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   Chapter 22 Beating Heart

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POV: Cord

"Mmmh, " Amanda answered and I took it as a yes.

Without delay, I claimed her mouth, ravished her lips that was craving for my attention. Our tongues danced, twisted and curled against each other like what Mother Nature designed.

No hesitation. No awkwardness. Nothing.

Boldly, she inserted her hands in between us to palm my chest and probably to feel if I had a heartbeat hiding there.

Unfortunately, there was none. That faint muscle working last night had died the moment I regained my blindness. A rather surprising development that needed answers, I know, but for now, I'll have to defer asking it.

I had a more pressing matter to do and that was to give her my birthday gift. What that would be depends if she'll spread her legs.

I hope she'll spread her legs.

I didn't like the distance between my chest and her breasts so I took her hands out and placed them in the sides.

"Be a good woman and stay still for me, Amanda, " I said, parting a little from her lips. "It's your birthday today. You deserve to be treated like a queen."

Amanda moved to trace my jaw with kisses.

"You had your way with me last night, Cord. You don't expect me to be still and not explore you."

Her hands escaped my hold. One hand rushed to feel the hardness of my abdomen, the other wandered down to feel my erection.

I groaned. What an assertive young witch she is.

"In due time, you will, " I said, my eyes landing on her flushed form with lust. "I just want to give you your gift."

"Lovely." She grinned and stared at me with caution. "What is it?"

I smirked at that.

"Here, let me show you." I fastened one arm on her back, the other, I hooked under her knees and as if she was weightless, I lifted her up to the cushioned platform of the tub without a heads-up. She gasped, surprised, and hurriedly tossed her arms over my head, afraid that she might fall.

"Cord, what are you-"

And then I claimed her mouth again. I couldn't get enough of her lips, couldn't get enough of her in totality. I might well call myself a vampire under her spell, under her charms. I might well call myself a hopeless case for craving such a woman like her.

I had sampled many women before. Centuries ago. An experience that I cannot boast for those acts were all lust and hunger of blood alone.

With Amanda, I feel enlightened. Complete. Always on a high. I feel human again with her, figuratively speaking and maybe, in literal terms too because I really did turn into a human last night. Right after ingesting a good volume of her blood.

Again, it was a discovery that needed answers, so I made a mental note to ask her that later.

Once settled, she moaned against my mouth when I ran my fingers in between her thighs. I parted the lips of her womanhood and immediately encountered wetness there.

Just the fucking effect that I wanted.

"Spread your legs wider for me, my witch, " I requested, leaving her mouth with a bite in the bottom lip.

She did, making room for me to position myself in the middle, my knees now submerged in the bubble-filled sitting area of the tub.

"This is crazy, " she expressed breathlessly, looking at me with a little bit of hesitation. "Arissa, she's in the next room. She'll know."

I paused, looked at her and chuckled. "Don't worry, I sent her away. Or more like, she sent herself away the moment I entered your chamber."

And cue in Amanda's adorable rolling of eyes. She always pulled this off whenever she was with Noman. Such a rare sight to see. I wouldn't have witnessed this if I wasn't observing her, just hiding behind the shadows of the rooms she went like the library, the gym, her chamber, and the gardens. Cunning of me, I know, but she didn't need to know that little secret of mine. Yet.

"Huh, and I can only imagine how that worked well for you, " she said, brushing my hair with her slender fingers.

I, continuing where I left off, glided my nose to her cleavage, smelling and basking in her sweet scent.

"It did, " I answered, voice low and hypnotic. "I want you alone, Amanda. No one wouldn't want to cross with me." Then I paused and thinned my eyes. " can just control yourself from moaning so that nobody could hear."

Biting one taut nipple, she let out an erotic gasp. "Ahhh!"

"There, see?" I said, putting pressure on my biting

ords to say. They were what I believed to be the right words to say but holy shit, I'm not even sure if I should believe myself.

Fuck. Am I even making sense?

"I...I want to confirm it too, " was all I said in the end.

"Bite me Cord." She angled her head to the side and gave me a clear, unobstructed view of her neck; her wet, sticking hair all swept at the back.

I watched as her pulse throbbed against her skin. It was tempting me, calling me and so, without delay, I gave in to the temptation.

I bit her for the third time.

The back of my eyes felt hot the moment her sweet, addictive blood touched my tongue. I sucked and sucked, drawing out the crimson red liquid from her system.

She shifted under me, moaning, her legs clamping on my waist as the euphoric sensation made itself known. This always happens whenever a vampire bites his victim. The first bite gives pain, but I and Amanda had passed that. I helped her cross that ordeal last night with flying colors and wet fingers.

Mixed with the grays and white outlines in my cursed eyes, bluish sparks appeared. Then, it changed into gold for a split-second and consequently turned clear.

My normal vision followed.

It was my cue to stop. Stop from taking too much of her blood. If I don't, I'd probably make her comatose.

Her arms around my back loosened and so did mine from her head and shoulder. We withdrew a few inches away and gazed at each other with renewed longing.


She placed a hand against my chest where that important muscle lay and felt for a sign. A beating sign.

I did too, but I didn't close my eyes. I chose to relish the vision of her still naked, sitting in the tub platform, open for me.

Minutes later, our expression turned sour, disappointed that the beating never came.

"No, " I ground out.

"How come?" Amanda looked at me in confusion.

I inhaled and stared at the healing wound in her neck.

"It must be because the blood I took wasn't enough, " I answered, raising my right hand up to touch the faint pinpoint blemish.

"Then, drink more, " she urged. I frowned when she, without hesitation, angled her face again.

"No." I shook my head immediately, clenching my teeth and holding my fangs back. "No, Amanda. I can't. I won't. I already took a lot of it last night. You'll die of anemia if I were to do that again."

"But I want to feel your heart Cord, " she rebutted.

"My heart doesn't matter."

"But to me, it does!"

My human eyes rounded when I heard it. Heck, I'm not going to assume anything. I am not going to assume that she...with those words...that she's feeling that certain emotion for me.

I moved back to submerge half of my torso in the tub, but my attention was still glued on her.

Face flushed with determination, Amanda then went on. "Cord, what happened huh? Tell me. I want to know. I want to know how you became a vampire."

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