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   Chapter 15 A Disaster On The Way

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Amanda and Cord had basically dueled for dominion earlier, trying to be the person to get on top the other. Skin contact was already established.

She should have known then that he was different from other vampires, but only now, when Cord embraced her, their bodies pressed so close no gap were visible, that she noticed one pertinent detail about him.

Contrary to popular belief, Cord actually felt warm.


He was as warm as she was, and damn, it actually felt good.

She hadn't been embraced like this before. It was with so much passion that it weakened her anger. She couldn't deny that it tugged a string in her heart, no matter how she trained it to be as dead as possible.

She knew that vampires always, always weren't supposed be trusted, but with the Vitalis Master, she wondered if she could make an exception.

"Cord, you-you can let go of me now, " Amanda stated, her hands stiffened midair, deliberating on pushing him.

The latter inhaled deeply, probably basking on her scent, she mused. He had done this many times, only now did she realize it was a vampire pattern.

"I will, " Cord answered, though he still tightened his embrace, "but stay, Amanda. Stay in my bed. Sleep here until the sun greets you."

Amanda's mouth partly dropped after hearing it. "I have my own bedroom, you see."

"I know, but I take it upon myself to protect you." He released her finally, and went to stare at her with grave eyes. "I'm sure you already know it, but your life is in danger. Your attacker might come back to finish you."

She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "I don't think that staying in your bed protects me from that."

Cord sighed. "True, but you together with me is."

His gaze fell on her lips, two luscious mounts that he wanted swollen with his kisses. He wandered to the dip of her neckline too, which under the moonlit night showed just how much of a bewitching woman she was. Her delectable curves just made him crave to run his hands on them.

Amanda felt aware of his perusal. She cleared her throat and unconsciously darted her tongue out, wetting the bottom.

With this, Cord hastily climbed down the mattress and diverted his face onto the drapery above his head, counting to three to control himself from kissing her lips.

"My shadows around you keep danger at bay, " he continued, his tall frame towering her.

"No, " Amanda shook her head. "I can't possibly stay in your chamber forever, Cord! I have a life to live too. You can't jail me here. Me staying in your castle is already enough!"

"Just for this night, please, " he negotiated, looking at her once again. "Just so that this argument would end. Don't worry, I'll be staying in the receiving room. I won't crawl on you."

Amanda suppressed a laugh. "Huh, sounds very reassuring." But like him, she was also tired of arguing, so she surrendered, reaching for the duvet and arranging it to cover her legs.

She thought he'd exit then. They practically didn't have anymore issues to discuss for the time being. But when she looked up again, he was still on his spot, staring intently at her.

"What? Have you changed your mind?" she asked, suddenly hopeful.

Cord shook his head and half smiled. "Clever of you to say that, but no." He turned around and stalked to the doorway. "Have a pleasant dream, Amanda."

She flashed her teeth to mock him. "Sorry, but I won't say the same to you. You basically lack dreams."

"Hmm, says who?" Cord paused in the doorway, looking at her over the shoulder. "Those humans who weaved false stories about us?"

Amanda shrugged her shoulders.

"We aren't undead, Amanda. Just lack of heartbeat. We can still dream or...even have nightmares."

And just like that, Cord left with a soft shut of the double doors leaving Amanda speechless.

How much truth does the popular belief of vampires hold? She now questioned every single one of them. It would be great to use this knowledge to her advantage. Hold this as leverage if and only if she'd face another precarious situation with one of them, like her attacker for example. That day in the pond may have been so gloomy and the man moved so quick, but she knew, she knew he was a vampire. Her healed but sore fang marks in the shoulder were an undeniable evidence.

With Cord out, the bedroom somehow looked barren. Amanda couldn't be so sure if she was happy or not with his exit. True, his presence made her feel uncomfortable, but like many of their engagements in the past, he also made her utterly complete.

She could never tell why, but hoped that he could.

Another truth for another time, she thought and lay supine in the mattress whilst releasing a deep sigh and closed her eyes.




Sitting in his throne was a better option than to stay in his bedroom with Amanda still inside. Cord promised not to crawl on her, but after staying for quite some time in the receiving room just hearing her calm heartbeat, he began to regret his words.

So, in the end, he commanded his liquid shadows to protect her, make a dome around her again whilst he leave his chamber for a much needed respite.

He summoned one biter there, waited for a couple of minutes until that biter waltzed inside the throne hall with a hard expression on his face.

"Where were you when my guest was attacked?" Cord directly asked once Trace stood at the bottom of the dais. His voice was steely; his face the same; his patience beginning to dwindle as he tapped his well-trimmed fingernail against the hard wood of the throne, looking down on his troublesome cousin.

Though with now the blindfold on, Cord could still

d object absent there.

"Yeah, " Amanda's forehead wrinkled. "The last time I saw it, it was lying on the floor in Cord's bedroom, the chain broken. He probably took it for safe keeping, I don't know. Where did you get that necklace anyway?"

Noman stared at her, serious all of a sudden. "I got it from Matteo. He told me it is your early birthday present. Why? What's the connection with the necklace and you trying to kill the Vitalis Master?"

"Well, " she sighed again, hitting her hips against the counter. "I actually don't know."

Noman instantly groaned. "Don't tease me, Cait. Come on, spill it out!"

"I really don't know Dom. But what I do know is that when it was still around my neck, I felt my anger with all vampires amplified. I badly wanted to kill one that time. Cord was the easy target since he was sleeping in his chair, close to my bed."

"Wow, that's some serious shit Cait, but why would you attack the Master? It's not like he is..."

Amanda nodded and twisted her lips, giving Noman an unspoken yes.

"OhmyGod!" he immediately squealed and jumped to grab both of her shoulders. "Like Lestat and Edward?!"

"Dom, please, don't romanticize them. I expected you to cower in fear, not jump like a bloody old lady in her first sex." Amanda frowned.

Noman, in response, slapped her bottom. She winced.

"You're so harsh, Cait, but I'll forgive you! You are my bestfriend after all, but seriously though, the Master is a vampire? No wonder he is an eye-candy. So, the popular rumors about vampires are true. They are hot bitches. I wonder if they drink blood as well."

"Of course they do silly!" Amanda slapped his bottom back and released a sigh, rolling her eyes heavenward.

"Wait, hearing you say that, have you been the target of their appetite this past few days?" he asked, genuinely curious.

The latter shut her eyes and hissed, remembering the Master's fangs lodged in her flesh. "It's easy to say that I am, to Cord probably, since I haven't met his family who may be creatures of the dark too. I think he thirsts for me. My blood can feel it."

"Huh, you are taking the threat to your life lightly, Cait, " Noman remarked. "Is this because you fantasize the Master's fangs?"

Amanda shot a glare and growled at him.

"Here, let me screw your head tight, " she said.

She reached for his head and pushed her knuckles against his scalp.

Noman laughed and put up his hands in surrender. "Oh! Oh! Come on Cait, I'm just joking!" he cried, ducking his head to stop her knuckles from connecting.

Amanda stopped, groaning, and leaned herself against the counter again. She couldn't believe she was this sensitive with regards to the Master.

Noman paused for a moment to calm himself. He leaned against the counter too and placed both palms on top it. "But hey, all threat aside, don't say you aren't thinking about it? You said so yourself you are fascinated with him."

"Please, Dom, let's not stray away from the topic." Amanda gave him pleading eyes.

In reaction, he pouted and mumbled, "Hmmm, clever little witch."

"Could you ask Matteo to come over though?" Amanda stated, changing the subject. "I know that I'm prohibited to divulge my safe house and that Chief Moretti would scold me if I did, but I don't want to talk to him through the phone. I want to see him, make sure he explains all that there is with regards to the necklace."

"Sure, Beautiful, I'm your errand boy, " Noman nodded, not at all afraid to break the rules. "I'll tell Matteo your message when I leave. But first, retrieve that thing from the Master. Otherwise, Matteo would suspect something's wrong."

After hearing that, Amanda face-palmed herself and pressed her lips thinly.

"Oh God, this is going to be a disaster."

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