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   Chapter 8 EIGHT

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Just how can I solve this? Let's try talking first, postpone it!

"Your majesty, Captain here seems to be drunk. That won't be fair if we duel now." Please postpone it, please postpone it.

The King looks like he is in deep thoughts. "You do have a point, Valentine."

"Let's postpone it, " I suggest.

The King nods in agreement. Whew...the King is surprisingly sensible.

Now I just have to sneak off. Then I see Princess Cordelia's murderous glare. I have to sneak off no matter what!

"Your majesty, as Captain is such a worthy fighter, I think I need to do some preparations. So as to bring you the best match." I look expectantly at the King.

"I think you really have to do some preparation, especially on that potion you promised to give Captain when you lose." Princess Cordelia looks annoyed, but still wears her victorious smile and an evil spark in her eyes.

So it's a 'when you lose' not 'if you lose'? Is the Captain really that powerful? But Lord Valentine is really powerful, he is invincible in my mind!

I imitate Lord Valentine's calm composure and say, "We'll see." Give the royal family a nod and walk out of the dining hall.

Finally! I succeeded! My heart is beating so quickly the entire three hours. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Now that I think of it, I do feel a bit dizzy and weak.

Why? Is it the after effect of too much adrenaline?

As I walk along the corridor that leads me to the side of the castle, I grow even weaker. I have difficulty raising my legs and my eyesight is getting blurry. Something is wrong. Then something flashes in my mind. It can't be... This evil Princess! Are you still a heroine? You should be the antagonist instead!

I am too c

m. You turn back into your original form for a few days."

That means I turn back into an oyster? I am just glad no one thinks of eating me while I'm in my original form.

"Ianthe, you have done a great job! You completed the challenge I gave you! No one noticed that you aren't me. The quality of the potions you made is good." He pats me on my head appreciatively and smiles warmly.

Happiness fills my heart like bubbles. It feels so great to gain acknowledgment from Lord Valentine. I smile joyfully.

"Oh by the way, Ianthe, poison will be part of your education now. If you have known something about it, you would not have fallen into Cordelia's trap. Cordelia is so naive, does she think I won't be able to spot poison when I see one?"

As I thought! Lord Valentine will be able to detect the poison in the food and avoid the trap! Lord Valentine is different from us mortals!

I nod enthusiastically, agreeing with the fact that Princess Cordelia is too naive.

"I'm so glad you are so enthusiastic to learn poison! Let's start now, shall we?" Lord Valentine gives me an appreciative glance.

Wait... that's not what I meant!

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