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   Chapter 16 Chapter Sixteen

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Emilia's P.O.V

Waking up with my head pounding from a major headache with my body aching everywhere, I try to stretch to release the tension I felt everywhere. Unable to do so because someone is beside me, I smile slighty as thoughts of marrying someone as lovely as Alton comes to mind.

I blink and blink again before bile rises within me and my blood is drained from my face as I come to realise the person who lay beside me isn't Alton. Freaking out, I push myself as far as possible from the man, breathing heavily. My eyes lower to me wearing only a large T-shirt and tears begin to sting my eyes.

Trying to recollect what yesterdays events were but coming up short, I let out a shreik. The man wakes up, his pale blue eyes boring into mine. His lips slowly curves into a mischievous smirk.

"Hey, baby you're awake, " he says huskily, trying to reach for my hand but I kick him away harshly.

He falls off the large queen size bed with a thud, a groan leaving his mouth. When he stands, he's naked and mortifiction fills me as I scream once again. My head pounds, my throat burning as my body feels hot.

"Whats wrong?" he tries to approach me once more but I throw a gold-blue pillow at him which he catches.

"Whats wrong?! What the fuck am I doing here and who the hell are you?" I yell at him.


"Put on some pants for God's sake!" I scream at him once again, hands over my eyes.

God, I didn't understand what was going on or how I got into this situation. This room was unfamiliar, this man was unfamiliar, I felt sick inside as terrible thoughts overcame me and I felt like throwing up. Bloody hell, did I do something wrong?

"I have pants on, though you didn't mind quite a bit last night if you catch my drift, " he winks and I grimace but pale as I connect two and two.

"I don't know if this is some kind of sick arse prank but I sure as hell know that I didn't sleep with you, " I spat at him angrily but confusion and hesitation was in my voice for him to notice.

"I get it, " he sits down, "you don't want Alton knowing. This can be our secret."

"Shut up, just shut the fuck up and-" I let out a broken whimper as I cover my face in my hands and cry as I felt dread and confusion.

Large, warm hands touch my thigh, softly rubbing.

"Hey there, its okay. I used a condom, we're safe, " he says calmly, I slowly look up at the prick with my eyes livid.

"There is no WE! Stop talking as if there was ever an us! I don't know you, I don't know how the hell I wounded up in this situation but I sure as hell know I didn't sleep with you because I would've known so drop the crap and tell me why and how I got here!" I growled at him angrily.

"Do you need some Advil, love?" he asks and I let out a frustrated scream, throwing my head back as angry tears roll down my face.

I get up and walk off the bed with a little wobble in my step. His hands try to reach out for me but I slap it away and glare hatefully at him. I was wearing a large grey T-shirt with short shorts and a bra underneath. Looking around the large room, I try to spot clothes that look like they're mine. In a far off space, I spot a chair that sits in front of a vanity that holds a b

or a while before he looks at me, his pale blue eyes appearing slightly green now which intrigued and surprised me at the same time.

"Problem?" he asks.

"Alton is going to come get me so have your fun while it lasts, " I tell him.

"Thats not likely, " he laughs.

"And why not?" I glare at him.

"Why would he when he knows you're with me?" he questions, biting into his crispy bacon.

"What are you talking about?" I demand.

He scrolls around his phone for a while before he slides it across the island and to me. It appears before me. I look at him before my eyes drift down to his phone, I pick it up hesitantly. On his phone is an article. Not some ordinary article but U.K's top website for all your celebrity needs or important matters that everyone saw.

What pop up to me was a picture of me and Blandon, Blandon held my waist as we entered a large home which I assume was his.

There Goes Alton Hamiliton's Soon To Be Wife Seen With Blandon Walford.

The caption to the unbelievable picture was, "Emilia allegedly dating Blandon Walford all this time Alton and Emilia were together."

What a shock! All of the U.K, people emerge at the topic of Alton and Emilia's wedding, many giving their blessings despite the social class differences of the two couple. Emilia winning the hearts of many now makes people riot in anger when she is seen with Alton Hamiliton's business rivial Blandon Walford. People question weather this fling has been going on for a long while, Diana Pearl confirms saying Emilia never loved Alton and was using Alton for his money.

What a gold digger, right?

Tears blur my vision as my lip trembles reading the lies displayed on here and the amount of people who now believe that I'm some gold digger. I didn't even care about that, I cared about the fact that Alton saw this. I sniffled, he couldn't believe something like this.

But as I scroll I spot more and more information about my alleged secret relationship with Blandon. Also, there was a picture with us both holding hands in the rain as he leads me to a car. Head throbbing, my memory of last night starts coming back.

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