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   Chapter 14 A Most Dangerous Position

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Under a spell?

Or tied on invisible strings?

That's what it somehow looked like when Amanda stood up and strode towards the sleeping Master.

Her eyes were a deep violet - the brown shade in them gone. There were swirls of red in the center appearing alive just like the waves in the sea and the clouds in the sky.

She had no mission in mind. Nothing at all except to....

"Kill him..." she voiced in her thoughts as she stared at Cord with anger. "I'll kill him..."

Like a cat undetected in the night, she moved fluidly, kneeling and drawing her legs apart to sit on his lap. Her weight, surprisingly, didn't even wake him.

She placed both palms against his heart first feeling for a steady beating there but found none. This didn't stop her. It only made her narrow her eyes at him and poised to lock her hands on his neck.

"Rexcord Alexander Vitalis, I'll bestow on you the gift of death, " she declared - her voice creating a lulling echo - and then tightened her grip.

She yielded a choked response from Cord upon waking. Surprise was clearly visible in the reflection of his eyes once he saw her straddling and strangling him.

In reality, the lack of air doesn't actually kill a vampire. They didn't even need oxygen in the first place. But there was something in Amanda's fingertips that screamed of danger. Something caustic, like holy water in a demon's flesh, or something electric charged, like a nuclear plant in the middle of an explosion.

Her strength was surprisingly beyond what was expected in a woman. She held onto his neck like a vice-like grip all the while Cord attempted to subdue her.

He grabbed a hold on Amanda's wrist and yanked them away from his neck. It failed though.

She fought back, pressing her weight even more onto his lap and locked her knees against his thigh.

"Aman...da, " Cord managed to breathe her name. He clenched his teeth and stared up at her with the same amount of anger in his eyes. "Ama...nda!"

"Don't struggle Rexcord, " Amanda replied, pressing her forehead against his. Her aura spilled of sensuality. She looked like a vixen with the straps of her nightgown down and her cleavage in full view. A vixen not to give pleasure to a man though, but to offer a vindictive death.

She licked the bridge of his nose - tasted a little bit of his sweat in the process - and pressed her fingers deeper into his throat, making permanent indents on it. "For all you have done, you deserve to die!"

But the Master was fed up.

Using his supernatural strength, Cord quickly stood from the high back chair and flipped them both onto the king-sized bed. Holding her waist, he pushed her against it, and though she still clutched his throat, he was clearly at an advantage.

Amanda, seeing this, retaliated. Hissing, she wrapped her legs around his hips and turned them around, this time with her above him, straddling him again. The nightgown bundled up in her hips, slender legs making a bountiful show. It would have looked like they were having a heated fuck*ing to an untrained eye, but no. No.

"Die!" she shouted, eyes welling up with mixed tears of anger and an unknown emotion. Her thumbs found his Adam's apple, constricted it and heightened the caustic energy on her fingertips.

Black tendrils began to take form along the neck veins of Cord. It traveled slowly to the surrounding areas, leaving a trail of what looked like his petrified skin. She wickedly grinned at the progress of it, released a succubus-like throaty chuckle, and licked her bottom lips in pleasure.

Cord, witnessing this, would have had a hard-on. Heck, in all honesty, he was already having a hard-on just being like this with her, but sensing real danger, he responded by hurling himself up and shoving Amanda under him again. He secured her shoulders with his hands, did the same on her legs with his knees. He brought his weight down to her, body to body, until her nipples touched his chest, only but his shirt and her nightgown of flimsy fabric stood as an obstruction.

"Aman...da!" His voice sounded raspy and choked. He looked at her with eyes glowing red, trying his best not to summon his shadows to effectively incapacitate her.

It would have been easy for him to do that, or to throw her into the window and out the castle, but he didn't. Even though his immortal life was at threat, he still was cognizant of her health and safety.

But why was she behaving like this in the first place? he asked himself.

The answer to that came as a surprise to him.

The necklace.

The swirls of red inside it somehow coordinated with the swirls of red in Amanda's eyes. In Cord's blind point-of-view though, those reds were a bright white that he knew weren't normal.

So, without waiting or looking for more evidence, Cord released her shoulder, grabbed

his castle is infected with vampires! You! My enemy! You would have me turn to a meal?!"

"No, I won't allow it. You're min-" he paused, cleared his throat and smoothly picked up where he left, "You are my guest. They won't harm you."

"And you wouldn't?" Amanda managed a mocking smile. "Even though you saved my life, you still have that vampire savageness in you."

Cord's brows twitched. Clearly, she had hit a nerve there.

"Hmmm, point taken, and I reckon you wouldn't try to kill me too? Just minutes ago, you were so bent on doing that." He bobbed his Adam's apple, feeling for a sore there still. Though the petrified skin had already disappeared, it left a numb sensation on the affected area.

"That's-" Amanda aimed to reason, but stopped. Her eyes flitted down to the healing indents on his neck, looking lost whilst remembering all she did to him in clear detail and the charged energy she undeniably felt that time. "I...I can't explain it myself."

"Huh, then I suggest you better ask your bestfriend how he got that necklace for you." He pointed his eyes at the aforementioned object, staring at it with curiosity as the swirls disappeared.

Amanda did the same, turning her head to the side, but her reaction was different from his. It was one of surprise, realizing it was the amethyst pendant in her dreams.

"You weren't yourself when you wore that, " Cord stated, pulling Amanda out of her surprise.

"I'm...I'm aware of that Mister Vitalis, " she answered.

"Cord, " he corrected, and like a bipolar, his mood suddenly shifted from that of a serious man, to a playful, teasing version of him.

And just the same, Amanda's rage returned.

"Get off me then and I will use that name, " she bargained.

The corner of Cord's mouth curled upward.

"You know, I'm too lazy to stand up, " he declared, lowering his body on her.

"Then, I will have to shove you with all my might!" she hastily replied whilst squirming, but she was already too late.

"Cord!" she gasped, realizing he had just pressed his mouth on her neck. Her heart picked up a faster beat. She clenched her eyes shut and tightened her jaw.

"If you're going to bite me there, then so help me I'm going to do everything I can to kill you, " she promised.

Goosebumps immediately erupted in her skin when his wet tongue grazed the plane of her neck. It was sensual at first - shooting pleasurable tingles in her belly down to her womanhood, purposeful the next, and then it abruptly stopped. Because of this, there arose in her a conflict of liking it versus loathing it.

"You licked the bridge of my nose earlier, " he reminded, whispering it in her ear. "I'm only returning the favor. But worry not, as much as I wanted to, I won't bite you. You don't know how much you worried me that time, Amanda. Thinking that you were almost drained of blood. I'd be too heartless if I'll suck what remained in your body even though I know you are still recuperating."

It wasn't Amanda's expectation, but yes, Cord shifted again, released his hold on her wrist and embraced her tightly - her body arching up in the process.

Her breath hitched.

"But really, all quarrels aside between our kind, I'm relieved to see you still alive."

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