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   Chapter 32 THIRTY TWO

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"It's now?" I shout in shock.

You're telling me the assassination that kills side-character Ianthe is now? How can you still be so calm? What should I do? Shield. I need a shielding spell.

"Calm down, Ianthe. I am here. I won't let anyone harm you. And Cordelia isn't as weak as you think."

Just as I'm about to mumble the words 'I have never regarded the female hulk as weak', an arrow pierced through the air. No doubt the arrow is targeting Cordelia. Before I can warn Cordelia, Cordelia grab the arrow with her fist in lightning speed.I am so shocked by the extraordinary skills exhibited by Cordelia. Is she still the Cordelia I know? I know she has inhuman strength, but grabbing an arrow shooting at her? That's... incredible!

"See. Cordelia will be fine. She is stronger than the one in the story."

Lord Valentine must have seen the confusion on my face. He explains, "When I first arrived in this world, I told the King about a future I saw. I suggested that it might be for Cordelia's best interest to train her in the arts of fighting as she is not gifted in magic at all."

"And turns out Cordelia is very gifted in the arts of fighting." I try to stop gaping, but I could not. Cordelia is like a seasoned soldier. She grabs the sword from Prince Lance's belt and she shoots out like a bullet. I heard some clanging sound as Cordelia battles her assassin.

"But... her assassin must know Cordelia's weakness! She is bad at magic! As long as the assassin targets her weakness, Cordelia will lose!"

"I placed a super strong spell on her this morning. The spell will annul any spells place on her."

"What a great plan, Lord Valentine, " I exclaim.

"You're welcome. Anything for the safety of my Ianthe." He smiles sweetly.

I am just too shocked to even blush. Cordelia's movement is so enchanting. She slithers close to the assassin and gives the assassin a slash with her sword. And then a roundabout kick before the assassin could escape from her. She looks like she is dancing with her sword. An enticing dance of death.

Lord Valentine stops Cordelia before the killing blow, he asks me to place a binding spell on the assassin.

"We need him as evidence for your father, " he e

xplains to Cordelia.

Cordelia adds in a kick to the now bound assassin. "Idiotic shrimp. You thought you could kill me. Who am I? I am Great Princess Cordelia. If I want I could conquer the world."

Well I kind of believe that. The novel name is 'Conquer the world' after all.

Prince Lance and I are still awestruck by Cordelia. Cordelia is now my hero. She is just so cool.

"We bring him back to the underwater Kingdom by transporting spell?" I ask.


Luckily all these happen in the forest just outside of the capital of Cregan. No one is around, we can just transport back. Prince Lance told his guards to wait in the capital as he is just sending Cordelia off (I don't understand princes, what if you're kidnapped?).

"Lance is coming with me, " Cordelia says as she hooks her arm through Lance's.

"What are you talking about, Cordelia. If I don't return in 15 minutes, my guards will come search for me. I can't just disappear out of thin air!"

Cordelia narrows her eyes in anger. "You are going to marry me. You are going to live with me underwater. You are going to be my consort one day. It's high time you meet my father and learn how to be my consort!"

"What... consort? I'm a prince of a country, for goodness sake! I have responsibilities!"

"You have an older brother and a sister! Zehan doesn't need you! I do. You're coming with me!" And with that she hits Lance on the head which no doubts knocks him out. She carries him with one hand and commands, "Let's go, cousin."

How... barbaric... I don't know what to say. It's not like Cordelia cannot come back to land after taking the assassin to her father. What's all the fuss about?

But if I remember correctly, that's exactly what happened in the novel too, so I cannot say anything.

"Alright, if everything is solved, we're going back." Lord Valentine snaps his fingers and we begin to vaporize. Before I disappear, I catch Lord Valentine smiling cryptically at something and he mutters, "What a surprise."

Then we're back in the underwater kingdom. It surprises me to find myself missing this. The forever bluish sky. The corals. The fish. The residents with different physical traits.

It feels like home.

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