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   Chapter 28 Epilogue

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Alton chased Alan as he darted across the front lawn in his pajamas. Elaine was giggling beside me as we both stood on the patio watching. I smile down at Elaine before glancing back up and watching as Alton now chases our first child.

Alton allows the little two year old to run around for a while, knowing how easily it'd be to pick him up and end the chase now. Alton allows Alan to have the mentality that he can outrun his dad before he slowly swoops in and captures the adorable brunette boy. Alan squirms, giggling loudly as Alton squeezes him in his hold, spinning him.

"Mummy, " Elaine tugs at my yellow sundress.

I peer down at her, admiring how similar she looked to Alton. Brown hair like Alton's, she took on his adorable button nose, lips and facial structure. While she inherited his looks, she took on bits and piece's of my personality with sparks of determination and fierceness in the two-year-old.

Alan and Elaine were twins, born at once.

"Yes, love?" I replied.

She raised her hands and stood on her toes, gesturing that she wanted to be lifted.

"Up, " she uttered and I complied with a smile as I lifted her and held her to my waist.

Alan ran over to me breathlessly with a smile resting upon his lips. Alan took on my features, taking my reddish type brown hair, small nose and ears and small pink lips. While he took on my facial appearance, he was more like his dad.

"Can we eat? I'm hungry, " Alan pouted and I reacher down to ruffle his hair.

"They're sandwiches in the kitchen, " I told him.

"Last one to the kitchen is a jellyface!" he screamed at Elaine as he darted past me and into the home.

I dropped Elaine and she cried out, "no fair!" as she rushed to catch up with her brother. I laughed at the two, predicting what was the outcome of a recent and reoccurring play of events. Elaine would lose because of the unfair advantage of Alan's speed and early take off while Alan would boast and brag, causing sadness in little Elaine.

Alton would swoop her up in his arms and twirl her around, tickling her until she giggled which would take 0.45 seconds at most. Then I'd deflat Alan's ego so it wouldn't grow too much. I learned it ran down the male side of the Hamiliton family tree; cockiness I mean.

Alton snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me into a loving embrace, kissing my cheek softly. He snuggled his face into the crook of my neck, running his nose along my neck causing me to laugh and try to break from his hold. He didn't release me and continued with what was probably a smirk on his face.

"Alton, " I said exasperatedly, my stomach hurting from laughing so much.

"Should we leave Alan and Elaine with Fallon and

Fallon's voice cracks as tears come streaming down her face.

Our eyes widen as we quietly take in what we've just been told. Heart beating in fear of Fallon's yet to be born child, I can't do anything but watch as Fallon weeps. Tyson bites his lip, looking down and trying to prevent tears but once Quint and Alton simultaneously place there hands on his shoulder he cracks and starts crying.

"She won't be able to get pregnant anymore, " Tyson says softly after composing himself, "this is our only chance."

I start to tear up as I sadly think about how much Fallon must be hurting. My heart aches at the thought of Alan and Elaine disappearing from my life. It pains me to think Fallon might never come know the joys of what it is to be a mum.

"Whats the likelihood that she'll actually have this child?" Quint asks quietly.

"Fourty-six percent chance, " Tyson tells us.

Camie grabs Fallon's hand in hers tightly, refraining from releasing anymore tears.

"You will have this child, " She says with determination.




February 26, 2018 Fallon conceived her child. It was a boy, went by the name of Laurence and was pronounced a miracle baby. Tears of happiness were shed that day. Fallon held Laurence and wept with Tyson by her side filled with relief and happiness as tears left his eyes.

Camie cried hard that day, once she wittnessed Laurence she nearly collapsed. Quint supports her, happiness filling his expression. He looked at Camie as she looked up at him and at that moment they knew children were in there future.

Alton held me as I cried against him. Alan and Elaine ignorant to their parents worries wait in the play room for children.

March of 2018 Camie becomes pregnant, November 3, 2018 Camie conceived a girl that goes by the name of Charlece.

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