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   Chapter 12 The Dark One

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Although drinking her blood was his precise plan, Cord had just tested her at that moment to see how brave she was. He expected her to refuse then, but to his stunned reaction, she accepted. His fiery little butterfly actually accepted. That got him encouraged even more to proceed with biting her wrist.

And now, this happened.

Surely not of blood loss.

Cord replayed that sentence in his mind over and over again when he saw Amanda faint. Her body sagged like a sack of grain against the chair. A curtain of her hair covered her neck - to his relief - while most of her face was pressed against the back cushion.

Painstakingly, he pulled his mouth from her flesh and stared at her with hooded eyes, hints of passion managing to spark from it before he had them snuffed.

Blood continued to come out from her wrist in beads but he didn't mind licking it clean. Hell, the blood could wait. Her well-being couldn't. Try as he might, he couldn't shake off the intense concern filling his dead heart for her.

He recalled what happened seconds ago. Of how wonderful his lips felt like against her skin. How it almost placed him in a blood lust when her crimson liquid passed down his throat. His tongue, and the way it latched onto her flesh, was wickedly glorious. He couldn't want anything anymore other than her. Not the blood bags. But her alone.

Although he so, so wanted to, he didn't suck much of her blood, so surely blood loss wasn't the reason for her fainting.

The question that came to mind now was what?

What caused her state?

Probably because of the shock to find him a vampire? Probably because he pushed her to the limits? Made her afraid too much?

Whatever the reason, he didn't linger on it. The one thing that Cord payed attention most was to bring her to her chamber. ASAP.

"Jerome!" his voice boomed all over the dining room.

Without delay, the one called raced inside and came to a halt before him, bowing his head with perfect execution.

"Master, your orders?"

"Where is Dayana?" Cord asked, now covering Amanda's slowly healing pinpoint wounds with his thumb. The smell of fresh blood could trigger a want from not only his relatives but also from the staff, especially the night-shift who had shared the dark fate with him. Although he had great belief the Head Majordomo, who was a vampire too, wouldn't try and sample the woman, he didn't want to take any chances.

"Inside Madame O'Malley's bedroom Sire, readying the bathroom and her mattress, " Jerome answered.

"Good, " Cord said, pleased, "Go there and open the door for me."

"Right away Sire, " he answered, not at all surprised of the change in the color of his Master's eyes from a glassy red-green to a greenish blue. He had seen this color before, when the Master was still human, before he was turned into a creature of the dark.

As the butler left the room, Cord stared at the unconscious lovely creature again.

She maybe a special human but still she was as frail as the rest. Easily broken. Quick to disappear. And because of that thought, a surge of something akin to protectiveness pass through him.

Could he actually let her leave and make her a bait to end his three-year long battle with his rogue biter? He couldn't be sure now.

Carefully, he brought her wounded wrist down, placed it on top the other and then with one easy movement, lifted her up bridal-style.

Her weight, in all honesty, was a delight. He'd never lifted a woman before. Never. Not even to or from his bed. So this arrangement brought a good change for him.

And her warmth too when her body pressed against him. Such was it that a wicked grin crossed his face when a wild, unexpected but not unwelcomed thought surfaced.

She would make for a good cuddle under the bedsheets indeed.

With her face resting under the crook of his neck, her scent wafted through his nostrils strongly. His fangs ached again, wanting to sample more, but he scolded it, clenching his jaw shut to push the misbehaving enamels back.

Her welfare - that's his top priority for now.

He passed the halls, the foyer, the stairs, the whole time of which he kept a close watch on Amanda for any sign of awakening.

As expected of a Master with the ability to wield the shadows, he moved about undetected by his subjects and relatives, even those who had sharp senses. What a bother it would be if they were to see him with a woman, and much worse a human.

At one point, during his travel to the west wing, Cord noticed Amanda cringe, her brows almost meeting hinting she was in discomfort. Her lips pressed thinly too and he heard her whimper in pain.

Whatever the cause of her unconscious reactions, he was damned


His stance, one foot forward, hands clenched and his eyes a glow of red, were more than enough to give her a red flag.

Amanda stepped backward, hitching a breath, and blinking fast. He reminded her of the flashbacks she had. A shadow lurking first and then, the attack. Next, blood splashing everywhere, followed ultimately by the neck getting slashed open. Despite her being a strong woman, this and the other gruesome memories that linked to vampires told her not to clash with them. It always, always ended up with death.

"No..." she murmured, lips trembling, "Leave me alone!"

The man continued to advance on her way, stepping in a steady, relaxed fashion as if he wasn't in a hurry. Although the environment was dark, Amanda could still make out a pointy grin from him and damn, it was enough to sink her heart.

She stepped backward again and again, closer to the pond, not knowing what to do. She couldn't return to her room and she couldn't shout for help. Clearly, she was in a checkmate.




"I was told that you invited Ms. O'Malley to dinner later, " Cord asked whilst sitting in his throne. He had his right hand on top his panther's forehead while the other rested on the armrest. The way he sat, it looked relaxed and without worries, but deep inside he knew better.

He just had to find a way to occupy himself, make him forget the impulse to return to Amanda's room, until his blindness returned.

Summoning his so-called cousin, Heather, and berating her would be one good way for it.

"Yes, what of it?" the one asked replied, looking tired from after a feeding and a gym session. Her right hand perched on the sofa's head while the other on her hips.

"Cancel it, " Cord stated point blank, staring at her direction even though he now wore the blindfold.

Heather's brow immediately lifted.

"Hmm, I knew you would order that but no, I'll have to decline, " she said.

Cord sighed, putting his impatience at bay.

"Heather, she isn't a blood donor."

"I know. She is your most valued guest. Rest assured that I won't harm her. I just want to befriend her."

"You mean, you just want to play with her to get to me."

"Oh com'n Cord, " she twisted her lips and rolled her eyes. "You know my hatred for you had been doused long ago. I accept what I have become now. I enjoy it even. More than when I was still human. I just like the woman's attitude. There's something in her that drew me in."

"I know, " Cord replied in a hush and this earned a grin from Heather.

"I know you know. You are our vampire master after all. Cursed as you are, you have the finest of senses. You-" she stopped and stepped backward, taken aback when Cord suddenly stood up, looking alarmed.

"Hey, what's wrong?" she asked, confused.

"Amanda..." Cord trailed off.

He tuned Heather out of his attention and directed all of his focus on Amanda's erratic heartbeat. The continuous thunder may have muffled them a little but still he was able to locate her and once he realized she was no longer inside the castle, he, throwing out his mask of indifference, immediately panicked.


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