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   Chapter 31 THIRTY ONE

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 5699

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In the end I fell asleep after staying up for nearly the whole night. I feel so embarrassed. Which carer falls asleep before the sick she is caring for? Even though I have woken up for some time, I pretend to be still sleeping by not opening my eyes and not moving. I hope Lord Valentine has not woken up to realize what a failure of carer I am.

I hear a soft chuckle. "Stop pretending. I know you're awake. You're so bad at pretending to sleep." Lord Valentine gently pats on my head. "You can stop pretending, Ianthe."

"I am sorry, Lord Valentine, " I say. I open my eyes sheepishly, my cheeks bright with embarrassment. I open my eyes to find Lord Valentine sitting on the bed and smiling at me. All of the paleness and sickness he had yesterday are now gone from his face. He looks healthy even.

"Are you feeling better?"

"As good as new." He smiles dazzlingly and gives my hand a gentle squeeze. That's when I realized, we didn't let go of each other's hand throughout the night, we're still holding each other's hand. My cheeks get even redder. What should I do now? Should I let go of his hand? Should I ignore that?

"Ianthe, I remember our deal, so you don't have to worry."

Deal? What deal? He doesn't mean the 'bargain' we made yesterday, right? But that's just something he said while he was sick, he was delusional. How can he stay with me forever? He has his own life to go back to!

"Lord Valentine, stop kidding." I laugh embarrassingly. "I even believe you for a second. Your mother is waiting for you to go home."

"This is now my home. Forever, " he says cryptically. "You have to trust me, Ianthe." He gives me a wink.

I'm at a loss for words. What does he mean?

ins his immortality."

"Ah, you don't have to worry about that. Cordelia's father has everything planned out for her. He had an immortality potion waiting for his dear daughter's future husband."

"What? Why would he prepare such thing?"

"There is a prophecy about his dear daughter falling in love with a mortal."

"Luckily, you remember the plot. And here I thought I have to think of a way to solve that problem!"

"I don't remember the plot. I just read the novel whenever I forget what happened next."

A book appears in his hand with the words 'Conquer the World-Mermaid Princess & the Narcissistic Prince" on the cover. I can't believe I read such an embarrassing book. I just can't link Lord Valentine with this book. Imagine Lord Valentine reading such a childish story with his calm and collected face. Please earth open up a hole for me to jump into.

I hide my face with my hands.

"You don't have to worry about Cordelia, you should worry about yourself, " Lord Valentine says all of a sudden.

"Why?" I ask. "Wait... the assassination is soon?"

"No, " he says in his usual calm composure. "It's now."

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