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   Chapter 21 A Not So Good Morning

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Calvin cringed as he watched the Vitalis Master walk into his throne after he materialized in the middle of the hall. He expected the same stony face from Cord even at five in the morning. Never had he thought that this would meet him: Cord, in his usual sharp eyes and dapper clothes, but his aura was a little...lighter and he had an interesting grin on his face.

"You look disgustingly happy this early morning, Cord. What happened huh? You got a boner?" Calvin inquired once the Vitalis Master sat with his back too relaxed.

Cord shot him a glare and as if he had just noticed the change within himself, he straightened from his seat and squared his shoulders.

"Hell, Calvin. Please don't break my good mood, " he growled low.

"Tsk. You did get a boner, " Calvin muttered to himself, grinning widely. He sat on the sofa down the dais and continued once he settled, "Is it finally with Am-"

"What urgent news do you want to tell me?" Cord abruptly cut off. He clenched his jaw and released a long, nasal sigh.

The shadows at the back of the throne shifted, creeping slowly towards Cord's hand and because of this, Calvin dashed to get the folder placed on top the glass table near him, afraid that the shadows would advance on his poor person.

"Here. Here! Take a look at this." He stood up and handed the material to Cord with which the latter accepted. The shadows froze back in their original places, too dependent on the anger of their Master.

"You did instruct me to search and refine the residents of this castle by hair color, body built, ability and health, " Calvin stated. He bobbed his head at the direction of the folder and continued, "That there is my result. Five people, all vampires. Two are servants of this castle, one is your cousin in the father's side and two are family friends."

Cord's face turned expressionless. Gone was the merry look earlier.

"Are you sure about this?" he said, looking up at Calvin with a lift of one brow.

"I checked it six times, " Calvin assured. "Six times."

Glancing back at the folder, Cord opened it and read the list of names he had known by heart through centuries of living together in one roof.

"Mathew Vitalis. Hans Enocian. Radford Christellan. Garett Ferguson. John Laudette."

All had the youth and vigor, had the propensity for violence or the possibility to go against the rules of the castle.

All were easy to distinguish but hard to pinpoint.

"Do you want me to call them one by one?" Calvin offered. "Interrogate them probably?"

"And risk it?" Cord shook his head. "I know the culprit is still staying in this castle. Protection and unlimited source of blood is the advantage here. He'll know in an instant that we are making a move if we call them one by one. He might well escape if that happens and I do not want that. I want this pathetic piece of trash beaten at his own game. He thinks I am too lax with regard to his case considering I didn't do anything over this past three years, and that's good. We have the element of surprise. We should take advantage of it."

"But what if the rogue biter has an ability like me and you? Or Pamela, Aunt Mary, Uncle Ron, or Stephanie? In my research, none of those five have any abilities. But what if, the culprit just hid the truth for himself and has the element of surprise too? What then?" Calvin, for the first time, looked worried.

Well, not for the sake of Amanda. It was for the sake of the castle and the certain Vitalis family members he had just enumerated. Most especially Pamela who he had a romantic connection even if they were siblings.

Whatever ability the rogue biter might have, it could cause dire problems for the family. Whatever vendetta he had, he could use it against them. It could mean the discovery of their secret. It could mean the end of their long life of peace. Of grandeur and luxury. Respect and admiration. It could mean the end of their unlimited source of blood and easy protection.

Calvin didn't want that.

Much so Cord who, especially, had just found his life with Amanda.

"Let him have whatever ability he can use against us, I don't care. I'll still have the upper hand, " Cord stated bluntly, oozing with confidence, and somehow Calvin understood it. He was the Vitalis Master after all. He always held the ace card.

"And that's where that rogue biter failed to see, " he commented, eyeing Cord with new-found respect.

"For the meantime, let us go over the list. Read your report to me, Calvin. I'm too lazy to do that, " Cord stated, relaxing back in his chair and closing his eyes.

Calvin grinned and held his hands up in the air.

"Say no more. I already knew that. You j

er case when Cord's mouth thinned into a displeased line. She saw him advance like a predator to his prey and all she could do was wait and be as still as possible. She was naked under the water for crying out loud and to top it all, under the bright yellow chandelier light!

"I'll see you later Cait." Matteo voiced out, unknowing of Amanda's dilemma.


When Cord stood directly above her, Amanda thought he would continue on giving her death glares but she was wrong. She hurried to gather her feet, almost to the point of jumping out of water and squealing when Cord, in silence, joined her inside the tub.

"What time is dinner?" she heard Matteo ask.


This time, with desire-filled eyes, Cord closed in on her and went straight for her earlobe. He licked it first and then nibbled it, the sensual gesture making Amanda stifle a gasp.

"I said what time is the dinner?" Matteo asked again.


Cord hit another pleasure spot when he ran his tongue along her neck to her jaw. Amanda, shaking her head, pushed him aside with her free hand but this only fueled the vampire master more. He sucked at her skin, just right below her ear and this made Amanda close her eyes to silently pray for the heavens.

"Cait, the time. Dinner. When is it? What's wrong with you? You suddenly spaced out."

Under the bubbles, Cord's hands now cupped her breasts and massaged them with vigor. Amanda arched her back in attention.

"Ahh, I'm....ah...I'm sorry, I' bath remember? Seven! Ah, seven. You can come here at seven, Matt."

"Noted. See you there then, " Matteo replied, sounding a little worried.

"Yeah, bye, " Amanda voiced out as still as possible.

"Wait, Cait-"

But it was already too late. Cord's patience was at its limit. He took the phone out of her hand, pressed the off button and dropped the gadget without care. A dull thud was heard when it hit the cushioned side of the tub.

"I expected to find you dressed, ready to hit me for taking your virginity away last night, but it never crossed my mind that I would find you here, bathing, naked, with a cellphone in one hand talking to another man other than me." He tsked. "Don't waste time with nonsense calls, Amanda."

"Cord, " Amanda whispered, heat filling up her face even more. She dragged her butt into a higher part of the tub and Cord followed. Her nipples that were submerged in water earlier now came into better view. Cord's mouth showed a pleased grin then.

"You are already in heat. Shall I proceed?" he said, his hands making contact with her waist.

Amanda's attention fell on his thick leg under the water pressing against her groin. It was teasing her, making her remember how powerful his thighs moved last night. "You are torturing me, " she declared in a low, aroused voice.

"Hmmm..." he simply chuckled. "I find that that is what I'm good at, Amanda."

He bent low to kiss her forehead and then proceeded to caressing every inch of her neck.

Amanda, with all thoughts of Matteo gone, offered herself to Cord's ministrations.

"Now, answer me, my witch, " he spoke against her ear, "Shall I proceed?"

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