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   Chapter 28 TWENTY EIGHT

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 7223

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I am now in the same dream as Lord Valentine. He said he had a method and the method is pulling me into a dream with him.

"Why do I have to be involved?" I ask confused. Lord Valentine worries that his friends might be trapped in my current world without memories. So understandably, he wishes to check on them to make sure they're safe. But what do I have to do with all these?

Lord Valentine looks up from his pacing and says, "Well... you're here because... for support! Yes, for support!"


"That's right. I am really worried, so you here give me strength! And I know you hate being lied upon and secrets. So here I am trying to be as transparent as ever." He smiles warmly. He looks like a dog waiting to be praised.

So he knows. He knows I am not happy that I was left in the dark. Is he trying to change for me?

"What are we waiting?"

"For Carl to fall asleep, wherever his soul is. A person has to be asleep before he or she could be pulled into a dream."

"Can I ask you a question?" Lord Valentine said he would try to be honest with me, would he answer my upcoming question?

"Sure. Any question." He nods solemnly.

"Who are you? It's not a surprise that Lord Valentine knows magic as he is the royal sorcerer. But before all these, back in our original world, you can already do magic. You can send my soul to a different universe. Your mother can pull people into dreams."

"Well... it's a bit complicated..." He runs his hand through his hair. "Please don't be surprise."

"I won't. I am a pearl oyster. Nothing beats that, " I reply deadpan. "Well I will if you said you're actually a fish spirit or something."

"No, it's not something like that. Well... you know in my... our world people don't have powers unlike those in this universe."

"Of course, we're all normal humans. Except you I think."

"No. In our world, aside from normal humans, there are magicians."


"Magicians, wizards, witches, sorcerers, mages... Whatever you want to call us. We can do spells and stuff. Some are even immortals, but that's another story. We hide ourselves from normal humans. We pretend to be norm

his afternoon appears in front of us. She has shorter hair compared to Arina's waist length hair and is in pajamas, but otherwise she looks exactly the same.

As soon as Carl sees her, he snaps his finger and her pajamas immediately turn into a dress.

"I see you throw your manners into the sea as soon as you left home."

Irene narrows her eyes and says, "Living in a barbaric place makes one barbaric. I apologize."

If Carl's personality seems quite similar to the guy we met today, Irene's personality is the exact opposite to Arina's sweet demeanor.

"Irene, I see you're well. It's been a long time." Lord Valentine offers her his usual smile.

"Mister Vale." She greets him respectfully.

"Irene, did you attempt transporting your soul..."

"Master Vale, you know I could not attempt such complicated spell even before my former... partner sealed my power. And I am studying these days, it's nearly finals."

"Studying? I don't know you go to school!" Lord Valentine asks in shock.

"I was fired, so I need to upgrade myself."

Carl, who is standing next to Irene, pats her head and says, "Go to sleep." Irene then disappears from the dream.

"Vale, stop meddling in things not related to you. A body is weaker if the soul is not inside, especially if such body is under a curse." Carl, for the first time since I met him, looks at Lord Valentine with a solemn expression. Carl then disappears from our dream.

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