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   Chapter 20 TWENTY

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So Lord Valentine knows where we are all along? Of course, it's Lord Valentine. He can predict the future. There is nothing he can't do.

He doesn't seem angry at me. What does he mean when he said 'Are you still angry with me'? He should be the one angry with me! I stole his potion. I betrayed his trust. I ran away without a word!

My head starts to ache. It has been awhile. The same throbbing pain I felt when the mysterious woman in red heels first appeared. Although the intensity is less intense.

I should get onto work. Lord Valentine even gave me a hint. I need to go to Cathedral Avenue.

It turns out the Avenue is just on the street next to the cafe. It's a street fills with shops selling luxurious products, quite contradictory to the Avenue's name if you ask me. The old ladies Caroline saved from the thieves were nobles of Zehan. So I can probably find that lady in one of these shops, but which one?

There are at least 50 shops on this Avenue, each one as dazzling and opulent as the next one. It's time I use my divination skills. I cannot foresee the future like Lord Valentine. That's on another level, but I can divine by using cards. I can predict tiny events. Finding an old lady among the fifty something shops is something I can do with my training.

First I need to find somewhere safe and quiet. I believe this is a world where every human has a superpower or two. But for some reason, Zehan especially, even though people have their own superpowers, they are extremely frightened of witches. Cordelia has been accused of being one for several times in the novel which puts her in extremely dangerous situations. So what separates the power of witches from their normal superpowers? The ability to perform spells or not if I remember correctly. So I have to be careful.

I stand in a silent nook around the corner of a shop that sells really pretty leather shoes and take out my cards from my bag. I fan them ou


"Are you going to the Masquerade Ball too, young lady?" the old lady asks.

"Why yes! Are you going there too? Then Cordelia and I won't be alone!" I smile. I don't even have to bring up the topic myself!

"Are you two new to Zehan?"

"Yes, my cousin and I just arrived in Zehan. Our grandaunt is living here. The ball is just two days away, I'm so excited!" I clap my hands to feign excitement.

"No dearie, it's four days away. See how excited you are, you even mix up the date of the event." The old lady laughs good-naturedly.

"No, I am sure it's on the day after the next!" I insist stubbornly. It's actually four days away.

"Oh, dearie. I am sure I am correct. My own granddaughter is as excited as you and keeps mentioning it. Wait. I think I have my invitation card with me."

She takes out a cream yellow invitation card. The words are golden in color, as expected of the royal family of Zehan. I bet the words are written with real gold. She points out the date to me. It's my time to pretend to be thankful. I have given the card a thorough look. Luckily it's just a simple card, nothing too intricate.

We say our goodbyes and I leave the shop as soon as I can. That's when I see a shocking scene unfolding in front of me.

Cordelia is slapping a guy on the face.

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