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   Chapter 18 Chapter Eighteen

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Emilia's P.O.V

By the time the movie was over to when I finished explaining everything to them. Camie was apologizing excessively, guilt and regret on her face as she held my hands tightly. I waved her off, accepting her apology. Fallon seemed like she didn't believe the lie from the start which made me greatful to her. Aren fell asleep during the movie but heard what actually happened, she had apologized as well but not as profuse as Camie.

Camie took Aren to bed while Fallon and I sit in the living room in silence. Alton wasn't home yet. All 2 hours plus, he wasn't around. Fallon called but there wasn't a response. Camie called as well but he didn't answer her. When Aren called, he answered but as soon as he heard my name, he disconnected the call.

My heart clenched painfully as I felt the desperate need to explain myself. I just stared at my iPhone, the same phone Alton gave to me. I haven't tried calling him myself yet. Staring at the phone without blinking, I feel like calling and calling until he'd answer me.

"I tried Tyson, Quint and Kade, " Camie sits in the middle of Fallon and I. "All of them aren't answering."

"When I called Alton again, it went straight to voicemail, " Fallon says, looking at her phone.

Unable to take the news and just sitting around, I grab my phone off the coffee table and leave out to the main entrance of the house. Pacing for a while, I release a low grumble. My eyes burning for the desire to cry my heart out until things became better. I slid against a cream colour wall, my head against it as I peer up at the ceiling, to which, held a magnificent chandelier.

My chest felt heavy, tears streaming down my face. A whimper escapes my lips as I run a hand through my hair in frustration and sadness. I bite my lips to keep any sound from leaving me. My hands move up to aggressively stop myself from crying any further. I pull my knee up to my chest, my forehead laying on my knees.

Releasing a breathe, I lift my head up and grab my phone in my hands. As I scroll through my contacts, I see Alton's face and I begin to feel my emotions begin to build up once again. Shakingly lifting up my left arm, I wipe my eyes swiftly. I bring my hand to my lips, pressing my thumb against my bottom lip. I press call and wait, the buzz making me even more nervous than I already was.

I wait and wait until eventually voicemail comes on. Removing my cell from my ears, I instantly try recalling him. And I do it again when he doesn't answer. I do it once more after hearing voicemail again. I call over and over again without giving any of it a second thought. Then, at the twenty-second try, he picks up.

"Yes?" he asks, his voice is quiet, almost a whisper.

I open my mouth to speak but it didn't seem like I was able to. My throat felt dry as all thought left me.

"Yes?" he answers again, he seemed strained this time like he was desperate.

"I-" I wasn't able to speak.

All this time I wanted to speak to him, tell him everything. Explain the truth to him and have him hold me. To have us be alright again but I couldn't even do that. I've never felt so vulnerable and weak before in my whole life. I had no courage as I hold my cell to my ear, both of us quiet.

This is your chance!

My brain screamed at me. Loud and clear, my brain told me to rush to explain everything, to make things okay but my mouth

ts angrily.

I clench my fist beside me, "You should know all of that is a lie."

"I'd know everything if you'd explain it to me, " he rages.

"Shouldn't you trust me? Here you are angry and believing everything you've read in that damned article but what about me, hm? Where is your faith in me? There isn't an ounce of trust in me is there?" I spat at him with angry tears blinding my vision.

"Emilia-" he cuts off, running his hand through his hair, messing it up, "-the pictures and all his taunting and the hurt, I..."

He wasn't making any sense so I waited for him. I waited for him to get his thoughts together, my anger slowly fading until there was nothing but sadness and hurt left. He falls beside me on the couch, his hands landing on top of mine. They wrap around my hand as I enjoy the warmth they bring me.

"I went to get a drink, " I say, he looks at me, "I left off the floor to get something to drink. I saw Diana, we spoke before she told me that you wee outside waiting for me. So I went out and looked for you but didn't find you. That's when Blandon, I think, chloroformed me and I started passing out. I remember he was talking to some girl about a plan and they were going to take your spot at number one or something. I woke up in a random room and I realised I was at Blandon's place-"

"Did he touch you?" Alton's voice grows cold.

"He says he did, " I roll my eyes, "but I'm sure he didn't. That's when all the articles came out and he showed them to me and I was confused and I sad."

Alton brought me to him, holding me tightly. I melted in his hold, my final tears falling and landing on his grey T-shirt. He softly kissed my forehead.

"I'm sorry, " he whispered to me, "God, I should've trusted you and I swear I did but when you called me and said sorry instead of telling me it was all lies I didn't know what to do. That damned Blandon and his employees taunted me at the coffee shop telling me you were his, I was so fucking angry."

I lay against him silently, unable to speak.

"I will spend forever trying to make this up to you, " he presses another soft, gentle kiss against my forehead.

I sigh in contentment as I fall sleep after my body becomes so exhausted my eyes aren't able to reopen.

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