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   Chapter 18 Enemies As Best Partners In Bed

I Thirst For You By JMFelic Characters: 14909

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Amanda lifted a brow. "You are joking right?" she said, casting him a look of disbelief. If she weren't in a house full of vampires, she would have thought this as the most incredulous information she had received.

"No, I am not Cait, " Matteo answered, raising the crystalline white rose to prove his point and to add to his claim of being a mage, he changed the shape of the long-stemmed rose.

From his right palm, there appeared a soft yellow-bluish light. It enveloped the whole rose and in a blink of an eye, it changed into a ring - a jaw-dropping one complete with diamonds on its band and in the center, the crystal white rose.

Amanda's jaw didn't drop however. She controlled herself from doing it and instead stepped back, acting unconcerned with the tantalizing object that may or may not be an engagement ring to seal her mother's promise.

"All these time, " she started, breath catching up in her throat, "you just posed as a normal man?"

"To protect you, yes, " Matteo answered, curling his fingers with the ring inside, "and I have done a great job with it as you can see." He looked at her from head to toe and smiled, pleased of how she had turned into a desirable woman. "By tomorrow, on your birthday, you will become a prime witch. A full-pledged one. Your ability will fully surface and you will be able to protect yourself from any harm and from the vampires that haunt your kind."

A little bubble of happiness escaped from Amanda upon hearing the facts of her witchhood but quickly, it popped.

"That's great news but" she pressed a finger on her chest and let out a huff, "as your bride? You aren't going to take my mother's promise seriously right?"

"Why not?" Matteo reached for her elbow and held it tightly as if afraid she might become a runaway bride. "You have been mine since the beginning Cait. Promised or not, I want you. I have only been keeping myself low, observing you from afar and trying to be as patient as I could be since your mother wanted you to live a normal life."

He pulled her close in a heartbeat, chest to chest, something that Amanda wasn't expecting. She leaned her head backward, out of his breathing range, as he continued.

"By tomorrow, your normal life will be gone. You'll leave this place and be mine. Forget about the murder case. Forget about this silly protection program. These are just matters for the humans to fix."

"Matt..." Amanda's brows creased considerably, "this is...this is a lot to take in. I think we should slow dow-"

"Cait, I want you, " he interrupted intentionally, telling her this for the second time. "Be with me. I'm done with waiting. I'm done with doing things slow."

He bent his head lower, closer to her face. Amanda had to avoid him by angling it to the side.

"Matt..." she whispered, feeling uncomfortable now. Her body warmed, her breathing the same, but not because he brought her on fire. No. Not because of his touch. It was because of her anger simmering in the surface. She wasn't just some damn chip to be bargained!

Insensitive, Matteo pursued his plan of kissing her. With his free hand, he pushed her back to him.

"Matt!" Amanda, not ready to feel his lips, shouted. With her palms, she pushed but couldn't get enough safe distance from his face. "Stop this now!" she cried.

But Matteo continued.

"I said stop it!"

Finally, she was able to pull herself out of his embrace and gave him a frustrated glare.

Matteo was surprised at first, his hands frozen midair, but then his eyes thinned. He stared straight at her - at her flushed, angry form - and said with quiet rage in his voice, "You are hesitating, why?"

"I need space to think, " she answered, not meeting his gaze.

"No, you don't need it."

"Yes, I do!"

"No, you don't Caitlyn!"

"Yes, she does, " came a low voice from the inside of the drawing room.

All heads quickly turned to the source and right then and there, Amanda's eyes widened.

"Cord...!" she cried in her thoughts.


"Mister Vitalis?" Matteo stated in a question, eyeing the imposing man who still wore a blindfold just like in their first meeting, holding - to Amanda - a useless cane, and with his pet panther tagging along.

"I believe your visit is long overdue, Mr. Threvelli, " Cord announced, his voice heavy with authority.

"Says who?" Matteo threw back, scowling.

"Says the rules of Chief Moretti, " Cord supplied, voice turning l

but I can still feel Amanda, " he answered vaguely. His nose breezed along her forehead, basking on her scent, and Amanda all but froze, feeling like floating with the clouds.

" should go, " she stated, voice trembling. "I promise I...I won't think of him."

Cord lightly shook his head. "Too late for you to say that, Sweetness." Then, the inevitable happened.

"Co-!" Amanda squeaked, but was ultimately cut off when his mouth crashed on hers for the second time.

Slowly, he massaged her lips; leisurely claiming every inch of it, skimming the edges and sucking it full until his tongue entered.

Amanda released a pleasurable sound under her throat. This was the same with their first kiss. The only thing wrong about that was her not reciprocating him. But now, she could. She definitely could.

"Kiss me back, " Cord groaned against her chin. His hands now moved to steady her head both in the back and front. "I know you want to, Amanda. Kiss me back."

Tired of fighting off her desire, Amanda finally did, wrestling his mouth with great intensity.

Cord rejoiced.

For over a minute, they were like that, tasting, feeling and exploring each other. This was what they wanted all along. This was what they always longed for. It was a glorious moment that made them whole. It was an attraction beyond lust.

Their kissing ended them in bed. The foam dipped as their weights joined. Cord locked her in place with his knees and hands. Amanda, with her arms to the sides and her head surrounded by many pillows, cared less of being a prisoner.

"Moan my name, Amanda, " Cord urged, his mouth now lapping her neck. He sensed her body close to erupting a collection of delightful sensations - sensations that he was proudly responsible for.

One thumb felt for her erect nipple under her worthless brassiere, under her worthless cotton blouse and this made her gasp.


"My name. Say my name, " he, with his control waning, urged again. He felt for the opposite nipple, titillating it, arousing it to elicit the same hardness as its sister.

With this, Amanda could no longer hold herself. "Cord..." she breathed, her face turning even redder. "Cord, fuck! I...I hhh...ate you. I hate you!"

Definitely not the right words to say during a heated moment, but they were Amanda's way of releasing the pent-up tension inside her.

She clenched her teeth, but not because of anger. It was because of embarrassment and the fact that she hated how he made her feel so good. Offering herself to her enemy may not be the best possible way for an attack, but hell, it felt right. So, so right.

Cord chuckled sexily, his lips grazing the tip of her nose. He liked just how feisty she was, acting tough and rebellious yet so responsive and accommodating under him.

"They say enemies are the best partners in bed, my witch, " he stated, advancing one hand up to the tip of her blouse zipper. "Let's find out if it is true."

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