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   Chapter 10 Control is the Key

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To hell be this morning, ' Cord cursed as another day greeted him complete with the morning sun blaring against the castle rooftops. He wore no blindfold on, sitting in his throne chair with a lazy posture, enshrouded by his liquid shadows. He expected a peaceful rest to overtake him, but the contrary happened.

Dammit, the woman was like an alarm clock to him.

Every sure beat of the Amanda's heart was like a lullaby, but it wasn't an invitation to sleep, it was an invitation to listen more along with her footsteps all over the hallways.

She must be having another tour with the maid, he mused. Would have been better if I did it.

But of course he couldn't. Wouldn't.

After his moment of weakness last night, he promised to harden himself and he was damned sure to do just that.

Not like he wasn't already doing it.

Since Amanda occupied the room where Noman had used in the night of the anniversary party, Cord didn't sleep in his master chamber.


Because it was located directly above hers. In the third floor.

Being the only heir of a wealthy, aristocratic couple, he preferred to be as secluded as he could be. He'd taken in residence of the upper west wing where only the grand library and the unused music room as his neighbors.

The North wing of the castle was where his family relatives stayed. They made a mark there. Invited in willing blood donors they had chosen during the party and feasted there. Cord let them be. He cared less of it just as long as no corpse ends up in the hallways or in the Libree road. Or anywhere for that matter. It was his one strict rule.

Now that the woman sleeps directly below his chamber, he decided to relocate himself in the throne hall. But even there, her scent and heartbeat still affected him.

And bloody hell, what a complete torture it was.

It was enough to keep him from his overdue sleep.

"You know it is already morning cousin, can't you wait for tonight to summon me?" Calvin waltzed inside the throne room, clad in a grey suit. His white mop of hair looked messy; the collar of his shirt smudged with pink lipstick.

Cord gave him a once-over and thereafter landed his sights directly on the discoloration, staring at it with mild amusement.

"If you weren't so busy feeding and fornicating last night, I wouldn't have called you now. What's the update on the murder case?"

Calvin sat on the sofa chair already prepared by Jerome and answered, "Huh, you are so impatient with that. Is it because of the woman?"

Cord snapped a frown at him.

The latter just smiled smugly. Since Amanda's arrival, Calvin knew talking about her would irk him. But feeling an immediate spiking sensation in between his toes, he realized answering the Master now would be a safer action, just to drive the electric-charged liquid shadows away. "Nothing still, " he sighed and wiggled his toes. "It is difficult to get answers when our rogue vampire is this sneaky."

"Three years of sneakiness, playing with me, " Cord growled low and so did his pet who was just sitting comfortably near his boots, quietly clocking Calvin like a prey. "The gall of him when he knows I'll still win in the end."

"Well, he must be this desperate." Calvin, ignoring the animal, just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hell, why would he when I have already given all in this castle?" Cord clenched his jaw. "Freedom. Food. Luxury. Is it not enough?"

"You know I can't answer that, Cord. I'm not the culprit, " Calvin replied, showing him a look of confusion. "But do you think it is one of the staff and not one of our relatives? You know, probably just to spite you."

"Huh, spite me..." Cord muttered. "I have already suffered so much. I have atoned for my father's mistakes more than all of you and now you say it is to spite me?"

"Well, you are the curse in the first place, " Calvin voiced out without hesitation. "You are the reason for our centuries-old predicament. Every one of us here who breathed inside this castle during that night became like this because of you." He raised his hands up and gave him an assured smile. "But don't get me wrong cousin, I don't hold a grudge against you. Although I wouldn't be able to walk under the sun and am doomed to drink blood for eternity, I enjoy my immortal life now. I'm just saying that what if there are those who can't still accept what had become of us? Who were just innocent? Who was thrown into this mess just because of what your father did?"

Cord shifted in his seat and released a throaty grumble. He clenched his eyes shut and took a deep breath. "Let's not stray away from the topic Calvin, " he said, unable to rebut his womanizing cousin's logic since he had a big point there. Even he himself still cannot accept turning into a blind creature of the dark. Unlike his relatives who took advantage of their situation, he still denied being a 'vampire' - as what human's normally call it.

This was the sole reason for his rampage during his early years as a vampire. This was the reason why he had killed so many souls - both innocent and guilty. He couldn't accept what he had become then, just like how he couldn't accept it now.

What happened to him then might be the same thing for this culprit - on a rampage, unable to take the damnable darkness of what the curse had designed.

"Alright, " Calvin's voice snapped the Master out of his thoughts. "How about that woman? She's the sole witness right? Maybe you can get something from her?"

"Yes, " Cord replied after clearing his throat. "At dinner tonight, I am to interrogate her again. I already gained approval from the Chief yesterday - through beguiling her of course. Maybe this time Amanda will tell me everything she saw."

"What?" Calvin raised a brow, surprised. "Why just use your persuasion on her?"

Cord silently exhaled, pissed off a little. "I did that on her first night of stay here, but the chit was hard to break. I can't seem to get through to her."

Never. Never had he come across a human like her before. Normally, using his ability wouldn't have been a problem. He just needed to stare at them, make his voice soft and lulling, and spill his invisible waves of beguiling energy to tempt his victim. To Amanda, this ability turned useless. Utterly useless.

With this fact, her blood and her reaction to the full moon, had him thinking that the woman was of special breed.

"Well, that's new for just a normal human, " Calvin commented after lighting a cigarette he clamped in between his lips.

"I don't think she is just a normal human, " Cord pointed out.

The smoke of the cigar scattered all over the immediate space as Calvin snorted. "Huh, the way you said it, it makes me want to see this woman more."

And because of his words, Cord unintentionally chipped the edge of his armrest from the strain of his hands.

Calvin saw this and realized he just spewed a dangerous sentence. The Master was just too sensitive when it came to her.

To lessen the invisible tension, he cleared his throat and changed the subject instead, "What if it turns out there's no clue in her testimony? What then?"

Cord remained silent for a moment and contemplated well and hard.

What if it was the case in

He probably has strong lean arms and thighs, eye catching dimples on top his buttocks, a delicious looking V where it led to his better half as an excellent member of the male specie. He probably has one long, sturdy—

"You look stunning in red, " Cord announced, effectively cutting Amanda out from her wayward thoughts.

She awarded him a small smile, acting as if she wasn't embarrassed inside, and answered straight-to-the-point, "Under normal circumstances, I would have said thank you for the compliment, but you basically can't see me. How accurate of you to say I look stunning in red."

Cord traced the corner of his bottom lip and grinned. How accurate he was indeed. "I was told that my subjects ganged up to doll you up just for me."

Huh, just as she suspected.

"They did say that you prefer to dine alone and me dining with you is a cause for celebration, " Amanda answered. "Although I think this is unnecessary."

Cord almost tempted to reach for her victimized finger and do what he did last night just so he could prove her wrong, but he controlled himself.

"Still, you look beautiful and I appreciate it, " was his calculated answer.

This made Amanda smile, the growing tendrils of anxiety lessening. They were, at last, acting civilized with each other.

"You kept your word, " she muttered.

Cord cocked a brow. "My word?"

"Of not being rude, " Amanda followed. "You do however need to respect your family more. They are all you've got aside from this castle."

By family, she meant the woman she met at the gym - Heather. She was a friendly gal, easy to get along with. She definitely didn't deserve to be treated like a stranger.

"Hmmm, " a low sound reverberated in Cord's chest. He wasn't offended with her words, but still he stated, "You do realize you are in no position to tell me that right?"

Amanda was taken aback. Unconsciously, she clamped her hands together under the table and answered, "Ye-yes, I apologize. It is an unsolicited advice."

Her cheeks grew hot, almost the same as having a fever, and she immediately felt uncomfortable with it. His family matters were off limits - she knew that. She was after all just a guest in his castle. But still, a friendly advice from a friend to a friend wouldn't hurt right?

Not like she treated him as a friend.

But still. It wouldn't be a stain in his reputation if he'd show a little bit of an open mind.




Cord tipped his head once. "Apology accepted, " he said and waited for her to reply. Waited until he realized she wasn't going to talk anymore.

This got him concerned.

"I'm sorry. It seemed I have unintentionally overlooked your good intentions."

Amanda, from looking down at her empty plate, glanced up at him, her brows high above her forehead.

"Heather is just a family friend. She isn't a Vitalis, " he reasoned.

"But she calls you cousin, and you to her, " Amanda pointed out.

"Correct, but that's just an appellation we decided to use after centuri—" he abruptly paused and cleared his throat, realizing he almost mentioned his years of existence as an immortal. "After she became a resident of the castle, " he amended.

"Oh." Amanda dipped her head briefly, debating on whether she should continue her council.

Whether be it a friend or family or the employees, it still doesn't mean he had the leave to be rude. More so that he was the Master of the House. He should set himself a good role model.

"Amanda, " Cord broke off her train of thought.

She stared back at him.

He did the same but with the bothersome blindfold of course.

He shifted forward, his abdomen touching the table, and positioned his nose to capture her enticing scent.

He inhaled deeply, a wave of longing threatening to drown him.

"You turning silent like that make me wish I'm not blind, " he started and to Amanda's surprise, he pulled the black cloth out of his head.

Reddish green eyes immediately welcomed her.

What odd color of eyes, she thought as she blatantly inspected it with her mouth agape and her fingers itching to comb out a rogue lock of hair sticking in his forehead.

"I want to see you Amanda, make no mistake in that, " Cord continued. "I want to see how your forehead wrinkles when you cringe. I want to see your laugh lines. I want to see how that red dress shines in your skin. I want to see how you look like with your curls down. I want to—"


He swallowed and quickly leaned back against his seat.

Control. Control. He chanted in his mind.

"Uh, forget about what I said. Let's just eat, " he urged, the table seemingly becoming smaller as he heard Amanda's heartbeat increase its workload.

"Ye-yeah, I-I think we should, " Amanda, after blinking many times, hurried to pick up her spoon and fork.

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