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   Chapter 35 Secret Unlocked Part 1

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 7347

Updated: 2018-11-27 18:27

If you ask me aside from my family and life back at home, what do I miss most. I would answer you TV drama, silly novels and the internet. Sure there are some sort of entertainment in this underwater kingdom. Like Cordelia and her daily display of princess hysterics or like Lance and his daily burst of anger at Cordelia. But in general I miss the dramas I watched back at home, the silly novel I read (albeit I am currently staying inside the world of one) and the infinite time I could spend browsing internet.

I told Lord Valentine offhandedly today afternoon during our tea break and when I fall asleep at night, I find myself being pulled into a dream. When I open my eyes, Carl is glaring at the two of us in annoyance.

"Hi, Carl my dear cousin." Lord Valentine offers him a dazzling and innocent looking smile.

"What do you want, Vale, just spit it. None of that innocent puppy look. No one here buys that, " he says while waving his hand dismissively. Carl must have spotted the tiny blush on my face that appears after taking a look at Lord Valentine's dazzling smile, he then smirks, "Apparently your girlfriend bought that. Be careful with being tricked into doing things by his tiny oh so innocent smile, Vale's little girlfriend."

Now when he puts it this way, wasn't I tricked into tidying his tower by just exactly that same innocent and dazzling smile? And that time when he persuaded me into pretending him in the royal dinner. Oh and that time...

"Ianthe, don't listen to him." Lord Valentine places his hands on my shoulder and blocks me from Carl's view. "Ianthe, you have to be careful of him. His smiles are all fake. Who knows what evil thing he is thinking beneath his deceptive smile."

"Such harsh words, cousin! But I never hide who I really am." Carl's facial expression is a perfect balance of gentleness and warmth.

"Uh-huh, I am sure a lot of people oppose to that." Lord Valentine is still holding me protectively in his arms.

"I can't control what other people think of me, can I?" Carl is still spotting a perfect smile of gentleness and warmth. "Now cousin why are you summoning me at such a time at night. My patience is running out."

"We wa


"This is normal in where I live now. That's normal clothes."

"Cool. They look really beautiful." She is really not saying this out of politeness. I can see the admiration in her eyes (but her face still remains emotionless).

She sneaks a peak at me again.

"Oh let me introduce you to her. Irene is a bit shy. Irene, this is my girlfriend, Ianthe. Ianthe, this is Irene, Carl's... fiance."

"Ex-fiance. Broken the engagement."

"We haven't, " Carl, who is standing behind Irene, replies in a sing song voice. Irene replies by pouting slightly. Finally some sort of emotions appear on her emotionless face.

"Their relationship is kind of complicated. So Irene can you help us? Ianthe, wants to watch dramas. Can you recall those you have watched lately and..."

"Wait... she is your girlfriend?" her eyes widen in shock. She mutters beneath her breath, "I can't believe study machine Vale has found a girlfriend. And I still have difficulties making friends."

"Let me tell you something fun, " Carl says while twirling Irene's hair. And he leans down to whisper into her ears. Irene's eyes shine and a tiny smile appears.

She snaps her fingers and a table with two chairs appear. Two steaming mugs of hot chocolate are also on the table.

"Now it's girls' time, you two shoo." And at that instant, Lord Valentine disappears with Carl. Irene then looks at me with a tiny smile on her face. "Now they're gone, let me tell you a secret."

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