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   Chapter 6 SIX

Reborn as a Sea Nymph By butterfly_effect Characters: 4994

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If you think my life of learning magic is full of sparkles and rainbows, then you're wrong.

Lord Valentine is a strict teacher, I have to master a certain spell perfectly before moving onto the next. The runes for the spells have to be perfectly written, every hooks and curves have to be on point. You have to remember the shapes the words formed. Different inks or papers are used for different types of spells. Fundamental magic learning is hard.

If it's potion that's another complicated matter all together. I have to remember the combination of herbs and materials, then the amount and the sequence. Sometimes I wish I had another pair of hands because you might need to stir the pot while placing in 3 herbs into the pot at the same time. At times like this little Dolphin is of great help.

Even though it is hard, I feel contented. I can now summon water with spells, but then what's the use when I have already mastered the washing and cleaning spells?

Cleaning spell is a savior! Performing the spells is not just a wave of hand for me like Lord Valentine, I need to write that out and channel my power through the paper, but I save a lot of time from tidying the tower. What I don't understand is why this tower was a mess when I first arrived. Why didn't Lord Valentine use the cleaning spell?

I smile in relieve as the potion I am making successfully turns from green to purple. I have attempted this potion for a few days and my success rate is kind of low. Lord Valent

hey find out, I'll... won't I be punished?"

"Of course not, you won't be punished, it's my idea after all." Lord Valentine smiles innocently.

But you're the royal sorcerer! And I'm just a shell floating in this mast kingdom. Eating me is nothing!

"And it won't be a problem as long as you aren't discovered." Lord Valentine pats me on the head with a gentle and benign expression. "I hope your potion can sustain you through four hours of dinner."

Four hours! Who takes four hours for dinner? Who?


"Oh yes, tomorrow a tribe leader will also be present, so they prepare some performances I believe. Trust your own ability, Ianthe."

"But... but my lord I still think this is not a great method. I don't even know the manners while dining with royalty!"

"Don't worry, Ianthe. I will teach you how to, don't worry. This is your challenge. Let's see how much you have learned these few months." A spark of mischief appears in his eyes again.

Someone please save me!

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