut in. She held onto his arm as if it was her lifeline and added, "Bernard, if what you say is true then don't go to her!" Tears streamed her cheeks again as she glanced at the enchanting woman. "For me. For our family! For your son. Please."

"But then what about me?" the other woman interrupted. Her gaze never wavered on her lover, confident that he would not leave her like what the wife subtly ordered. "You promised me a family too! You promised me while your penis was still inside me!"

"Quiet Eloise!" Bernard boomed.

But she was persistent.

"And your unborn child!" she touched her belly that was yet to show a baby bump and continued, "What about her? Do you not care for her?"

Bernard shook his head. It was a good blow to find out the witch was bearing his child, but a girl?

In a time where there were invasions here and there, nobody wanted a girl for a child. Him included.

"I care more for my son, " he gave her a cold shoulder. "My son."

And this ultimately made the witch angry.

She lifted her chin up and snorted, her eyes shooting daggers on the Vitalis couple.

"Then, care you shall for he will pay for your trespasses against me, " she stated in an une

"Cord, they were of my kind, " she expressed, lips slightly trembling.

"I know."

"They live and love too."

"I know, and I already expected you'd feel a little bit different about me when I tell you this truth."

Amanda broke eye contact with him, bending her head, feeling partly guilty and partly - no - maybe...maybe fully afraid.

"Do you repulse me now? Do you regret that you gave yourself to me?" Cord moved a little, reaching for her right wrist, suddenly feeling possessive.

"" Amanda, despite still processing and sorting out what she truly felt, shook her head.

"Talk to me, Amanda. This is a consequence that we should face as enemies." His grip turned like steel cuffs.

Amanda raised her head to look at him with worried eyes.

"I just...I just don't understand what I am to you, Cord."

Was it even the right words to say? Did she phrase it well?

She couldn't be certain, so she hastily added:

"I mean my blood...why? It seems to have an effect on you. We seem to have a connection. My mother didn't tell me the history of your kind, only that they were vile creatures that should be avoided. Yet, I can't. I wasn't able to avoid you."

"Yes, true. We seem to have a connection, " he agreed, "So don't be afraid of me. I'm not going to suck you dry."

Was that promise even a genuine one? Oh, he knew that it wasn't for before they even shared a bed, he dreamed of sucking her dry.

But a little white lie wouldn't hurt now, would it? Especially when he wanted to ease her fears. Keep her close. Chain her inside the castle. Or maybe in his bed.

"That's you, but how about the others in this mansion?" Amanda pointed out. "How about that rogue biter then? Does he know? Does he know that I have a healing blood?"

Or at least that's what her blood seemed like to her.

"Amanda, worry not about him. He'll not harm you again, " he guaranteed.

But to Amanda, this wasn't enough. Heck, him already gripping her wrist way too much was already scaring her.

"Cord, I'm...I'm sorry. I, " she voiced out weakly.

To Cord, this was a fatal blow.

He inhaled, sharp and quick, and studied the uncertainty on her face.

"Then I'll give you that." He released her wrist and straightened his spine. "I'll give you time to think. A day or two if it's a must, but you have to know that you cannot and will not leave my castle."

Amanda refused to look at him even though she had an urge to do so. She wanted to object. She wanted to say no, but instead remained silent; her face so hot amidst half of her body immersed in the now-cold water.

"Not with him, " Cord continued, a little hint of worry mixed in there.

Amanda curled her fingers and raced to cover her breasts with her arms. She suddenly felt conscious of her nakedness.

"You're mine, Amanda. Put that in your head."

And that was the last thing she heard him say when she sensed him disappear. She stared at the area where he sat and right then and there realized, with his absence, the spacious tub didn't hold much appeal anymore. It was barren. Empty.

And so was the feeling in her heart.

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