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   Chapter 15 Chapter Fifteen

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Emilia's P.O.V

The wedding was a week away now. The preparations were set and ready. The cake was baked, our reservations had been made, the invitations had been sent out. Only the minor details were left and even then, Gloria and Maria were on it as well as Sereth who kept Alton and I constantly updated. Excitement, nervousness, anxiety and joy were within me.

I went to the most luxurious, expensive and five star worthy dress shops in all of the U.K to find, 'the one.' That one perfect wedding dress. The dress I'd remember wearing for as long as I lived. That one special dress I'd walk down the isle with, allowing Alton to claim me as his for as long as death do us part.

"We should go to Les Trois Soeurs Bridal, " Suggested Camie.

Les Trois Soeurs is an elegant boutique in the heart of Canary Wharf. Priding itself on its luxury designers and intimate service, Les Trois Soeurs is at the forefront of the luxury bridal scene. The dedicated buying team takes a global approach as they travel the world hand selecting the best bridal pieces from the most esteemed designers. Overall, it was the top shop for all your wedding bridal needs. Also, very very expensive.

Imagine combining the cost of a car and a flats monthly payment together and you get the cost of one designer dress from Les Trois Soeurs Bridal. I felt almost dizzy imagining Alton paying for such an expensive dress.

"How about somewhere else?" I ask, thanking Maria for the tea she set out for us.

"Why?" Camie frowns.

"It's expensive, " Aren says simply, honestly.

"Nonesense!" Camie waves me off, "Emmie, its your wedding dress. It's bound to be expensive but you won't regret it."

"Still..." I trail off.

"How about we just look then?" Fallon urges.

I hesitantly agreed, disliking the way Camie, Fallon and Aren all appeared smug. But without questioning them, we all end up piling into Camie's black and fancy looking convertible. The hood down, we enjoy the weather London brings. With how much it rained last week, we could only hope it didn't rain at all the following week to come. The weather was always almost unpredictable and we couldn't afford to move the wedding to later on. Well, of course we could afford to, I just rather not.

Singing along joyfully to Adele's, 'When We Were Young, ' time seemed to pass along quickly until we were near downtown. Simultaneously exiting the car when Camie parked in her reserved parking spot, we didn't have to walk much before we reached Les Trois Soeurs Bridal.

The inside was cool and comforting. The floors were a light brown wood colour contrasting the purple-grey walls that were designed with flowers that blended well with the colour. There were flowers near the entrance with plush, purple, circle seats beside them. A large, square mirror was along one of the walls that brightened the room and made the space appear larger.

In another room was a large, L-shaped cream coloured couch with a rack of white dresses beside it. The dresses were in a clear wrapping to keep the expensive dresses clean and protected. A beautiful chandiler hung onto the ceiling providing amazing lightening.

Shoes and accessories were in a far off corner on one single large shelf. Mannequin's wearing dresses were beside a chair with a necklace around its neck, a brac


I smile and nod.

"This is it."

I reluctantly take off the dress even though I want to go any and everywhere in this dress. Rosaline puts it back in the plastic bag to keep it fresh and clean before she, again, puts it in a black bag. She takes us to the entrance, going behind the desk to tell us how much it'll be.

"Only £100, 000, " Rosaline tells us. My eyes widen.

"No way, " I splutter, "what happened to the 40% off?"

"Camie added a necklace and two pair's of shoes along with some earrings, " Rosaline tells me.

I look at Camie and she smiles guiltily.

"There a must when looking brilliant at a wedding!" Camie defends herself.

"Also, " Rosaline starts, "Bridesmaid dresses are needed. You selected about three, which Fallon picked with you and Aren. And shoes were a must as Camie said so you've included them. Accessories for the bridesmaids. You've also purchased a beautiful bouquet of lovely flowers wrapped with a silk blue ribbon and tied in a bow."

"I-uh-damn, " I stutter. I was in such a bliss of happiness that I went along with everything and didn't realise what I was doing.

Fallon pulls out Alton's credit card from my back pocket and hands it over to Rosaline with a smile. Quickly holding my hand when I went to take it back and request to have everything put back even though it was all technically necessary.

"This is nothing compared to the wedding Axel had, " Fallon tries to reassure me.

"Axel and Lyric? They spent over a million, " Camie says nonchalantly, taking the credit card once Rosaline has scanned it and bid us a goodbye and good luck.

"Mom and dad expect me to spend over that much when its my turn, " Aren sighs.

I felt dizzy. I just could not understand the rich. Not dwelling on it to much, we place all the bags carefully in the back of the car with Aren. Before entering the car, I quickly rush back into Les Trois Soeurs Bridal and catch Rosaline before she goes off to the back.

"It'd be much appreciated if you attended our wedding, " I told her breathlessly.

She smiles brightly, before nodding.

"I wouldn't miss it for anything, " she gave me one last hug before sending me off.

I was excited as could be.

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