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   Chapter 2 TWO

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When I was really bored in the past, I once discussed this question with my best friend- What would you do if you're transmigrated?

My friend said she would be doomed. Which I agree with, a lot. I am not particularly smart. I for one most certainly cannot rise to become the first female general or the queen or something of that kind. I should be glad if I was not killed immediately.

And another thing that's never mentioned in those novels is that you will miss your family. Extremely. Desperately. It's like your heart gets carved out. And you feel empty inside. This is not like studying overseas where you can message your mother with a click of finger. You're now living in a totally different world. A different universe. A fictional world.

I really envy the fact that those heroine seems to fit right in from the first chapter. But I can not. I miss my family. I miss my old life.

"Ianthe, in deep thoughts again?" A face suddenly appears in front of my eyes. A very handsome face.

"Lord Valentine." I rise from the chair I am sitting on and greet him with a curtsy.

"How's your homework?" He gestures me to sit.

Oh right, even in another world, another time, as another species, you still have homework. Homework is universal.

I hand over my penmanship with an internal sigh. I have to learn their words from scratch which, luckily, is considered normal for a newly formed nymph.

I peek at Lord Valentine's expression. A tiny frown has formed between his eyebrows.

Well... the curves and hooks in their words are difficult to imitate.

"Ianthe, let me show you one more time. You have to master this, otherwise you cannot move on to making or casting spells."

You need to write out spells to cast them? Isn't that very inefficient? What if you're in an urgent situation? Who allows you time to write down a spell? You shout 'Wait a sec' at your enemy? I chuckle internally at this.

Lord Valentine must have noticed my query. He explains, "For starters, you have to write down the spells, so as to practice visualizing it in your mind. When you become more proficient, this step is not necessary."

"I see. The hooks and curves are really difficult to master." I try to offer an explanation for my lack of progress.

"I understand." He offers me a small smile. "I practiced a lot when I first learned them. You're not alone."

I can't imagine him not being able to master that. He seems so composed and competent all the time.

"I am having dinner with the

royal family today."He informs me of his plan and then before entering the study, he gives me an encouraging smile.

I continue with my penmanship practice. Lord Valentine seems to be always distancing himself from the royal family. But he is the Queen's nephew. He is the son of the Queen's sister.

Although the King is a mermaid, the Queen isn't. I don't quite remember this particular detail in the novel. I just know the Queen isn't a mermaid, but from some other tribe. Thus, Lord Valentine, being from another species, also does not have a tail. It's not uncommon for the residents of Kingdom Ocera to have a pair of legs anyway. I for one have a very 'human' form (strikingly like how I look like originally). The only trait that distinguishes me from a human is my eyes. It has a pearly color. As long as you live in the sea, that makes you a resident of Kingdom Ocera.

After that first day in which I woke up to find myself a cloud and in a fictional world, Lord Valentine came to see and talk to me every day until my form consolidated. He told me he saved me from two soldiers who were about to eat me. He decided to keep me as his assistant for now since he is in need of one. But I know it won't last long. Ianthe is the maid of the princess from the start of the story. I wonder what happens in between?

As the royal sorcerer, Lord Valentine has his own place in the castle ground. A tower next to the main castle. He said he was in need of someone to assist him in mixing potions and stuff like that. I don't know if he is in need of an assistant, all I know is he is in need of a cleaning lady.

How can he survive this long, I have no idea. He lives in a rubbish dump. Papers and books (don't ask me why they are not soaked) everywhere. Countless robes on the road to his study and bedroom. Trays of half eaten food in every crook and corner.

The drawing room I wake up in is the only presentable place, because it's a place to entertain guest. Since I am under his protection and he saves me from the terrible future of being eaten, I started to learn to clean up the place. I was a spoiled child through and through. I did not even do household chores in my own home. But for my savior, I learn to do chores. I am destined to be a maid anyway.

However, he is like a hurricane, everywhere he goes, a mess is created.

I take a look at the corridor to his study. Yup, another robe on the floor. A stack of paper scattered in front of his study.

I sigh. Time to work.

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