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   Chapter 23 Chapter Twenty-Three

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Emilia's P.o.v

I didn't know whether I felt more angry or more sad. I knew Alton wouldn't have suggested getting lunch with Loren when he knew we were supposed to be getting it together. Loren must've suggested it and Alton was to nice to refuse her. Most of the blame went to Loren. I just didn't understand. She knew we were newlyweds on our honeymoon to celebrate. Why was she doing this?

Was she that low down and pathetic to chase after someone else's loved one? Whatever it was, I wasn't going to allow her to ruin the rest of our honeymoon. We only had two more days here, I was determined to spend it with Alton; happily.

Only flaw to it was the fact that Alton hadn't apologized. I'm sure I deserved an apology. Ever since then with the lunch incident, we haven't been talking. It was because of me and I knew it, I was avoiding him. He'd have to make one hell of an effort to get me to speak with him. And that Loren girl, I'd have to do something about her.

The elevator doors opened and I looked up, ready to exit. My eyes caught Alton and I paused. He was talking with someone when his eyes started to roam the lobby area, his eyes finally reaching mine. He quickly dismissed himself before quickly walking over to where I was. Blinking, I quickly press a random floor number relentlessly. I prayed it'd close before he got to me.

My prayers weren't answered because just as the door was meant to close, he stuck out his foot and stopped it from closing. Before I could take a step to leave, he backed me up into a corner, making it impossible for me to leave. He held out one hand, pressed it against the cool, silver wall beside my head. With his other hand, he pressed several random floor numbers.

His eyes concentrated on me while my eyes glared up at him before staring down at the floor. I scoffed quietly but audibly; he heard.

"Emilia, " he said gently and I felt like crumbling.

His tone of voice sounded sad, ejected and desperate. Like he was pleading for me to listen to him, to forgive him. I looked up at him and into his chocolate brown eyes that made me weak. His eyes held sadness with hope. Maybe the hope that maybe I wasn't as mad at him as he was thinking. And maybe I wasn't as mad as I initially was.

"Alton, " I responded quietly, curtly.

He looked like I stabbed him with a blade with how his eyes took a look of hurt to the

"Marriage means as little to nothing as you to Alton, " Sean said simply, "I aim to grab what I want and what I want is you. Same goes for Loren who will relentlessly persue Alton."

This made my heart break as well as stutter in its beat. I suddenly felt sick, sadness washing over me. Before I could let any tears fall, determination started pulsing through me and replaced the feeling of depression. I said nothing would get in my way of enjoying the rest of my stay here and I meant it. Sean's word would be nothing but trash to me.

"Good luck with that considering my eyes are on Alton and Alton alone. No one will replace him, " I said calmly.

"I could possibly have much more money than-"

"And you think that matters?" I scoffed, "I don't care if your as rich as Bill Gates. Money means little to me in contrast to Alton. I love him, is that hard for you to understand? You say marriage means nothing? That's a dead arse lie because it means a hell of lot once you truly mean it. It shows your devotion, loyalty and love towards that person. It shows that you want to care for that person for as long as you live no matter what.

Cheating shouldn't be a factor or problem if we care about each other enough to not allow anyone to tempt us. There should be no temptation. I suggest you quit trying to get me because I'm afraid it won't work. And Loren won't be getting Alton as well. "

The elevator doors open and I exit with a confident smile. Putting a loose strand of hair behind my ear, I make my way to our room to get ready for a night of nothing but Alton and I.

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