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   Chapter 22 Chapter Twenty-Two

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Emilia's P.o.v

"While you're out at sea, make sure to gently push the water back so you move forward on your board, " Sean instrusted us.

Sean was out surf instructor. He was extremely handsome. He was tan with his hair a chocolate brown, it was in beautiful natural curls that reached his shoulders. His eyes were a dazzeling blue that shined in the sunlight. His smile was white, lips thin but pink. He had a bit of a mustache that extended into a beard. He had an earring in one ear, wore a bracelet on his right ankle. And he was shirtless, showing off his abs.

Although he was meant to be instructing us both, it seemed like he was focusing his time more on me. He smiled at me often, telling me I was doing brilliantly even though all I was doing was paddling my arms in the cool waters.

We were all on our individual surf boards. Mine was blue with flowers along the left side, Alton's was Yellow with two red lines on the right side. Sean's surfboard was a plain orange.

"When are we actually going to learn how to surf?" Alton snapped at Sean when he got just a little too close to me.

"Now that we're far enough off shore, " Sean starts off, "try to stand and maintain your balance."

I nervously glanced at Alton who gave me an encouraging smile. Turning and facing the large, beautiful clear blue ocean ahead, I bring my legs up until my knees rest on the board. Balancing like that, I slowly put my right foot on the board first before standing on my left foot. I wobbled a little, my knees bending as I tried to balance.

The water shook me, the board moving in a zig zag motion. Quiet and slow waves moved towards us. It was a beautiful site but it caused me to lose my concentration, sending me to lose my balance and slip off the blue board. I fell of the board and into the cool waters that created goosebumps all over my skin. But it was nice because the temperature was hot.

Arms snaked around my waist and pulled me out of the water. Gasping for air, I run my hand down my face to get rid of the water that blinded me. Able to see, my eyes caught sight of Sean holding me. I moved out of his hold slightly and looked at him before I saw Alton who was surfing as if he's been doing this all his life. I was impressed.

I smiled and clapped gently, chanting for him in my head. Alton glanced at me and smiled, then his eyes caught Sean and he suddenly lost balance. He slipped off his board and went diving into the water. I was about to swim over but Sean grabbed my hand and stopped me.

"He's fine, " he assured me, smiling, "in fact, I think he should work on surfing by himself for a while and I'll work with you."

I bit my lip, watching as Alton slowly came to surface. He shook his head, hair flipping crazily as the water shook out of his hair. He ran his fingers through his wet hair before he went and decided to grasp his surf board.

Sean grabbed my hand before I could come to a decision. He told me to grab my board and I did. We swam our way back near shore. When we did, I spotted Alton back on his board, trying to surf like he did before but he got wiped off again. I knew he was much better than what he was currently doing, so something was wrong.

Alton's P.o.v

My blood boiled at the sight of that prick constantly making moves on Emilia. His job was to instruct us both but it seemed as if his attention was all on Emilia and Emilia only. It didn't help that Emilia was making no attempt

beautiful drink.

I took a sip and was instantly hooked on the flavour. I took a few more sips before bringing my mouth away from it. Loren giggled and I looked at her.

"I see you like it, " I nodded and she grinned. "Told you that you would. "

I cracked a small smile and nodded, "I guess so."

We ate with conversation flowing thanks to Loren since she liked to talk often. Most of our conversation steamed off of her. We were in the middle of discussing what I did for a living when we were interrupted.

"Alton?" I looked up instantly when I heard Emmie's voice.

Sean was beside her and my mood darkened. He was smiling as he stood way to close to Emilia for my liking. I didn't know what to do as I stared at Emmie who stared right back with hurt in her eyes. Loren squealed, dragging our eyes to her.

"Oh my gosh, " she clasped her hands together, "you two make such a cute couple!"

She was referring to Emilia and Sean, making my blood boil. Emillia glared hatefully at her as I scowled at Sean. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders before turning and looking at me.

"I thought so too but you and Alton look quite adorable together aswell, " he smirked.

Loren's eyes brightened, "do we? Its like we're already boyfriend and girlfriend."

Loren smiled at Emilia, her hand coming to rest atop of mine.

Emilia smiled bitterly, "enjoy yourselves."

She uttered those words before storming off. Sean quickly turns and follows her out. I get out of my seat instantly and try to run after her but Loren holds me and refuses to release me.

"Let go, " I demand angrily.

"No, " she refuses.

Enraged, I yank my arm from her hold and try storming off when I hear a thud and a whimper of pain. I turn and catch sight of Loren on the ground holding onto her ankle.

"Ouch, " she cries, tears brimming her eyes as she looks up at me desperately.

I wanted to go after Emilia so badly but I didn't want to leave Loren on the floor in pain. Her eyes plead for me to help her, I felt like it was my fault that she was injured. She tried standing but collapsed and I quickly rushed over and helped her up. She smiled weakly at me. I sighed.

"My room is 345, " she told me and I nodded.

How much damage can one lunch cause?

A lot, it can cause a lot of damage.

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