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   Chapter 19 Fangs of Pleasure

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POV: Amanda




I felt him tug the front zipper of my blouse. I didn't stop him. Well, what for when I myself yearned for us to be one. Maybe it'll be a wrong move in the end, but heck, I couldn't care less of the consequences after. Aside from Cord's presence making me feel complete, his touch and kisses were just too good to pass. Too delicious not to taste.

Though I'm inexperienced with the desires of the body, yes, I knew that my body wanted him. Not any other man, but only him. I'm probably the craziest witch right now for allowing the master of vampires to bed me, but to hell be it. My decision was already cemented and threaded in every fiber of my being. Our status as enemies all but set aside.

My blouse finally opened, showing the valley of my breasts quaking for him. My lacy brassiere had the color of black and yellow. I highly doubt he could see, but by the looks of the upward curve of his mouth, I knew then he was pleased.

"Cord..." I moaned, arching my back to give him a sign that I wanted the restraining material out of the way. It didn't fulfill its intended function anyway since it wasn't able to cover up my hardened nipples earlier.

He seemed to understand that then for in one unhooking motion of his thumb and forefinger, my brassiere came loose from the front.

"Hmmm..." I heard him groan, no doubt pleased again.

I felt heat creep up my face.

"Say something, " I urged in a breathy fashion, "If you don't, I'm going to have to curse you for staying silent."

His chuckle enveloped my dark room in response. His eyes glowed a deep red, not of anger or hunger but of lust and desire. The concentrated sides of it.

"Amanda, you are one unexplained mystery. I can't wait to explore and solve you."

"Then explore me now, " I suggested, my patience already gone.

Expecting that he'd kiss me again, I opened my mouth. When he did, I threaded my fingers along his thick mass of hair. At one time, me, in my burning state, had pulled too much of his hair. I thought he'd wince but he didn't. He instead returned the favor and grabbed a handful of my soft curls, pressing my face even more to him.

It was a turn-on.

I felt his tongue sweep my bottom lip as if to ask for entry. I allowed him that by boldly thrusting out my own tongue to meet his.

He groaned. Again.

I felt his erect member twitch against my groin and because of this, I found my subconscious side grinning, not at all afraid of the male caliber amidst me being untouched.

His left hand wormed its way into opening my blouse fully. A cold draft met my anticipating breasts when he did so. I gasped, but not because of the coldness of it, but because of his hand consequently cupping me skin on skin. Massaging me like I'm some fine dough of pastry.

His divine thumb acted like a maestro. It made me go insane as he stroked them rough against my nipples.

"Cord..." I moaned again as he removed his right hand from my hair to snake inside my jeans. Three warm fingers consequently met the garter of my underwear.

I heard him release his usual groan, no doubt frustrated of the obstruction but excited of what lay ahead.

All I did after pulling his hair was to feel for his thudding heart - or the lack thereof - with my palms. But in the end, I wanted some skin contact too, so I shoved his trench coat back and unbuttoned his shirt hastily.

By the time I reached the second button, I felt his fingers advance. Advance down south. I bucked as new sensations filled me.


Cord was touching me there, and all I could do was whimper and pant and look at him in the eye with overflowing want.

"Amanda..." he breathed out. Right then and there, I felt the button of my jeans pop and the zipper slide down. "I want to see you."

That didn't need much explanation.

"Then bite me, " I answered, setting aside any logical reasoning that came along with my answer.

Yes, I do know what he meant when he said he wanted to see me. I know my blood was needed. And by blood meant that he'd have to bite me, which further meant I needed to runaway considering I'm a witch. A delicacy to them.

But I didn't want to.

Hell, my body ached to be sated too much that any thoughts of leaving were just gone with the wind.

"Where?" he asked.

"Anywhere, " I whimpered. "Anywhere Cord."

I heard him release a growl. His eyes brightened even more with red, but this time I sensed it was hunger and lust combined.

Yet I still didn't run.

"Neck. I want your neck, Amanda, " he stated, his hot breath now grazing my ear.

I felt goosebumps erupt at the back of my neck.

"Would...would it be painful Cord?" I asked, never paying much attention that it was a silly question.

"No, " his voice lowered. "I'll make it so that the only thing you'll ever feel is pleasure. Inte

nse pleasure, Amanda."

I sucked in a deep breath. Now that's downright sexy.

He moved a little, enough for me to see through my peripheral vision the lengthening of his fangs. It was beautiful. Exactly the same pearly white beauty I saw when he first bit me in the wrist.

When he lowered his head, I braced for impact.

This is it. This is actually it! And I can't believe I'm actually eagerly anticipating it.

I clutched the collar of his coat, closed my eyes tight and I would have held my breath if I wasn't panting already.

White-hot pain shot through me. It was so intense that the only thing I saw when I fully opened my eyes were minute twinkling stars and not the ceiling.

I felt the solid enamels lodged in my flesh, felt his tongue flick, and heard him make a sucking motion against my neck.

Again, I should have been running away for my life but I didn't.

Heaven strike me now, but I didn't.

Cord was right. I didn't feel any pain at all. When he continued to suck my blood and touched me, all I felt were complete and utter ecstasy. Out-of-this-world if I may add.

Noman would probably throw a fiesta when he finds out I'm in this stage of intimacy. And he'd probably make that last for weeks when he finds out I've done it with Cord - a man he had approved so much.

"Cord..." I whimpered and decided to close my eyes again.

My hands left his collar and proceeded to palm his chest, expecting I'd find no beating heart there, but to my mute surprise, there was one, thudding faintly against my fingertips.

How?! How?!

I stared at Cord again, wanting to ask him how and why, but I was cut off of my intent.

He continued to touch me down south until I came.

Cord finally released his fangs on my flesh, but he didn't sit up like a dog done with his meal. Instead, he caressed me. Passionately.

His tongue made wet swirling motions down my collar bone. Considering that the wetness meant a mixture of blood and saliva, surprisingly, I wasn't repulsed by it. I loved it.

"Amanda..." he whispered as he withdrew.

I watched, panting, as his eyes brightened and turn into a familiar human-like bluish green.

His mouth, smeared a little with blood, curved into a really dashing smile. My heart might have just died and revived at the sight of it.

"I can see you now. I can see your swollen red lips, " he cited, his free hand running along my chin.

I stayed silent and still, too weak from my post-orgasmic bliss to move.

"I can see your hazels glazed with desire I always knew you had for me, " he continued, and then made a doodle down my chest.

"What healthy, captivating pinks you have." He traced my left nipple, making a new wave of delicious sensations there. "Beautiful. So, so beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see you in full color Amanda."

I couldn't help but smirk when his eyes darted down to his very wet right hand, particularly his two fingers which had momentarily made me insane.

"This is the juice of your desire for me, " he pointed out as he held his wet fingers up. "I certainly want to drink this soon."

"Cord, you're crazy, " I gulped, my throat turning dry in an instant.

"Ah, but I told you before, " he leaned down to meet me face to face, "crazy isn't an enough word to define me."

With our breaths already mixed, he captured my mouth. I scrambled to rake his hair and push his head more to me. I felt his tongue sweep past my bottom lip again. Boldly, I coaxed it in with an answering sweep of my own. He advanced, our tongues creating their own battle as a result.

The pressure of his weight on mine lifted. For a moment, I thought he would withdraw, but I felt the shuffling of his coat and shirt and I realized he was undressing himself.

Probably it took him only half a minute because he was already hovering half naked above me.

"Sit down for me, my witch, " he requested when he stopped our heady kiss. "Let me undress you."

I did, without a second thought, pulling myself up in one strong move and then allowed him to undress me.

"But we are going to take this slow, " he grazed a hand on the underside of my breast and continued, "I consumed enough of your blood to last my sight until dawn. You taste so good Amanda, do you know that?"

"You make it sound like I'm your meal Cord, " I half pouted, half smirked.

"Ah, but you are my meal, " he agreed, "and I am going to devour you inside out. I am going to claim your heart and soul. I am going to do that and you will want no other man than me."

"This twisted game we are playing, I don't know why but I can't back out, " I stated, leaning back down on the mattress while he started touching all of my curves.

"You are already in too deep to back out, " he answered and then aligned his body. "You can't retreat anymore. You are mine."

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