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   Chapter 14 Chapter Fourteen

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Emilia's P.O.V

Alton proposed.

It felt like it was to soon and I was nervous as hell but couldn't stop the word, "yes, " from escaping my mouth. I wasn't able to think, my heart sped up quickly as I gazed at him. I knew I loved this man as I peered down into his sincere and earnest eyes that shined with love and happiness.

Aren, Fallon and Camie were all listening without interruption as I told them everything. Smiles slowly bloomed onto their faces as they got excited for me. Camie bounced in her seat happily with her eyes wide with excitement, lips in a wide smile. She jumped joyfully from her seat to envelope me in a warm hug that told me she was happy for me.

Fallon had this accepting smiling as she tried her best to contain herself as she was always the calm and orderly one of us all. She broke and came hugging me tightly, laughing as I began to cough. Looking me in the eyes, she conveyed how proud and excited she was for me. She couldn't wipe off the smile off her face.

Aren was equally as happy, mentioning how thankful she was that Alton found someone like me. She expressed how relieved she was to not have some airhead, gold digger like Diana going off to marry Alton. She hugged me and I understood how she felt and hugged her even tighter as she feared she'd lose Alton but I assured her I wouldn't be taking away her brother. We joked afterwards and it came out to be a wonderful day.

About now, I should've been happy to be engaged to Alton but I only felt worry and sadness. My sadness came through my parents who I haven't seen or spoke to in months. I wanted to express the joy and happiness I felt to them. Tell them I was doing fine, I'd be getting married to Alton but this time and it was mutual. But I couldn't do that.

My parents didn't want me, they practically betrayed me and I'd always feel hurt when the thought of them came to mind. No matter how hurt or sad I became, I knew I wouldn't hate them. That I still wanted them to be at my wedding as if to say, 'I'm fine without you now because I have someone who will actually love me unconditionally. '

I felt immense worry as I knew Alton's parents disapproved. I could tell how deeply it upset A

his beautiful bride, me, " Sereth and I laugh, " also, make sure your there and looking amazing."

She looks surprised, eyes wide, "you want me there? "

"Well of course, " I smile honestly.

"Thank you, Mrs. Hamiliton, " she says happily, her lips in a wide smile as she clutches her clipboard close to her.

"Please, just call me Emilia love, " I give her a wink before she nods with a smile and leaves. Pleased, I watch as she leaves with a smile.

My smile widens as large arms wrap around my waist. Leaning against a muscular chest, I feel at peace.

"Everything sorted?" Alton asks, kissing the back of my head.

I frown deeply, pushing off of his comforting chest to turn and glare at him. My hands on my hips, eyes glaring up at him. He smiles sheepishly.

"Yes, everything is sorted no thanks to you, " I bite.

"Aw, love, I'm sorry, " he grabs my wrist before I can walk away and pulls me close to him, kissing my lips briefly before he stares into my eyes lovingly.

"I was making reservations to a restaurant. I wanted it to be a surprise, " he admits.

"Oh, " I say dumbly as a heart stopping smile comes onto his face.

"Get ready and meet me downstairs, " he gives me another kiss, only this one was longer. Before he leaves he turns back and says, "I've moved your stuff in a room with my mind by the way."

I was now sleeping with Alton. I didn't mind, he was warm and made it easier for me to fall asleep. I was content-happy.

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