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   Chapter 7 SEVEN

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Stay calm, stay calm. What's the greatest quality of Lord Valentine? It's his calm and composed aura. As long as I stay calm no one will notice a thing. Even Lord Valentine approves of my appearance.

Someone is already waiting for Lord Valentine when I step out of the tower, I just have to follow their lead. Stay calm, stay calm. But how can I when I myself don't know how long the potions last?

Please let them last for four hours at least. Fine, I won't be that greedy. Three and a half at least. I guess I can sneak off earlier.

"Oh! Cousin! You finally show up, huh, thought you're avoiding me." Princess Cordelia rises her perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"Of course not, " I reply with my imitation of Lord Valentine's. Gentle voice, serene and calm expression. Yes, I can master that.

Since I have not learned the spell and potion to change voice, Lord Valentine does that for me. So if the potions lost effect before time, the only thing that remains is his voice.

"Really. Thought you won't be here as you're so 'busy'. Busy with what exactly cousin?" Cordelia's eyes are as sharp as sharks. "So busy that you cannot help me."

I bet it's that turning into human potion again. Just make it yourself if you wish to get your hand on it so much!

What should I do now? I can't think with her shark like eyes on me. Are you sure she's a mermaid but not a shark spirit? Think, think. How will Lord Valentine respond?

"A certain flower blooms lately, I have to go collect them."

Princess Cordelia narrows her eyes and after a while swims away with her gang of servants.

She has lots of servants, so why does she take Ianthe with her on her adventure in the novel? If I were in her situation, I would take someone I trust, someone who I was familiar with, someone who had worked with me for a long time. Why Ianthe? She hasn't shown me the slightest interest. I still don't understand how everything fits into the start of the novel with how things are now. It feels more like I will become a sorceress or Lord Valentine's assistant, rather than a ladies' maid.

With a tiny sigh, I walk into the dining hall.

I keep to myself during the entire time. The King is way too busy to take notice of me. He and the Queen greeted me, talked about some mundane things and then moved on to the next guest.

If no one attempts to talk to me again, at this rate I can end this night uneventfully. If. But will fate allow that? Of course not.

It's already two hours into the dinner, that's when someone approaches me. It's a burly guy. And he is apparently drunk. It's just two hours into dinner and you're drunk like this?

"Royal Sorcerer, " he burps, "duel with me. If I win give me the

potion that changes you human, if you win you're my master for two hundred years."

A potion that turns you into human? But you're in human form already! What's the use? What's the use? You're already walking with two legs?

"Cousin, are you afraid? Don't be. This will be an interesting match. A duel between the Royal Sorcerer and captain of the Princess' guard. It's going to be so much fun! Don't you think, Father?" Princess Cordelia bats her eyelashes at her parents.

I don't. So it's you again, Princess! Why are you so fixated on the potion? Lord Valentine says it's not time yet, then it's not time yet! Trust the great Royal Sorcerer, Lord Valentine!

The King looks a bit confused probably by the fact that Captain here doesn't seem like he is in need of that potion, but at the same time he seems intrigued. Don't be intrigued! What's so intriguing?

The King nods, "I have always wondered about this. Captain here is our best fighter that's why I gave him to my precious Cordelia. But at the same time Valentine you're such a powerful sorcerer. This will be a great match. Like a race between two fastest pegasi."

"Exactly! Let's take bets! If I win you have to gift me that stunning pearl and coral necklace." She flutters her eyes.

"If you like that necklace, it's yours, dear. You don't have to bet."

"But it's more fun! If you win, I'll have a picnic with Mother and you! I'll even prepare the food."

"Interesting!" The King seems truly intrigued now. Why doesn't I know the King dotes on his daughter so much? Why isn't this fact in the novel? It's very important!

"What's your bet, Cordelia?"

"I think my Captain will win!"

Of course you do, if he doesn't how can he get you the potion?

"Oh you don't support your cousin?"

"One can use both magic and fighting skills in a duel. Captain can do both, but cousin can only do magic." Princess Cordelia gives me a victorious glance.

"I see. But your father I think Valentine will win, " he laughs heartily. "Valentine my bet is on you!"

Don't you guys have to ask for consent from the competitors? I haven't even agreed! They have even started clearing up spaces for the duel, can I ask for a postponement?

What should I do? Just what should I do? I am just an amateur in magic! I just began my lessons three months ago! And of course I can't fight.

Must be great if you're a martial art specialist or assassin before you transmigrated. But I'm just a normal university student!

I have to quickly find a solution. How I wish I had the genius brain those transmigrated heroines in novels have. Why can they always think of the best solution in a second?

All I can think of now is--I am doomed.

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