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   Chapter 30 THIRTY

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 5221

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While Cordelia is fully occupied by her prince, Lord Valentine and I have a fun time. We browse street markets, try out different restaurants and street vendors and visit the country side. We have great fun. These great memories will serve as the fuel for my future, for when Lord Valentine leaves this world.

Today we're back on the main street. The main street is long, packed with different vendors and shops. It's difficult to fully browse all the things with just one day, so we're back to the main street.

"Ianthe, I think this suits you." Lord Valentine is holding a mask with the face of a cute cat.

"Why, but I'm an oyster!" I tease. I pick up a mask with the face of a smiling dog. "This, on the other hand, totally depicts Lord Valentine realistically." I nod satisfactory.

"Does it?" Lord Valentine eyes the mask doubtfully.

"Totally. See the smile and the tiny hint of goofiness?" I explain excitedly.

"Goofy? Me? I am the most serious person in this world, " Lord Valentine boasts exaggeratedly.

And then the two of us burst out laughing. I have a great time, I really do. I am extra happy knowing that all these memories will be by my side when I feel lonely.

We move onto the next store which sells beautiful handkerchiefs with extraordinary embroidery.

We spend the whole afternoon looking at different things and joking around. The sun is setting when we start to walk back to the inn we are staying.

"Look! That's a stunning view." I frame the scene in front of me with my fingers. The setting sun with the traditional yet elegant establishment. "It's like a scene straight out of a postcard."

There is no response from Lord Valentine which is strange. I turn around to look for Lord Valentine who is walking behind me to find him clutching his heart with a painful expression. Sweat peppers his ashy face.

"Are you alright? Are you not feeling well?" I ask worriedly. I try to use my newly bought handkerchief to wipe away his sweat. He is really pale. "Lord Valentine?"

Lord Valentine gives me a soothing smile and says, "I'm alright. Just maybe a little under the weather. Let's go back to the inn. I'll feel better after taking a rest."

"But... you're fine all afternoon! You're clutching your heart. It's definitely not just some cold. Let's go find a doctor!" My brows furrow with concern as I touch his ice-cold hand.

Lord Valentine pats my hand to try to comfort me. He says with a weak voice, "Don't worry, Ianthe. Let's go back to the inn." His smile looks strain.

That's right, we're sorcerers. It's Lord Valentine who taught me the

arts of potions and poisons. If he refuses to find a doctor, I can at least soothe his discomfort. He is getting more and more pale and his hand squeezes mine hardly. He must be suffering in pain.

I find a secluded corner and try to usher Lord Valentine to that corner with me. I open my clutch and whispers urgently, "Dolphin, find me a transport spell."

A second later, Dolphin head appears, together with a transport spell.

"Is there only one?"

Dolphin nods its head.

I don't know if I could manage to transport the both of us back to our room in the inn with just one spell. But I'll have to make do. I can do it!

I chant the activation spell and visualize my room. Power drains from my body and I feel a wave of dizziness. When I open my eyes, we're back in my room in the inn. I place Lord Valentine gently on the bed. He has already lost his consciousness. He seems to be struggling.

After placing Lord Valentine down, I collapse onto the floor. Transporting two people with just one written rune is too exhausting. I want to fall asleep at this instant. But I can't I have to take care of Lord Valentine.

I climb up by supporting myself with the chair on my side. Lord Valentine's eyebrows are squeezed together. Sweats peppered his head. His hands are as cold as ice. I have a pain relieving potion made just in case for injury. I hope he suffers less. I take out the potion and drip the potion into his mouth. Soon after that, he looks way calmer.

I take out a handkerchief to swipe away the sweat peppering his forehead. When I am about to get some water for Lord Valentine, his hand grabs mine. His eyes open an inch and he croaks, "Don't leave. Stay by my side."

"Lord Valentine, are you feeling better?" I ask with concern.

"Ianthe, are you still angry at me? For concealing your memory, for dragging you into all the mess, for causing your death?"

"Lord Valentine, this is not the time for things like these! How are you feeling?"

"Are you still angry at me?"

"Who cares about things like these at such a time!" I shout. "The important thing is whether if you're feeling better or not? I'll go and call a doctor."

He won't let go of my hand. "Ianthe, you don't have to worry. I won't leave you. Not now, not ever. You don't have to worry. Let's have a deal. If you stay by my side now, I'll stay by your side forever. It's a bargain for you, isn't it?" Corners of his mouth tip up. He slowly falls back to sleep, but he continues to hold tightly onto my hand.

"What... what are you talking about." Without noticing it, tears drop from my eyes.

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