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   Chapter 21 TWENTY-ONE

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 6900

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How can this happen? I am just gone for a few hours! I am about to rush down when Cordelia stomps away with her head held high up. Like the Princess she is. But this is not the underwater Kingdom! No one knows you're a princess!

And what happens to the guy who was slapped? Cordelia has superhuman strength! He should count himself lucky if he just dislocates his jaw. Worst case scenario, he died.

I slowly turn my head to take a look at the poor guy. He's covering his face with his hand and furry seems to be burning inside his eyes. Someone who looks like a guard quickly approaches him. The guy immediately gives the guard a scold. The poor guy seems to be ordering the guard something. Then the guard runs in the direction of where Cordelia has stomped off.

Wait... this scene seems to trigger a memory. Doesn't Cordelia slap the prince before the ball in the novel? Why did I forget such an important scene? Probably because it's too cliche. The prince on the other hand is more interesting. He is walking on the street in disguise because he wishes to hear praises about himself from the people of Zehan.

So how did Cordelia and the prince cross path? I forget that part. I need to find Cordelia.

I found Cordelia in yet another restaurant. She is consuming non-human proportion of food.

"Princess, why did you slap the... that guy?"

"A princess needs reason to slap someone she doesn't like?" she shrugs.

Well... if we're still in your kingdom then maybe. But we're in Zehan! And the guy you're slapping is the prince of this Kingdom!

"Princess..." I sigh. "But we're not in Ocera. I think that guy is really furious. He is even sending people to search for you!"

"So?" she rolls her eyes. "You know what to do! Hide our tracks! What are you here for?"

Seems like since the day I offered to use the distraction spell in the inn to save ourselves, I have committed myself to be the Princess own spell sprouting machine.

"I have already cast a distraction spell."

"You're not that stupid thankfully." She rolls her eyes agai

ed to cry. I don't deserve to cry in front of him.

"Are you still angry with me, Ianthe?" Lord Valentine tilts his head to one side. "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I don't mean to leave you all alone in the tower. Did Lady Olivia's maid bully you?"

What is he talking about? It should be me apologizing.

"She did, didn't she? You look like you're about to cry. I am so sorry. Here are some candies, don't cry. You like them, don't you, Ianthe?" Candies in the shape of cubes appear on his palm.

I should apologize. I don't deserve such gentleness and kindness.

"Lord Valentine, I am sorry. I stole the potion from your safe without your permission. I am sorry I ran away without a word." I bow to express my regret.

"Ah... about this, you don't have to apologize, Ianthe. It's me who told you the secret to opening the safe. I gave you the key. I'm afraid you'll resort to more dangerous methods, that's why I gave you the key, " he says cryptically.

"What..." I look up, confused by what I heard. But then what is happening in front of my eyes shocked me, 'Lord Valentine' in front of me is slowly turning transparent. I can feel my jaw drops.

"Oops. I am sorry, Ianthe. Seems like time's up. I am still being occupied somewhere, I will meet you soon though. Here's your candies." He offers me an apologetic smile and then 'Lord Valentine' vaporizes.

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