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   Chapter 20 Chapter Twenty

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Emilia P.o.v

"What do you mean you can't find it? Well how the hell did you manage to bloody lose it?! Of all the people on the damn plane, were our things less significant because frankly, I'd get you fired in the blink of an eye. You better try harder and no I do not want your complimentary strawberries, " I nudge Alton and he looks at me.

"I want the strawberries, " I tell him quietly.

"I retract what I said before, I'll take the strawberries, include extras, " he tells the person on the phone while I smile a small smile in satisfaction.

Only two days ago, I got married to Alton. It was so memorable, I wouldn't forget anything about it. It wasn't exactly the way I thought it would go but that didn't matter, what mattered was the fact that Alton was officially mine. It was so sweet how everything was done and the ring, I smiled, it was so beautiful. I hoped he didn't go all out for it.

Knowing Alton, the ring was probably expensive but I didn't want to think about the cost. The cost was that last thing that mattered to me as well as wanting to flaunt it off. What mattered was what the ring symbolized, that's what was important.

We were on our honeymoon at the moment. Alton didn't waste time taking leave from his business momentarily, leaving it in the hands of Tyson. Alton also enjoyed surprising me, I could tell by the surprise wedding. Waking up unexpectedly on a plane isn't the best way to wake up. I knew I was a deep sleeper but I didn't think I'd sleep throughout Kade and Alton taking my sleeping body onto a plane.

What was baffling was the fact that no one on the plane said a word as a sleeping body was put on a plane. That meant society was going further and further downhill if no bothered to question Alton and Kade's motive even though their intentions were good. What also surprised me was that Alton didn't use his private jet or plane. I knew he had one of the two but he chose to take a regular plane.

Alton intertwined our fingers together, taking us through the airport until we were outside the main entrance. A sleek black car awaits us,

n she does, she doesn't look quite pleased at all. Smirking at her, I wave innocently and made sure to turn my hand a little to flash my ring.

"Hello, " I say smugly.

"Oh, " she looks back at Alton, ignoring my exsistance once again and my smug mood becomes nonexistent, "what're your names?"

"Alton and Emilia Hamiliton, " Alton tells her.

I bite my lip to keep from smiling but I can't help it. Emilia Hamilton. I felt happiness bubble within me whenever I heard that or even thought about it. I belonged to him now. I squealed on the inside, I was so ecstatic. I've never felt so happy before in my life, Alton just made me happy beyond belief. It was insane how I fell for him in only a matter of three months maybe, but I did and he drove me crazy.

"You're married?" the girl deadpanned.

"Just recently, we're on our honeymoon, " I spoke up.

She smiled, "you know, newlyweds usually end up broken up here at this hotel."

"Is that some sort of legend?" Alton raises an eyebrow.

"Legend? It's the truth but don't let my words change what's supposed to be a happy time for you two, " she looks at me, "enjoy your stay."

She hands Alton our keys, Alton thanks her swiftly before grabbing my hand and walking away with me. I glance back at her, getting a bad vibe off of her and she's smirking at me. She winks before we turn and enter an elevator.

This was just great.

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