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   Chapter 17 Chapter Seventeen

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Emilia's P.O.V

Wearing a beautiful black dress that flowed past my knees with a sweet heart neckline with diamonds lining it and lace at the back with black flats and a silver necklace around my neck. Fallon gave me these beautiful earrings that went nicely with the dress and a ring Camie gave me because she was excited for Alton and I.

Alton wore this nice black suit with black dress pants to go along with it. Black expensive shoes grazed his feet with his hair gelled and done nicely. He looked amazing, I couldn't stop staring at how perfect he looked.

"You look like you want to eat me, " Alton chuckled.

"Shut up, " I blushed in embarrassment.

Alton wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me to him, grazing his nose against my neck, causing goosebumps to arise and a shiver to run down my spine as I was pressed against him.

"I wish we could stay home, " he gives me a soft kiss on my forehead and I release a breathless sigh.

"No way, " I smile softly, "you won that award for sexiest man in the U.K as well as your business doubled. You are going to receive those awards."

"You just want to endulge yourself in their chocolate fountain, " Alton accuses with amusement.

"Maybe, " I smirk, before holding his hand and taking us to his BMW where his driver awaited us.

The drive was fun and filled with laughter as Alton made constant fun of me as well as jokes about how snobby some of people were. Then the driver piped in and said Alton was like that before I came into the picture and Alton blushed guiltily while I laughed and high fived the driver who smiled the rest of the way.

"Maybe when one of those snobby pricks meet the love of their like I have, they'll change, " Alton says, a smile on his face as I blushed and waved him off.

It was dark except the lights of the major event only the rich and celebrities had the pleasure to enjoy. I was excited but nervous at the same time as I felt I didn't feel like I belong in this type of scene. Alton held my hand proudly with a smile, his eyes bright and happy. That was when I realised he was this happy because he got to enjoy these luxury with me.

So I tightened my hand in his and stood tall, confidently with my chin up and a smile because Alton was by my side and walked the red carpet up to the inside of the event with Alton. Alton released my hand before he wrapped his hands around my waist and brought me to him.

We walked around and entertained ourselves. We had a good time on the dance floor, Alton couldn't dance to save his life except he was a master when it came to slow dancing and all of that ball room dancing. It was lame to me so Alton decided to be the only idiot who danced weirdly. I joined the idiot because he was my idiot and we danced weirdly together while laughing our heads off.

Our fun came to a stop when this man in a fancy dark blue suit with dress pants and black shoes approached us with an arrogant smirk. His lips were full, eyes pale blue with his eyebrows on fleek (I had to.) He was really handsome but didn't compare to Alton. His eyes roamed me, eyes flashing with an unknown type of emotion.

"How did Alton manage to snag such a fit lady like yourself, " he smirks in an attempt to flirt with me.

"Maybe you should learn from him, whatever you're doing isn't attracting anyone, " I smile innocently as his smirk falls from his face.

Alton was angry when the guy came but hearing me made a ghost smile appear on his face as he gaze down at me with appreciation and love.

"Hard catch, I love a game, " lad who doe

could even touch me, his hand was stabbed by a pen I found in one of the cup holders. His hand is now bruised and he is now in a bad mood while I feel triumphant. A smirk almost on my face.

We appear in front of the gates of Alton's home and that's where Blandon stops at. He looks at me, eyes flashing with superiority.

"Go ahead, " he tells me.

Glaring at him, I exit the car and close it with a rough slam. Hoping to make some type of damage to his car. When there was none, I brought my foot back far enough to create some damage when I rammed it into the side of his car. He got out, eyes furious.

"You bitch! You will pay for this damage, " he demands angrily.

I quickly press in the code to enter the home.

"Sorry, not sorry, " I reply with a smirk as I enter, closing the gate on his face.

I begin to make my way to the entrance of the home. I felt myself coming to miss it badly. Walking past the fountain, I take out the key that was in the plant beside the door and unlock the door, placing the key back.

The inside feels warm and just like how I left it. Everything was where it was place before. It was still overwhelming and big inside so I haven't fully gotten used to it still but I was still happy to be back. I decide to search around to see if I could possibly find Alton to explain everything.

As I checked many empty rooms, I wondered if he just wasn't home. I heard footsteps down the hall, near the area where the theater was. I followed the steps and it lead to Camie, a smile bloomed onto my face as I ran to her and hugged her tightly to me.

"Camie, I'm so happy to see you, " I exclaim as my chest feels constricted.

"Emilia?" she pulls me away from her and I stare at her.

"I, yes I need to tell you-"

"Save it, " she brushes me off harshly, "I already know what you've done."

"No, Camie, " I shake my head and grab her skinny arm as she tries to leave, "it isn't what you think."

She scoffs, "as if."

"Please, just hear me out, " I plead as I stare at her.

"Alright, let's talk about it over some popcorn and a movie then, " Fallon says from behind us. Camie and I turn to look at her with popcorn in her hand and a sad Aren beside her who refuses to look at me.

Sadness washes over me at that but I follow them into the screening room to watch The Princess Diaries with them as I tell them everything.

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