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   Chapter 11 Piercing His Fangs Deep

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And as usual, a torture.

Their second dinner could be summarized like that. Again.

The Master said nothing more after that illustrious admission of his. Amanda remained smartly silent, acting as if she enjoyed the meal when in truth her stomach felt like it had just turned upside down.

Who wouldn't be when this kind of a man just revealed what he thinks about her?

Amanda knew the purpose of this dinner was to be interrogated about what she witnessed during the time of the murder. She didn't expect it would turn out a confession as well.

It consequently placed her in a hot seat.

Especially in addition to another predicament of hers: the Master's uncovered eyes.

During dinner, she felt like a mouse trapped in a cage.


Because the he kept on drilling a hole through her with his secretive stares. As if... As if he could really see. In full color. In real dimensions. Every detail of her body. Her small gestures. The minute expressions of her face as she keeps herself painstakingly calm and collected.

It would have been better if he wore the cloth. It wouldn't have made her feel damn conscious.

He was even acting normally while eating. He didn't bump his hands on the candelabra. He knew where the cutleries were placed. He was even sure where to find his bloody choice of food however specific and pint-sized the meat cuts were.

He damn knew which glass contained water and which held the blood red wine.

The Head Majordomo really was right. The Master could take care of himself. He wasn't disabled.

And because of this, Amanda felt a twinge of apprehension and excitement.

Apprehension - because he wasn't someone to be fooled. She'd have to be careful with her actions in front of him.

And excitement - because this virile of a man was basically invincible.

She hadn't come across someone like him ever before. What other surprises was he keeping for her to discover? Surely, there was still more. More that would make her interest of him even grow stronger.

"Did you enjoy the food?"

That's the very question the Master asked once Amanda sampled the strawberry shortcake dessert.

It was sudden. Fast. No preliminaries whatsoever. No clearing of a throat or a simple cough.

It startled Amanda for a second, but she was able to collect herself quick.

She shifted her head up to look at him, her forehead creasing briefly when she found him unfazed by their earlier conversation. He'd probably won an award for being a best actor with his hard mask on. Any other man would have unraveled and expose his desire on her through his eyes or facial expressions. Like Matteo for example. But him? No. Not one clue.

"Yes, as always. Like I said before, your cooks create delicious meals. They are a pro, " she answered, making a mental note of shoving his confession earlier in the back of her mind. It seemed to her that she was the only one still thinking about it.

Cord sharply exhaled. "That's good to hear, " he said and then rose to his feet. "Well, I will leave first. If you are done with your dessert, you can return to your chamber."

Amanda blinked thrice. What did he just say?

"Aren't you going to ask me about the murder case?" she asked, stopping him from leaving the table.

Cord had to subtly clench his fist that held the black cloth. This was asking too much. Way too much.

He had already kept himself in tight check during dinner. He would have wanted to bolt out of the table after his traitorous mouth once again sputtered nonsense words, but he held back in respect to the beautiful woman in his front. He decided to finish their meal, no matter how trying it was, and thought he'd b

earing the first half of her questions, but after that, it disappeared. Instead, it changed into a thin line. Displeased of where their little battle of wits led to, he extricated himself, released his hands from Amanda's chair and straightened.

As much as he enjoyed interrogating her, he didn't approve when it came to him.

"I like it that your mind is sharp, but unfortunately, I will just have to keep you guessing."

He stepped backward, away from her, but halted when she said: "Aww, don't retreat now. We are just getting started, Master. My secrets are my own to keep, but with proper push, I might consider telling you. You are after all my most gracious host."

She didn't exactly know what made her this brave. Maybe it was because of the wine? Maybe because she was already fuming inside with his hot-and-cold bullshi*t treatment? Or maybe because she was fed up with the way he made her feel?

Whatever it was, she was sure as hell dying to know his secret too. And she wanted to get this over and done fast, so braving herself in front of him was the best choice.

A muscle in Cord's jaw twitched. He inhaled deeply, holding it for such a time while staring straight at her and said, "Don't tease my patience Amanda. I only got a fine thread of it left before I snap. And you wouldn't like the bloody side of it."

"Huh, bloody, " she scoffed, "You sure like that metaphor."

The woman was really digging her own grave, Cord mused, and him being likened to the Grim Reaper, relished the thought.

"Shall we try it then?" His hard stare was set on her. He was fucking ready to reveal himself. Screw the consequences later. "If you agree, you'll see who I really am."

"Bring it on, " Amanda encouraged, narrowing her eyes, more determined than afraid.

After that, Cord swiftly wrenched her left wrist out from the armrest and positioned the smooth, pulsating side of it directly in his mouth.

His fangs protruded out of his lips, cloud white and squeaky clean, the tips of it brought a sure promise of pain.

He studied her for a moment and saw her face turn pale. Her eyes bulged, her lips trembled, parting to form what he expected to be a word to halt him, but without waiting for her to say it, he pierced his fangs deep.

Amanda, with the foreign object embedded in her flesh, turn lightheaded. Flashbacks after flashbacks of the same memories formed a tornado in her mind. It was with so much force that she consequently fainted.

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