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   Chapter 9 Tasting the Flesh

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Right after dinner, Amanda positioned her laptop in the mattress just like what she did last night. Noman was the first to pop in complete with a clear video feed of him in a moon-printed shirt. He waved a 'hi' on her way and Amanda returned a 'hello' back.

Just as he was about to start his daily interrogations about her experiences in the castle, Matteo's number flashed on her cellphone screen, registered as his eleventh attempt of call for the day.

Amanda sighed and picked up the gadget lying next to the laptop.

"I better take this call, Dom. I have been ignoring Matt since this morning, " she said while sitting in her mattress, Indian style.

Noman nodded. "Yeah, you should. I'll just wait. I won't log-out."

Amanda pressed the answer button and right then and there, Matteo's worried but stiff voice flowed. "You didn't answer my calls Cait."

She genuinely looked guilty upon hearing it, but she lied instead, "Yeah, I'm sorry Matt. I left it in my room this morning."

"Why? What were you doing all throughout the day? Where did you go?"

He pretty much sounded like a jealous lover, and Amanda somehow didn't like it.

Knitting her brows, she released a deep breath to calm herself.

"Matt, why did you call?" she asked instead.

"I talked with Chief Moretti in her office this lunch, " he informed.

"Yeah, and what happened?"

"Before that, remember that Vitalis Master we met days ago?"

Amanda silently cleared her throat. Why was their conversation leaning towards that guy again?

"Yes, why? What about him?"

"He was there before me. Talked to the Chief for whatever issue he had. It made me wonder what."

"Hmmm, " she mumbled whilst watching blankly at the now-closed balcony door. Right after dinner, she had asked Dayana to close all entrances of her bedroom just to drive away all manners of unexpected visitors - animals and blind, handsome men included.

"You know what was weird?"

"What?" she asked, suddenly curious.

"He didn't act like he was blind at all. No one assisted him in and out of the office. And another thing, the Chief looked dazed after he left. She wasn't answering my questions for at least a minute."

Her brows furrowed. "Really? Maybe she was just stressed out."

"Hmm, maybe so, but anyway, when I asked her about you, she didn't tell me where you are kept. She said it is classified info."

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. "See, I told you so."

"I know, but I tried to beg her to tell me. I want, no, I need to see you Cait. We have so much to talk about."

"Well, we are talking now. This doesn't satisfy you?" Amanda frowned a little. She heard a long sigh and then he answered.

"It's much better we talk face-to-face. I miss you Cait. I miss your lips and the way you taste."

Matteo's voice through the other side of the line was heavy with emotion. Amanda could easily imagine his face looking at her with love and longing, and his eyes, an intense burning of desire. Though selfish about it, she silently thanked that they weren't talking in person just like he wanted to. She'd prefer to avoid such confrontations as much as possible.

"Matt..." she whispered, her voice soft and understanding.

"No, don't worry, you don't need to answer me. I want to hear your words not through the phone. I'll wait until this case is over and I hope it will be soon before next week."

"W-why? Is there a problem with the Formula One's?" For a moment, her thoughts strayed on the work she had left in the Circuit.

She heard a clearing of a throat and then a shuffling of clothes nearby - his probably.

"You could say that, " Matteo replied. "Actually, your stepfather will be coming on the race day."

"What?!" Amanda immediately straightened her legs. She darted out of bed and paced along her bedroom space. "Why didn't he tell me that?! I didn't get a call from him or a text!"

"Well, he wanted to surprise you."

"Oh no, this is a big problem." She paused from pacing, pinched the bridge of her nose and clenched her eyes shut.

"Don't worry, I'll keep tabs with the murder case and ensure the police department will find the culprit fast before next week."

Though it was unlikely considering all murder cases in the provincial district were piling up fast, Amanda still nodded and said gratefully, "Thank you Matt."

"You're welcome. Just be safe wherever you are right now."

She smiled and sat at the edge of the bed, a lot calmer now. "Yes, I will."



"I need you to know that I am just waiting for you. Waiting for you to bloom free. I have been tirelessly patient. A little wait now wouldn't be a problem."

Amanda dipped her eyes on the floor, a quirk on her brow briefly appeared. "What are you talking about Matt?"

Riddles. Why do most of the handsome men she had come across give that?

"Your mother said that I'll just need to be patient, " Matteo replied in a sure tone.

"Hmf, you are bluffing now. How can you meet my mother when I am just twelve when she died?"

There was a moment of pause. Amanda was smiling at first but then it disappeared when she realized something of value. Something that was highly unlikely but still plausible.

"Matt, have you met—"

"I'll explain everything when we see each other again, Cait, " Matteo interrupted. "I'll see you next week."

Though feeling cut off, Amanda didn't pursue the subject.

"Y-yeah, fine, " she replied, knitting her brows. "See you."



From the live feed, Noman stared at Amanda with a giddy smile on his face.

"Oh my God, that was epic! Wh

er heart, something nagging at the back of her head but she willed not to think about it much.

She reached for her slightly puffy eyes and traced very faint tracks of tears there.

"Last night was a full moon huh?" she murmured to herself. "God, when will my nightmares stop?"

She closed her eyes and massaged her neck, but weird now, for she felt a pulsating sore in her right index finger where no visible signs of redness or laceration could be found.

"Good morning Miss Cait, " greeted Arissa with a cheerful smile as she stepped out from the bathroom with a fresh towel in hand. "I placed your clothes in the walk-in closet. Would you like to bath or eat breakfast first?"

Amanda blinked twice, cutting her melancholic state.

"H-hi Ris, good morning too. Uhm, I'd like to bath first if that's okay."

"Of course, Miss, " the maid replied, now standing at the edge of the bed. "I also readied the bathtub for you just in case you want to immerse yourself before showering."

Amanda awarded her a smile. "Yes, I think that would be a good idea."

"Mistress Heather said to give you this by the way." Arissa pulled a white envelope from her apron's pocket and handed it to her.

"Heather?" Amanda cocked a brow momentarily confused. After recalling yesterday's events, that's the time she remembered about the spunky woman she met at the gym.

"It's an invite, " Arissa noted, only looking at the envelope and not the brief confusion in her guest's face. "She would have wanted to dine with you tonight but since you are already occupied with Master Cord, she'll have to make do with tomorrow. You'll dine with her in the rooftop garden of the castle."

"Oh, I see, " Amanda muttered. She stared at the white envelope that contained the message and without reading it, decided to accept the invite.

"Send her my answer then. Tell her I'll come. It would be great to dine with another family member other than the Master, especially someone of my gender. Although...I'd like for Dayana to accompany me since I don't know where this rooftop garden is."

Arissa brightly smiled, pleased, and then bowed her head.

"Yes, Miss Cait. I'll inform both Dayana and Mistress Heather about it before I leave the castle tonight."

"Mhm?" Amanda immediately arched a brow. "Why do it later? Why not do it now while I take a bath?"

The maid's forehead creased. "Uhm, I am not allowed in the North wing of the castle Miss Cait, where Mistress Heather resides, and I think Dayana is sleeping right now. It would be rude if I wake her up. Also, day-shift and night-shift employees aren't allowed to mingle unless necessary."

"Whoa, what strict rules you have here."

"True, " Arissa replied.

Amanda, after sighing, stood up from the bed and took the proffered towel from Arissa.

"Thanks, " she said. "Well, if that's the case then tonight it is. For now, can you give me a tour around the castle garden and the library after my breakfast?"

Arissa nodded. "Of course, Miss Cait, it would be my pleasure."

With a turn-away smile, Amanda walked into the bathroom with the towel in hand. She checked her reflection in the classy mirror first before stripping herself of her night clothes.

"Huh, " she breathed out.

She looked exactly the same. The same Amanda Caitlin Roand - now O'Malley - she knew herself to be despite the passing of time.

But if she were honest with herself, she'd rather be normal like everybody else. She'd trade in her family's unusual genes just to be able to live and love freely. Free from any worries just like her mother. Free from being alone.

And if that were possible, maybe then, she'll come to accept Matteo's advances, or any other man for that matter.

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