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   Chapter 27 Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Emilia's P.o.v

"What the hell are you doing here?" Alton demanded from his parents, fist clenched in anger beside him.

Reaching down, I gently lay my hand over his clenched fist. He looks at me and his expression softens. I interwind our fingers together and give him an encouraging smile even though all I wanted to do right now is yell at Alton's parents for being a possible reason for our terrible first honeymoon.

"Is that anyway to greet your mum and dad?" Alton's dad scolds.

"It is when you could be the reason for our fucked up first honeymoon, " Alton spat.

They sat quietly for a moment before Alton's mum turned and looked at me. My heart sped up in my chest, my hands leaving Alton's. Alton's mum gave off an entirely different feeling since the first time we'd meet. She wore a gentle smile towards me instead of a hateful glare. She reached over and took both my hands into hers.

Alton watched the scene playing out with caution. He looked confused at what his mum was doing and what her intentions were. Even so, he said nothing yet.

"Emilia, " Alton's mum started softly, "I will admit that it was us who ruined your honeymoon-but here us out!"

Alton's mum said the last part quickly before Alton could yell at her. With Alton unable to speak, he was only left with sitting there angrily and to be quite honest, he looked adorable. Like a kid who was unable to get what he wanted. I'd laugh if it were any other situation than the one at hand.

"Your father and I didn't agree one bit about your marriage with Emilia. But when you got married without us being there and without our consent, we were furious. My anger turned to something else though and an idea popped into my head. At the time it was a cheery idea. I decided, why not test how close you two truly are? That's where Loren came in as your father and I hired her to help us with it.

Her objective was to see if she could break you guys up. Then Sean came into it to help see if Emilia

bruises were probably covered with makeup. I felt kind of bad as I looked at her.

"I want to apologize first hand to the both of you but especially Emilia, " Loren started, looking at me, "being an actress, I had to play this role to the best of my ability. But I'm sorry to you and Alton for ruining your honeymoon."

We forgave her, it was her job after all and she was told to do it with the promise of money. Sean apologized as well before it started getting late and Alton's parents left saying they had a flight. When we got back to the U.K we'd decide where we wanted to go as a makeup for our honeymoon.

That left Alton and I alone. We jumped into bed and I cuddle close to Alton. We turned on the flat screen T.V and were watching a movie but Alton seemed to more invested in something beside him.

I didn't confront him about it and continued watching the movie on the screen. It wasn't until I heard a rip in something and Alton whisper, 'shit, ' that I turned and looked at him. He sheepishly held up a purple horse with its head torn off, the white fluffy stuffing falling out slowly.

"I can fix it, " he uttered.

I laughed out loud at him and gave him a light peck on his lips. He smiled at me and held me close to him And that's when we watched our movie until we became tired and fell asleep.

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