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   Chapter 8 Tension and Temptations Rising

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To Amanda, the contact of their bodies, though brief, felt like acid and fire. Of the good and bad kind.

Bad - because she swore she felt like he was killing her with his touch. Bled and dried. Tortured and stolen of her essence.

Good - because she felt herself complete. Revived. Replenished of energy. Her nerve endings felt charged with a desirable electricity - an electricity that she could well be addicted too.

And because of these conflicts inside her, she realized that staying in the Vitalis Castle could be more dangerous than being chased by drug lords and loan sharks.

She needed to leave the place ASAP, but how will she explain this to Chief Moretti then?

She can't say that the Master of the House just threatened to tie her up in the pillar. That's just too embarrassing of a reason. She might have the Chief think they were experimenting BDSM.

She can't say that she can't stand the personality of the Master. It would be downright a disrespect if the Chief was loyal to him - which was very likely.

And she can't say that she felt unsafe inside the castle, when in fact, it was keeping her from the danger.

Amanda ran out of possible reasons to help her in her predicament. She thought that this could wait though. What was important as of the moment was for her to get away from the Vitalis Master as fast as possible.

She hastened her steps out of the kitchen speaking nothing as Arissa followed behind her.

The maid called and called, and asked what happened, but Amanda remained silent. She was too flustered to explain the events in the throne room.

By the time she covered half of the west hallway, she paused, turned around and asked the maid, "Can you lead me to the gym Ris? I'd like to busy myself with anything I could get my hands on."

Arissa was taken aback.

"S-sure, no problem Miss Cait." She righted her uniform and smiled on her way. "Well, if you like, I can show you the indoor pool too so that you can try it."

Amanda nodded. "That would be great."

They managed the twists and turns of the hallways, from the second to the first floor, and down to the gym basement Arissa had talked about.

As expected, Amanda was agape of the facilities available. The gym was mainly for the use of the family members, but they were kind enough to let the servants and guests use it too.

She stayed there the whole day, changing from her denim shirt and black jeans into a more comfortable gym wear that Arissa had taken from her luggage.

She tried all sorts of equipment there. She used the treadmill, did some dumbbell liftings, played on her own in the tennis court, and fenced with a mannequin all without checking her phone that she left in one of the snack tables.

She didn't want to be bothered. She didn't want to also entertain whatever Matteo was going to offer to her. Surely, he had talked with Chief Moretti just as he said and probably got the same 'classified information' response.

She didn't want to hear him urge her to spill out where she stayed. She didn't want any nuisance. She just wanted the peace and quiet position she was in.

The last she did was swim in the rectangular turquoise pool wearing a silver one-piece backless bathing suit from her wardrobe. It was past six in the evening when she did that. Nearly almost dinner if she'll base it on her time with the Vitalis Master last night.

So far, no one, not even the Head Majordomo or his female counterpart, Lady Granger or Arissa informed her that she'll be dining with the Master again. Not like she anticipated it, but it relieved her knowing she wouldn't have to see the man again - or at least for the day. Once was already enough.

Arissa waited at the edge of the pool, standing right on top the tiled pool stairs. Ready was the white towel on her arm when Amanda surfaced out of the water.

"Thanks Ris, " she said, smiling.

"You're welcome Miss Cait. By the way, Sir Jerome wanted me to inform you about something."

"What is, Ris?" Amanda asked, walking out of the pool area.

She was relaxed, feeling refreshed from her swimming, but deep inside, if she were honest with herself, she felt nervous expecting the maid to inform her about a pending dinner with their Master.

"He said he wanted you to be inside your chamber this instant as per Master Cord's instruction."

Oh, good. Not the one she expected, but she let out an amused breath while she patted her hair dry. "Why? Are there ghosts here that I needed to hide in my bedroom ahora mismo?" she dared to kid.

Arissa quickly shook her head. "I don't think so Miss Cait, but there'd be consequences if you don't do as Master Cord ordered. You remember the rules Lady Granger told you about right?"

"Yes, I do, " she confirmed, "but that makes me wonder why he is so particular of confining me at night."

"Er, I'm sorry Miss Cait, " the maid looked sheepish. "I have no idea myself. I don't work here at night remember?"

"Yes, right, " Amanda concluded. She didn't need to cultivate deeper. Didn't need to know the reason why. After all, she wasn't going to stay in the castle forever. It was theirs to keep.

"I have no choice but to oblige, " she added.

"I'll take care of your gym clothes and bathing suit Miss, " Arissa offered just as they entered the changing area. "You can just leave them in the basket."

Amanda dipped her head in acknowledgment. "Okay, thank you Ris."

At least through spending the whole day inside the gym, she was able to block out the pr


"Thank you Miss Cait. See you tomorrow." The maid bent his head low and smiled.

Just as Arissa said, there was indeed already a dinner course for Amanda. It was placed in a round table, set up outside the balcony lit with a golden candelabra like that in the dining room. Fresh dark red orchids adorned the center table, placed inside a transparent glass vase.

The maid, Dayana, greeted her with a perfect curtsy. Amanda greeted a 'good evening' back but after she crossed the door, she gasped after seeing the black panther already lying at the foot of the bed. It raised its head up immediately, looked at her and released a low, friendly growl.

For Amanda, this meant a problem.

If the pet was here, there's a big possibility the owner would soon come to fetch it. She had already had enough exposure with the Vitalis Master for one day. To conclude her evening with another one meant she'd face another sarcastic blow-by-blow exchange with him.

But the black panther was too cute and cuddly, so she couldn't in her life just kick it out of her bedroom.

"Hey, why are you here?" Amanda mumbled, kneeling in front of the animal when they met halfway of the room.

The panther just growled again and pressed its snout against her palm.

She petted the animal, played with it for awhile much to the dismay of the maid.

"It's the first time I saw the Master's pet get friendly with another person besides him, Miss Cait. What did you do to get the trust of that wild animal?" she asked.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't do anything, " she whispered, "I haven't got a clue as to why Bagheera is this friendly with me. Why? What does he do with the other residents here?"

Dayana pouted. "Well, it's either he ignores them just like what he did to me before you arrived or he pounces and uses his sharps claws to wound any poor staff. He exposes his sharp teeth and growls like he is ready to bite you in the ass."

It was a typical prime predator behavior but still Amanda's mouth dropped.

"Wow, " she uttered and rubbed the forehead of the panther, "I see that you've been a bad pet huh?"

The animal just growled low.

"Hmm, anyway, you are your Master's responsibility. I guess I am this lucky to have your good side."

Amanda stood up and then waltzed into the bathroom.

"I'm going to wash my hands first before I eat Dan, " she informed to the maid.

Dayana bowed her head and watched as the panther entered the balcony and settled under the dining table.

Dinner went on without any problems. At one time, there was a knock on the door. While Dayana answered it, Amanda's heartbeat sped thinking that it might be the Master present to fetch his pet, but to her instant relief, it was Sir Jerome who did it.

He went inside, greeted her a pleasant evening and then signaled the panther to leave.

The animal, just as normal, growled low, but it had a tone of dislike in it. It slunk to the doorway, but not before wrapping its long tail on Amanda's ankle.

"Master Cord would like to dine with you tomorrow evening Madame. He says he wants you to tell him this time about the murder case since he got Chief Moretti's permission for you to disclose it."

Why does he want to know anyway? was Amanda's question then. She didn't ask this to the butler since he may not even know the real agenda of his Master. Instead, she just nodded and said, "Alright. Tomorrow night it is then."

"Good. I will relay your answer to him." He stepped backward after bowing and then exited the room.

Amanda sighed thereafter.


At night.

Dinner with him.

What can possibly go wrong aside from her heart in threat of exploding?

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