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   Chapter 16 SIXTEEN

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 4782

Updated: 2018-09-30 18:14

What happens next in the story?

If I remember correctly, Princess Cordelia usually first shows off her powerful strength, everyone will then listen to her out of awe or shock or fear. That has already happened. Cordelia will then start to 'persuade' people to listen to her and people will usually listen as she is the heroine. All those people will usually become her followers and deeply respect her. But I recall there is one exception, which is now, the case of the eloped couple.

Maybe because the author of the novel wanted to create a sense of 'reality' and 'thrill', she planned out the scene such that Princess Cordelia faces some sort of 'failure' before she succeeds. And here Princess Cordelia faces her one and only failure.

In this scene, the angry villagers refuse to listen to Cordelia's persuasion and decide to punish the eloped couple. Cordelia in the hope of saving the couple, beside showing her inhuman strength, even attempts magic. Her magic... fails as she is a princess who is not good at magic. As a result, the angry villagers who are already suspecting her are totally convinced that Cordelia is a witch. They tie her up, together with her innocent maid, and plan to burn the two witches the next day. Of course Princess Cordelia escaped in the end. But the eloped couple, on the other hand, faces quite a tragic ending. Cordelia is so angry that she retaliates to avenge them.

If my memory is

I think I am starting to develop a headache.

"Princess, I will give you the written spell, I think you can activate the spell on your own. I will... take care of the rest."

"You do that." She holds out her hand to wait for my written spell.

I sigh. I hope I have enough energy to hold the spells and keep myself on the horse. Maybe I should consider gluing myself onto the saddle.

"Ready?" Princess Cordelia asks while getting onto the horse. Without waiting for a reply, she shoots out of the stable like a lightning bolt.

The couple quickly follows, apparently knowing this is their only way out. That just leaves me. The villagers will wake up in five minutes. I need to get going or I will lose Cordelia. Taking a deep breath, I mimic what Cordelia did just now and the horse takes off.

I am hanging onto the horse as if my life depends on it. Maybe it does.

At least it seems like I am able to change the plot. I hope I did.

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