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   Chapter 5 The First Dinner

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"Mr. Vitalis!"

Amanda's eyes rounded. A surge of something that could be called a mix of alarm and excitement filled her whole body. Goosebumps erupted in her forearms and unconsciously, she pressed her personal bag closer against her abdomen in an attempt to halt the twisting of her stomach.

She didn't expect someone to be inside the limousine with her, more so she didn't expect him to be the one sitting.

Cord, though still in a blindfold, looked at her way like it was a casual thing for a blind man. With his left hand, he squeezed the handle of his cane when her scent filled the enclosed space. It tortured him immediately but he had already expected this when he decided to fetch her himself.

It was a torture he was willing to receive forever, or at least while his charade lasts.

"Good evening Amanda, " he stated, managing his voice to come out smooth and relaxed.

Amanda's eyelids fluttered fast. "Why are you—"

"I'm the one tasked to keep you safe, " he butted in.

"You must be joking, " she shook her head. "I don't think you are employed like this by the police department." She felt the car move, a sign that they were onward to their destination.

Cord released a throaty groan. "No, they didn't employ me. I volunteered myself."

Amanda's brows lifted. This man right here volunteered himself? This blind man? This damn handsome blind man?

"Why so?" she asked, almost sputtering it with a sarcastic tone.

Cord didn't shift in his seat. He remained as still as possible, unaffected with her undue interrogation. "My reasons are my own Amanda. You don't need to know them."

She attempted to contain herself from scoffing but failed. "Huh, quite helpful of you."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Cord's mouth moved upward ever so slightly.

Amanda didn't miss it. She furrowed her brows more and shouted in her mind, 'what the hell?' She really wanted to know why, but it was safe not to press on especially when the man was so uptight in giving her information.

Instead of focusing on that, Amanda decided to mull on other things.

"So, " she cleared her throat, "I presume we are going to the Vitalis Castle?"


"And I'll stay there because it will keep me safe from a threat that's possibly after me?" She stared at him, making a mental note of his little expressions which consisted of - drum roll please - nil.

"Correct, " Cord answered the same.

"And you are wearing that trench coat because you dig it?" Amanda's eyes roamed from his head down. The man was as expected impeccably dressed for a Master, but he seriously had some fashion stagnation issues. Why prefer trench coats when there were other men's clothing to wear? Like a suit perhaps. Or even a modern button-up shirt. But hey, she can't deny it, he still looked extremely good in trench coats.

"Correct, " was still his scarce answer.

She would have left it at that but then he added with a tilt of his head, "You amuse yourself of my fashion sense?"

She grinned, widely, taking note that he couldn't see. "Honestly? I believe I do."

Why the hell that she just said that? Why the hell she just let her guard down? The man was a stranger. She was supposed to not feel comfortable around him, but she did, momentarily.

"Then laugh all you want, " Cord remarked, no tone of anger or rudeness at all. "I want to hear the sound of your happiness Amanda."

And with those words, Amanda turned stiff and speechless. She blinked many times and diverted her attention on the landscape that the limousine passed. There was no way in hell she would comment on such a dangerous statement. Many in her exposures with men had she seen this kind of subtle flirting — if it was even called one for this man — and like any other, she had successfully eluded it by turning silent.

She leaned on the couch, rested her head, and closed her eyes hoping that he wouldn't speak but blast it, he did, to her dismay.

"You became mute, " Cord stated noticing the stillness of the air around them.

"I'm tired, " Amanda answered. "It is a long day for me. If you may, can I take a catnap?"

He didn't nod, but turn his head to the window he did and answered, "You do as you wish. I am not preventing you."

Oh thank God! her brain screamed.

"Thank you, Mr. Vitalis."

"Cord. You can call me Cord."

Subtle flirting hint number two.

Amanda checked it in her mind. She couldn't really say if he was doing the 'moves' like men usually does, but it was safe to assume he was. In that way, she'll guard herself better. Better than she did with Matteo. Or all men who attempted to trespass in her life.

She refused to use his first name though. No way.

But like she would tell him that vocally.




It was already dark when they arrived in the castle. It looked the same as it did when Amanda first visited, but this time, it didn't have the colorful search lights and the booming techno music.

The castle grounds sounded as dead as a graveyard, but this was a good welcome for her. She always loved music, but preferred the silence of the night more.

"In here, you will be safe. No soul will harm you, " Cord informed as the limousine neared the huge front portico.

Amanda couldn't help herself but mentally laugh.

What a play on words indeed. No soul will harm her he said, but what if ghosts lived in the castle, what of them then?

Surely, there could be one or two, or more...just judging from the castle age itself. Heck, the grand abode looked like it had seen the dawn of the dinosaurs if she were to exaggerate it, but really, the castle looked like a thousand years old, so it was possible ghostly entities resided here.

Not like she was afraid of them though. Growing up without her biological parents, she had toughened herself. That's exactly why she decided to learn men's work. But still, ghosts especially when turning up unnoticed would give her a scare and then some if it exists to exact vengeance on a poor innocent soul like her.

"Still I don't see the reason why you enlist yourself in my witness protection program case, " Amanda stated looking at him and crossing her arms to her chest. No, she won't let it go easily if that's what he thought earlier. "You did say that it is none of my concern, but for a man like you, who most likely owns this country, it makes me wo

the intricate designs carved in it, and continued, "Is there any other way to address you than your first name?"

"Master Cord would do, " he suggested quickly but to Amanda, it was a dare.

"I'll think about that, " she replied, taking her eyes off of him and into the heavily prepared feast in her front.

She started eating. Cord did the same. And their dinner went on for about twenty minutes silent, awkward and a torture.

Cord didn't touch much of his food. It wasn't because he couldn't basically see the courses in his front, but because what for?

What's the use eating human food when the one he wanted to eat was sitting near him?

Amanda was enjoying her share though and by the time she drank empty her glass of water, Cord voiced out as if on cue, "Was the food to your liking?"

Amanda nodded at him. "Yes, your chef cooks delicious grub."

"That pleases me." He brought his elbows up the table and interconnected his hands against his chin. "How do you find your room? Is it to your liking too?" he furthered.

Amanda gave him a neutral look. "It's the same room my friend got when you let us sleep here."

"Yes, it is. Do you like it?"

"It's fine. Thank you."

"I figured it would make you feel comfortable since basically you made a mark on that room."

Amanda suppressed a laugh - a sarcastic laugh. "Funny of you to say that." She thought he'd continue but he changed the subject all too suddenly.

"Now, on to business, " he said, shifting in his seat to sit upright against the back cushions, his arms on each side of the armrests.

"Business?" Amanda arched a brow.

Cord lifted a hand near his mouth and ran a slender finger through the bottom lip.

"Can you recount to me everything you saw that night of the murder?"

His voice now, to Amanda, sounded odd. It had a ring of sleep in it. Like a hush and an echo. She blinked many times, feeling her eyes burn as if she had watched a marathon of movies.

"As to my understanding, you are not a police officer, " she answered initially, refusing to look at him. "You are just my benefactor of my witness protection case, why do you need to know?"

"Did you see anything abnormal to this culprit perhaps?" Cord went on, disregarding her question.

The same lulling effect hit Amanda through a wave of dizziness, but she successfully shook it away.

"Check on the police files if you want to know. I will have to refrain from answering you since I've been told by Chief Moretti to keep my mouth shut about it, " she replied, this time feeling vexed by his constant pestering.

"Tell me everything, Aman...dahhh..."

And another wave of dizziness came. Cord, this time, used the full force of his beguiling ability — the same ability he had used to coax the Chief to place Amanda in his custody.

Surely, the stubborn woman would relent, but to his surprise and utter disappointment, Amanda didn't.

"No." She stood up, slapping a hand on the table. "Why are you so damn rude? You make a conversation one-sided. You're cutting me off and you order me as if I'm a servant. I understand you are the Master and all but hey, a little bit of respect wouldn't hurt right? I'm a special guest am I not?"

Cord shifted again and clenched his fists from under the table.

Fuck. The woman had an iron backbone. But no bother...

He raised his head directly to where Amanda's face was beautifully highlighted with the candelabra.

This simple action once again made her feet ran cold.

He was staring at her as if he could see.

"You baffle me woman, " he announced whilst easing his clenched fists. "I apologize for my...rude behavior. It will not happen again."

"See to it that it won't, " she advised. "Respect begets respect Mister Vitalis. You maybe my landlord but you still need to earn my trust."

"Indeed, " Cord replied.

"I'll go back to my room. Thank you for the meal."

"You're welcome."

Amanda walked out as soon as he said that. There were so many emotions that whirled inside her. She wanted them expressed, but as of this time, it was better she retreat to her room. It was after all her 'day one' inside the castle. She believed this interaction with the Vitalis Master wouldn't be her last.

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