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   Chapter 19 NINETEEN

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We finally arrived in the capital of Zehan. On foot of course. In the first few days, it felt like I could no longer feel my feet. But then after that I think my feet has developed new and better muscles. I have already grown accustomed to it.

I just dearly hope our Princess is no longer in a walking mood. I sincerely hope to ride in a carriage on our next trip.

"So this is the capital of Zehan." Cordelia takes in our surrounding. "Not bad for a human country." She nods in approval.

I have heard of rumors on our way here that the capital of Zehan is really opulent. I don't really believe that as the towns we encountered cannot exactly be called opulent, just normal towns. But turns out it's the truth. The wealth of the entire country seems to be accumulated here.

Beautifully paved stony roads with jewels as decoration. Golden statues everywhere. No matter where you place your eyes, your eyes will be dazzled by something shiny. This makes me wonder, won't the jewels be stolen?

This is certainly an opulent capital.

"I am hungry. Food I need food." Cordelia quickly scans our surrounding and targets a cafe just around the corner. I just hope the cafe has enough food storage to satisfy Cordelia's black hole of a stomach.

Cordelia is onto her twentieth pizza when she begins to slow down and notices her surrounding. She finally notices that I am listening intently to the gossip that flows to our table from the one next to ours.

"What?" Cordelia whispers. "Anything interesting?"

e do I get my hand on a real invitation?

How does Princess Cordelia sneak into the ball in the novel? With her beauty? Or Ianthe in the novel helps her?

It doesn't matter. It's me who have to do the work now.

Cordelia snaps her fingers at me. "What are you still doing? Get going! I'll go shopping! Let's meet later on. Find me." With a wave of her hand, she's gone.

I sigh. I am about to leave when words begin to form in water on the table in front of me.

This stops me from standing up from my chair. The elegant calligraphy I am so familiar with forms a note. A note from...

'Ianthe, how are you? Are you still angry with me? I hope all is well. I apologize for not coming earlier, but I will be able to meet you soon! Just bear with Cordelia for a little longer!


P.S. To find the invitation, go to Cathedral Avenue, you'll find the lady Cordelia saved when you two first set out. The invitation is in the pocket on the right side of her coat.'

Just what is happening?

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