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   Chapter 17 Sweetly Cruel

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Amanda used all of her strength as Cord continued his onslaught. She tried pushing him away, his face the first target and then his chest with both a failure.

He reigned over her. Cord chained her wrists with only one hand, pressed them in between their chests while the other grabbed her head to keep it from moving.

He didn't encounter any difficulty with these, unlike Amanda who was slowly losing hope.

Mouth on mouth, she couldn't clearly breathe enough to shout the word stop. A couple of letters managed to escape:




But never his full name.

How could such a kiss from an enemy feel like this? she thought. The wanton. The craze. The hotness of it. Her one-kiss experience with Matteo could never compare to it. Cord's kiss was just so, so sweetly cruel.

He moved with skill. The wetness and softness of his lips and the movement of his tongue inside her mouth urging her to reciprocate, his taste, his wild but tender caress - madness.

They were all madness waiting to bring her into forbidden gates but as sure as she was with this, she asked herself what if?

What if she'll reciprocate him? His kisses?

Would it be worth it?

The answer to that came as a moan from deep in her throat. Cord pressed her face further, steadied her head to suck on her severely swelling bottom lip.

Yes, it will be worth it.

But before she could return his kisses, she gasped when she felt his hand release her wrists and slid under her blouse, contacting their skin and lighting fireworks there.

"Amanda..." Cord whispered whilst leaving wet trails on the corners of her mouth. "Your body is quaking for me, do you feel it?"

Trying to hold herself from losing control, she answered with a shaky breath, "Ye-s..."

Ah, yes, she could most definitely feel it, but not only hers, his too. The carnal desire she could feel throbbing against her abdomen, hardening only for her, was unmistakable.

She clenched her eyes shut, unable to bear the truth in her front.

He wanted her and she wanted him. That was clear. Their desires were compatible. In harmony. Certain and real. Not just a machination of the mind.

"Then lose yourself to me. Kiss me back, " he urged and his hand glided to cup her left breast, knead it, claimed it - the brassiere she wore somehow felt thin in that very moment.

"Mhmm..." Again, a moan escaped from Amanda, but realizing it wasn't supposed to be, she clamped her mouth shut and shook her head.

Cord groaned, displeased.

"I can sense it in the beating of your heart that you want to kiss me too. Open your mouth, Amanda, " he ordered against her cheek.

There was no denying it. Clearly, he was right, but instead of accepting him, she recoiled back.


Because she felt the sudden light scrape of one fang on her face consequently eliciting pain and drawing blood.

She heard Cord hiss as he extracted himself quickly a good meter away from her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, " he said, eyes casting downward.

Amanda, in reflex, touched her cheek and felt the sticky liquid there. She looked at him with equal parts fear, betrayal and surprise, never expecting that even during such a wondrous intimate moment, his true nature would surface.

But instead of questioning him of his control, she, in her confusion, then asked, "What has happened with your eyes, Cord?"

From a glassy greenish red she normally would see in him when not wearing a blindfold, his eyes now turned to a blue-green. It may be as normal as any other human eyes, but it was the most captivating blue-green orbs she had ever encountered and because of this, the feeling of fear and betrayal that surfaced from inside her disappeared.

Cord lifted his head and for the first time since they met, their gaze locked on each other in full color.

"You can see?" Amanda inquired again.

It was an absurd question, yes, but directed to a vampire who had supernatural abilities, it was understandable.

"Because of your blood, I can, " he answered, his gaze never leaving hers.

"My blood?" she clarified, still touching the wound in her cheek.

Cord, unable to restrain himself, strode to her front, pulled her hand away and stooped low to lick on the wound he inadvertently caused.

Amanda froze the whole time, her heart jackhammering against her chest. The warmness of his tongue and the firm grip he had on her shoulders did just that.

"Yes, your blood, " he proceeded after he licked her clean, establishing eye contact once again without blinking. He held her bloodied hand with his and felt the crusts of dried blood there.

"But unfortunately, I don't know why this is happening. I am hoping you'd be able to explain why, " he continued.

Amanda blinked thrice, feeling inadequate of herself.

"Huh, I don't think I can do that Cord. I don't even know why myself."

Cord released a defeated sigh then. "I see, " he said, "but my best guess is, you have a healing ability. That's why your blood can cure me of my...blindness."

Amanda shrugged her shoulders. "It could be, but why are you like this in the first place? Vampires aren't supposed to be blind."

Cord stepped backward, releasing her hand fr

a close, she requested me to protect you and along with a promise, she left me this necklace to give you on your twenty-fifth year of life."

The corner of Amanda's mouth twitched, drawing her eyes to the stone whilst recalling her mother's words before she died.

'I've lived too many lives, my darling. You, however, haven't. You deserve to live normally. Love normally. Make friends. Be merry. Free of worries and fear. But with vampires still in this world, I can't just leave you alone. That man is going to protect you, Amanda. He will be your guardian for the rest of your life and possibly even more...'

Could it be that she was talking about Matteo?

"She says it is a special amulet, " Matteo's voice pulled her out of her recollection. She blinked twice and looked at him again.

"It holds the many memories of your ancestors: their feelings, experiences, and yearnings. It will guide and help you see the truth, " he added.

"Feelings? Experiences?" This time, Amanda couldn't contain herself anymore. "No wonder I felt so much hatred during that time..."

"That time?" Matteo quickly parroted to which she, in haste, shook her head.

"Ah, nothing Matt. It is just that the first time I wore it, I felt a surge of anger filling up inside me."

And nearly killed the Master because of it, she added in her thoughts in a huff.

"I see, " Matteo replied, seemingly calculating her every word. "And, oh yeah, this necklace boosts up your abilities too."

He handed the jewelry back to her with which Amanda immediately took.

"I don't even know if I have abilities myself, Matt, " she said, "But besides that, with all of these things you tell me now, I'm curious, who are you exactly? For two years, I thought of you as a friend and the Vice President of my step-father's company." She squeezed the pendant and looked at Matteo now with serious eyes. "It seems you know what I am and it seems you know so many things that I don't, so tell me, who are you honestly?"

Matteo took her free hand, kissed the knuckles before he interlaced their fingers tightly.

"Yes, you're right. I know who you are Cait. I know you have a blood of a witch."

Amanda's chin lifted as if a thorn lodged in her person was just pulled out.

Witches, because of their spells, lived for vast amounts of years. Sometimes centuries. Along with it though, they needed to keep their true nature a secret from the humans to safeguard their kind and to hide themselves from the vampires that haunted them.

They used spells to hide their true age from the attention of humans. They used spells too to avoid unnecessary questions and curiosity.

Amanda, apart from Noman, kept this as a secret from everybody, even to her stepfather. She grew up with witch blood in her veins. But now, for the first time ever, someone slapped this truth on her face.

"And yes, I know a lot of things you don't, Cait, " Matteo continued, still holding her hand. "Because I've lived for hundreds of years together with your kind."

He bowed his head regally in front of her. Amanda just watched him with calculating eyes, wondering what he would do next.

When Matteo straightened, he extended his other hand and produced a beautiful crystalline white rose out of nowhere.

This surprised Amanda greatly.

"I am Lord Mage Nikos, at your service. Your guardian. Your protector. And like your mother promised, " he paused and smiled serenely at her, "You, my beautiful Cait, will be my bride."

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