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   Chapter 13 Chapter Thirteen

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Emilia's P.O.V

I woke up with a pounding head ache that made me groan softly. I tried rolling to the side but arms were wrapped tightly around me. I was pressed against a hard chest, it'd only make sense if it was Alton so I wasn't as startled as I'd imagined I'd be.

Events from yesterday made its way into my mind and I frowned, my throat dry from crying so much. I was happy up until the news of my traitorous parents who I found out never wanted me. I would've never imagined that's how they actually felt about me, I didn't realised until the deal with Alton. How they feigned care and guilt when in actuality they were relieved to have me off their back.

I'd feel bitter and petty over it if I was that type of person but I couldn't bring myself to even hate them. It was so sad how I weak I was when it came to that. I couldn't help but still wish them well. I didn't love them anymore but I didn't hate them. I just didn't want them to be in my life anymore, I felt like they'd only cause me heartache.

Alton stirs in his sleep, his chest rising before falling. I take in his sleeping face. His hair was a mess, lips pressed tightly together while his nose flared every time he took in a breath. His features were in every way masculine, jaw naturally chiseled and body muscular like he worked out often.

I blushed as I realise how creepy it was to just stare at him sleeping. I couldn't help it though, he was so good looking even in his sleep. It was kind of unfair, I looked like I died and woke up again when I woke up. My hair was all over the place with tangles at the ends of my hair. My lips felt chapped and I looked deathly pale.

His eyes opened and he looked at me for a while, I blushed feeling like I was caught. He stared unblinkingly before he smiled softly and my heart skipped a beat as I took in his smile that did wonders to me.

"Morning, " he says huskly and I swoon mentally.

I didn't understand how I could fall for someone who forced a marriage onto me. I didnt really have any control over it, the heart wants what it wants. Mine wanting Alton.

I wanted to reply to him but my throat felt dry and sore. I felt embarrassed knowing I stared at him for so long even though I knew he'd never know because he was asleep. Adding onto the fact that I was in a large t- shirt that smelled of Alton.

I didn't know what to think of it but I did know this was the most comfortable I've ever been in a shirt before. He smelled amazing so it felt like I was wrapped around in a blanket of security. It was the best feeling in the world right now.

When I didn't respond, he lifted his hand from my waist and cupped my cheek that burned hot as I stare in his eyes. His thumb softly caressed my cheek gently as his eyes analyzed my features compassionately. The stare was intense making my ears turn tomatoes red. I didn't pull away from him, I only leaned into his touch.

Making up his mind, he leans into me and captures my lips in his. It was soft and filled with passion as his lips moved over mine softly, passionately. His arms fell from my face as they wounded around my waist and brought me closer to him. It was tender and made me heart thud rapidly as I could hear my heartbeat.

My hands felt awkward as they lay beside me. Making up my mind, I wrap them around his neck slowly and melt into his touch. He nibbles on my bottom lip, the feeling new but filled me with pleasure. After moments without air, I break away only to breathe heavily. Our foreheads against one another, breathe tangled together.

My eyes were closed as I couldn't bring myself to look him after that. My heart beat was still erratical, my cheeks still stained pink. His forehead leaves mine and I feel his lips pressed gently onto my cheek in a small peck.

"Lets go on a date, " he says and my eyes open.

I look at him as he looks at me and I find myself nodding in agreement.

"When?" I ask in a daze.

"Today, " he tells me, eyes determined with a smile on his face. "It'll be a surprise, get ready and meet me downstairs to in the living room."

"Okay, " I nod once more.

So he leaves I'm left light headed, feeling like I was on cloud nine. I

in a comfortable silence, enjoying each others company and the sounds that filled our ears. I'm halfway into my second sandwich when soft feathery kisses are run along my neck kindly. I blush but think nothing of it and continue on with my sandwich. He takes a bite out of his sandwich after he's done messing with my neck.

Once we've finished almost half of the picnic basket, Alton stands and grabs my hand suddenly. We start walking towards the sound of the waterfall before were directly in front of it. The water rushed down and hit the large lake area quickly. I looked at Alton as he was taking off his shirt, he removed his jeans and I blushed but didn't look away. Shooting me a quick wink, he runs off and dives into the water.

His head pops up moments later, wiping his wet hair out of his face and smiling. He waves me over but I shake my head in refusal. I didn't have any swimwear present and I wasn't willingly to strip especially not in front of him anytime soon. He kept waving and I ended up walking over and removing my flats. I dipped my feet into the cool water, shuddering in slight surprise.

He swims over, his back muscles flexing while his feet kicked against the water. I watched in awe but snapped out of it when water was splashed into my face. I shook my face, eyes widen.

"Come in, " he tells me.

"I don't have any swimwear, " I try to reason.

"So?" he shrugs his wet shoulders, eyes bright while his lips were in a small grin.

"I'm not going in, " I refuse, slightly appalled.

"Please, Emmie. It won't be fun if your not having any fun, " he pleads with his eye.

"I am having fun, " I try again.

"Emmie, " he urges and I give in.

"Fine, " I grumble, "j-just turn around."

He does as told and turns around. I strip off my crop top sweater before I slid off my skirt gently. Only in my underwear, I quickly jump in. My teeth chatter as the cold consumes me and my body shudders as goosebumps appear all over. I come back to the surface and see Alton laughing loudly, I look at him in question. He swims over to me until he's in front of me.

"Its cute how you didn't notice I was looking the whole time, " he muses as I blush scarlet and punch his shoulder.

"Bloody hell, Alton!" I shriek, splashing water in his face and laughing when he sputters in shock.

"You should swim away right about now, " he growls in false anger.

I laugh, swimming away as fast as I can but he's like a pro swimmer so he catches me easily and that's how our pool fight starts. We stay for over half on hour without knowing it, I was surprised our skin didn't swell up with how long we staid in.

I've never been this happy before. With Alton, I felt at my best so when he asked me this question I didn't even falter a second before answering.

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