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   Chapter 25 TWENTY FIVE

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 5300

Updated: 2018-10-30 17:45

"Ianthe, Ianthe! Are you alright?" Lord Valentine is looking at with worry.

"Lord Valentine?"

He smiles to try to comfort. "You're having a nightmare. It's alright now, you are no longer in the nightmare."

I nod in response. Lord Valentine's smile seems forced. He looks distracted and worried.

Thinking back to what Lord Valentine's mother said before I was pulled out of the dream, I know I have to confront him. I am really grateful about what Lord Valentine has done for me, but I have to know the truth about my death. I have to protect my parents.

"Lord Valentine, I... was approached by... someone who claimed to be your mother in my dreams."

"My mother?" Lord Valentine laughs dryly. "Ianthe, it's just a dream. You know my mother has passed away."

Cordelia's aunt, Lord Valentine's birth mother, has really passed away in a war before the birth of Cordelia. But this mother is not the same as that mother, is it?

"No. I am not talking about Lord Valentine's birth mother, but your mother. The mother you left in the real world, the world I was originally from. My world. Our world."

Lord Valentine places his hand on my forehead and says, "Ianthe, are you having a fever? What are you talking about? What world?" He tries to smile, but the smile comes out too forced.

"Please, Lord Valentine. Tell me the truth."

I still want to trust him. He was the person who took care of me when I was thrown into this new world. He is the light and warmth I have in this world. I trust him. I want to trust him. I have to trust him.

Lord Valentine removes t

"I... I..." Lord Valentine gives up trying to say something to comfort me. He gives me a hug and pats me gently on my back.

After the initial shock dies down, I realize I am in Lord Valentine's embrace. I push him away. I still do not know how to face him yet.

"Lord Valentine, you should return to where you should be. Your mother is waiting for you."

I still have many questions, like why do his mother has the ability to go into my dreams or why he can send my soul into a fabricated world. But even if I know the truth, I will no longer be able to reunite with my parents. The truth no longer matters.

"She can wait. I still have things I have to do."

"I see. It's not for me to decide, but please explain to your mother. I no longer want to be dragged into a dream nor be threatened."

I then continue to stare into space, trying to contemplate on my life and digest this shocking truth revealed to me. I know Lord Valentine tries to speak to me, but in the end he gives up.

We all wait in silence for Princess Cordelia to wake up.

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