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   Chapter 24 Chapter Twenty-Four

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Emilia P.o.v

I wore a white turtle neck sweater with a black high-waisted skirt that had white stripes going in contrasting directions. On my feet were my black tigh high boots. My wedding ring was on my right hand, on my ring finger while I wore another ring on my left hand. My chocolate brown hair was curled to the best of my ability, my makeup simple and minimum.

It was nine ten, the sun was set and it was dark out. Alton texted me, telling me to come out to the ocean area of the hotel where we had our previous surf lesson. Excited, I didn't waste time telling him, 'ok, ' before I was headed out. Exiting our hotel room, I walk down the hall taking a few turns before I was entering the elevator. Before the machine can close, Loren slips in easily.

I want to acknowledge her but it seemed it didn't matter what I wanted because she looked at me and smiled. It wasn't a friendly smile, it was kind of taunting. She had an expression full of triumph.

"Hello, Emilia, " she greeted.

"Hi, " I looked away from her.

I was hoping she'd get the hint that I didn't want to speak with her. She either noticed what I was doing and ignored it or didn't notice and didn't care.

"You look great, " she complemented me.

She looked at my attire briefly before her eyes met my mine and she smiled once again. It was only a second or two that her eyes lingered on me before she turned away, facing the elevators door.

"Thanks, " I muttered politely.

I took a glimpse at her. She was wearing a white shirt with a v-neck that was tucked into black slacks. Accompanied by the top and slacks was a white suit jacket on top. She wore black heels that looked to stand atleast five inches. On her right hand a bracelet and a ring.

As I was finished taking in her appearance, the elevators opened. Before I can leave, Sean suddenly appears. I go to step aside and leave when I trip suddenly and into Sean's arms. Bewildered at what happened, it takes me a while before I realise whose arms I'm in.

"You okay?" asks Sean.

"Yeah, " I get out of his arms, his hand still holding onto my wrist, "thanks."

His hand slids off my arm when I tug my arm away from him. Walking away quickly, I hope I'm not late and haven't made Alton wait to long. As I'm leaving the building, I notice red rose petals leading the way out. The petals lay on the sand, guiding me to my destination. I smile, dropping my head befor lifting it up and grinning from ear to ear.

I don't walk long before I notice a circular table that has two chairs on opposite sides. A simple vase with a singular flower stays inside the vase. In a heart shape around the set up are tiny candles that are lit beautifully. I become overjoyed once I s

er lose it since it means so much."

I swallowed, I felt like crap. Not only was I telling lie after lie, I lost something so precious to the both us. It may be only a symbolic representation of our love but it did mean a lot. Not only that but it also warded off other people, showing that I was taken forever.

"I'm going to go swim indoors, " Alton tells me, standing and dusting off the sand from his backside and hands before leaving, casting me a smile.

For the rest of the day, I spent my time searching and searching everywhere until it was about eight and I was tired. Some tears escaped my eyes but I quickly wiped them away.

I took the elevator up to our room with a frown. When I opened the door to our room, Alton was there sitting on the bed with his hands intertwined together. He noticed I was here and looked up. I forced a smile that he didn't reciprocate. He stood, walking towards me until he was directly in front of me.

One hand in his pocket, he takes the hand out and holds the ring. My eyes widen and I felt both relieved and worried. I didn't know what to say or what to do.

"Surprised?" he snaps.


He drops the ring and goes to step on it but pauses, his eyes showing how hurt he was. Instead, he takes a step back as he sadly looks at me.

"I guess this marriage means nothing to you, " he says softly, coldly.

"I'm sorry, " I whimper quietly.

"For what?" he scoffs bitterly, "cheating on me with Sean and not actually giving a damn about our recent marriage?"

"What are you talking about?" I whisper in confusion.

"Forget it, " he goes to leave but I grab his arm quickly.

Alton rips his arms from my hold and leaves. As I sink down to the floor, I don't know what to think. But I quietly cry and begin to think everything's ruined between us now.

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