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   Chapter 20 Commit to Memory

I Thirst For You By JMFelic Characters: 10576

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POV: Amanda




Cord tore my underwear into two.

Huh! No surprise in that!

He stopped from suckling and straightened a bit to look at me. A ghost of a smile, or a smirk, or a sexy grin appeared then.

I sucked in a sharp breath when he stroked my swollen center. I bucked and unconsciously closed my legs. Cord's free hand swiftly stopped it.

"Asking permission to enter, Amanda, " he said, his eyes burning with want. The burning want that I am feeling too.

I couldn't help but chuckle.

"How gentlemanly of you to ask for my permission." My eyes were half-lidded, my head already in a daze, but still I managed to register every detail as Cord knelt in between my legs, his erection thick and drool-worthy. "Enter me, Milord Vitalis."

With a short nod and an awfully suggestive grin, he proceeded.

He tested my wetness first, sliding two digits against the walls of my slit. I moaned at how sensual it was. Sparks traveled from there to my belly just like when he finger-f*cked me. It felt euphoric.

Then, his length's head followed. I bit my lip in response. It was a complete, sweet torture.

My arms were limp in the sides, my legs already spread wide for him when in a split of a second, he filled me, and f*ck it was to the hilt.

Pain and pleasure mixed together. I gasped, but it was cut off abruptly by his mouth.

He thumbed my center again, rubbed it vigorously and because of that, my virgin pain abruptly disappeared. What was left was the intense pleasure of our joining.

Mouth to mouth, I whimpered, feeling him moving inside and out. My whole body shivered at the pure intimacy of it.

Damn, I never knew that making love to a vampire could be this good.

"Amanda, my beautiful Amanda, shout my name, " Cord, having stopped our kiss, ordered in my ear in time with his pushing.

"Cord!" And I did when his free hand cupped my breast and kneaded it.

Even with the darkness of my room, I still can see just how much his hard abdomen tightened in every plunge, see how his muscles flexed, see just how much he was making this small faces of pleasure. His vampire nature aside, he was beautiful in every way, and he was right, I really want him.

And the fact that he was dominating me in our union made me want him more.

For all this time, I was afraid of making a connection with a man. I had seen how my mother broke down, piece by piece, after my father died. She was a strong woman, a strong witch, but loving a human became her downfall. I was afraid that I would end up like her too if I were to enter in a relationship. Being able to live longer than normal humans and having to see them die before me wouldn't be a savory thought to treasure. But with Cord as a vampire and an immortal one at that, had my perspective actually changed?

Good heavens, I think it did.

He aligned himself again, chest to chest close to me. His pleasant warmth was enough to pull me out of my thoughts. I exhaled slow and welcomed him with my arms thrown over his back.

"I want to feel your body quake Amanda. I want to feel your heart quiver when we release together, " he said, and I co

y, half-covered buttock.

My hands twitched, wanting to squeeze that seductive part of her, but I, painstakingly playing a gentleman in bed, refrained.

Another brown that had caught my interested eye was this birthmark of some sort perching just above her left shoulder. It looked like an ancient symbol. There were two crescent moons standing opposite each other while in the middle, a perfect circle can be found. I swear I had seen this symbol before, but I couldn't really pinpoint where with all the centuries I had lived.

Probably, I will ask Amanda about this and hopefully, she'd answer me with all honesty.

One thing's for sure though, I know that this symbol wasn't in her skin last night. It was after midnight that it appeared, slowly, gradually, while she slept. I had kept a close watch on this ever since and it really twisted my mind.

It must be a witch thing. Especially that she had just turned twenty-five on this fresh new day.

Like I said before, she was a woman full of mystery, and I certainly planned on discovering every bit about her. I would have wanted to start my day with that, but I groaned in displeasure when I felt a rush of wind along the long strand of my hair towards my nape.


For much of the time, this was how he announced his presence, or informed me that he needed my urgent attention.

I ran a hand along Amanda's bare shoulder, brushing off some loose chocolate strands during the process, and inched myself to whisper on her ear.


Her eyelids moved a little.

I hated it that I had to leave her.


"Hmm?" she mumbled, half still in sleep.

"Something came up. I'll be at the throne room."

"Hmm..." she replied, but I highly doubt she registered my words.

"Stay here. I'll return. Happy birthday."

I gave her a chaste kiss in the neck, cheek and in the smooth round prominence of her shoulder before I sat up.

I watched her again and committed to memory every detail of her since surely, the next time I come back, I'll be blind again.

Who knows if she still wants me to bite her then?

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