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   Chapter 21 Chapter Twenty-One

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Emilia's P.o.v

I open my eyes and there is Alton. His chocolate brown eyes stare into my deep coca eyes. His eyes are intense with a mix of love and a passion I've only seen once before; during our wedding. His brunette hair was messy, strands stuck out from different directions but he still managed to look amazing in my eyes. His pink, thin lips were pulled into a lazy grin.

His tongue darted across his lower lip, moistening it swiftly before he leaned in. His forehead pressed against mine softly, enjoying the warmth of our skin pressed against each other. We continued to stare at each other. A smile blossomed across my face, my cheeks heating up slightly as my stomach filled with butterflies, my spine tingling with feelings unknown to me.

"Emilia, " Alton whispered; his morning breath wasn't bad.

In fact, it was as if he brushed his teeth with straight peppermint. Most people would be envious of it, most people including me because my breathe smelled like death in the morning. It wasn't pleasant so I kept my mouth shut and stared at him.

He shuffled closer until he was directly in front of me. His bare chest pressed against me, I flushed, cheeks warm with a pink hue to it. He took enjoyment to my reaction, a smirk rising onto his face. His hand moved, sliding down my body until he reached my waist. I bit my lip, his smirk stretched further as he looked smug.

His fingers curled against me before he started moving his hand profusely on my sides. My eyes widen as I bursted into laughter, my legs kicked as he tickled me without remorse or regret. His eyes shined with amusement as he watched me squirm. My arms reached out to grabs his and stop him but it didn't work as he was stronger than me. Tears came to my eyes as my stomach started to hurt but even then, he didn't quit it.

"Alton!" I screamed breathlessly in his face and he stopped, hand coming up quickly to block his nose.

Eyes still tearful, I glare at him. Embarrassed, I slap his biscep in anger not once or twice but multiple times. He burst into laughter at my anger.

"Stop laughing! It's not funny, " I whine childishly.

"Okay, okay, " he pauses, trying to stop himself from laughing, "you're right, it isn't funny."

"Thank you, " I say, close to his face.

His face scrunches up before he fakes his death. Tongue coming out of his mouth as he shuts his eyes tight in mock death. I grumbled as I hit his chest. He started laughing, I rolled my eyes and got out of the bed. He rolls around in the bed, still laughing at

going to ignore her. That would be rude, " he says.

My head comes off his shoulder instantly and I look at him. My eyes narrowed.

"So, what? You're going to flirt back with her?" I snap.

"I didn't say that, " his tone was calm, "I said I'd speak to her if she spoke to me. It's impolite and I'm not that type of person, you know that. She hasn't given any reason for me to hate her."

"How about the fact that she doesn't like me? Thats good enough of a reason, " I suggest, I slid away from him.

"Emmie, " he says softly, eyes closing briefly before reopening, "she helped me plan the first day of our honeymoon, I'm sure she doesn't hate you."

"Thats a laugh, " I scoff, "she's going to make a move on you when I'm not around, Alton! She's going to steal you-"

He grabbed my right hand, lifting it up so we both saw the expensive, beautiful ring on my finger that glinted in the light of the chandiler.

"What is this?" he asks with a know it all expression.

"A ring, " I muttered.

"What does it represent?" he asks another question and I knew where he was going with this.


He shakes his head, "tell me."

"Our loyalty and honesty towards each other. A symbolic representation of our love but not really since our love can't just be conveyed through jewlery no matter how expensive, " I said, looking into his eyes.

He smiled and pulled me close to him, kissing the side of my head.

"Exactly, " he mumbles against my head, "now, let's go out to the beach and start enjoying ourselves."

"Kay, " I nodded and he took my hand and lead us out.

I was reassured about Alton of course. I was hesitant about Loren though. I didn't trust her.

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