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   Chapter 12 Chapter Twelve

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Alton's P.O.V

I kissed her. It wasn't some light peck or a simple brushing of the lips, it was a full on tender kiss that made my mind explode. I've been kissed before, it wasn't my first but it still felt heart stopping amazing because it was with her. Every simple action had me falling over and over again. I almost felt foolish for falling for someone so easily. I barley knew her and yet I looked at her and fell, a cliché.

Even though she left afterwards I could tell what I felt wasn't one-sided anymore. She felt what I felt, I could see it in her eyes that she did. As confused as she was, she was coming to terms with it. I was an arse to have forced marriage between us instead of asking her on a normal date. That seemed much simpler than all of this. Maybe it would've been easier.

Even with my parents disagreement with my choice, I wanted to be with her. I didn't care how much they tried to force Diana on me, I was set on Emilia.

All my life, I've wanted to live up to my fathers expectations. I took on the family company in hopes it would please him, that he'd accept me as his son but his eyes were always focused on Axel. He was a screw up. Every single mess created by him, my father would fix. With a snap of his finger, Axel was in the clear and back to number one in my fathers eyes. I just didn't understand.

How could such a fuck up shine so brightly in my fathers eyes? Was there something I wasn't getting?

Then I realised, it wasn't about me at all. It wasn't the matter of someone being better than the other or someone being placed as a failure. Axel would always be my parents number one priority and concern because he needed to be. He needed them to watch over him. It couldn't be helped.

Even with him being older than me, he was what he was. An alcoholic that was trying to quit. He spasmed, was unpredictable and a grouch but he was trying and that's what I didn't see. He was trying to quit because he was tired of being cared for. He was trying to quit because he felt I'd copy him. He was trying because he wanted to be a good example for Aren and I. I almost felt bad for hating him so much as we grew up.

Tyson was telling me that I shouldn't be to irrational with him. He warned me what he needed was encouragement but I was to angry to care. Emilia came and I started to feel compassion and the emotions I lacked were forming. I felt like a new person.

I wasn't seeking approval from my parents anymore because I didn't need it. If they were going to feel happy for my accomplishments, they would've done it but they haven't and I've accepted it. I wouldn't feel bitter about it anymore because I had a new star in my eye. I'd try my best to shine brightly for someone else. Emilia would be the only one for me.

I didn't even realise how much of a friend Fallon, Camie, Tyson, Kade and Quint were. How greatful I was to have Aren as a little sister.

She wasn't spoiled, she was what I needed in a little sister. She tried comforting me when I felt down from the business, she tried preparing meals for me, sometimes I took all of those things for granted. It'd be weird if I bombarded Aren with gifts and outings to thank her so I'd do all of that gradually and work up to be a good brother to her. She deserved it.

"Alton, " Camie screams in my ear and jolt in my seat sharply.

Glaring at her, I try to control the urge to yell at her. She was smiling, eyes sparkling with mischief. She was up to no good, I've know her long enough to tell.

"What do you want?" I narrow my eyes.

"I don't want anything, " she says with emphasis on the 'I, ' "Emilia wishes to speak with you."

My eyes brighten instantly, noticeably. Camie noticing this and smiles brightly. I stare at her for a while trying to decide whe

little sweaty from nerves but so were mine.

She looked at our hands before looking at me and I waited for a reaction. My heart exploded as she smiled shyly but didn't show any sign of dislike. Without thought, I pull her to me and in a tight embrace. Her body against my own in a hug. She slowly wraps her arms around me as my arms are firmly placed at her waist.

"I love you, " I say.

"I love you to, " she replies with a chuckle.

Music to my ears, I wished to hear that sound for as long as I lived. When I realised I should tell her about her parents, my heart squeezed painfully. I didn't want to but I knew I had to. I released her reluctantly but she made sure my hands were in hers.

"I have to tell you something else, " I say hesitantly.

"I can tell it'll be bad, " she frowns, eyes losing its shine.

"Its about your parents, they-" I begin.

"Are they okay? What happened to them?" she released her hand from mine as her eyes go wide with worry.

I place my hand back in hers and lock fingers as I look sternly into her eyes.

"There fine, health wise. I wanted to tell you that when I came to your family to offer them money to have you, they practically gave you away." I start of slowly.

"What are you talking about?" her voice rises.

"They told me how they didn't want you anymore, that you only caused problems for them. You were a waste and -" I'm cut off like I knew I'd be.

"Stop making stuff up!" she yells in disbelief as she rips her hands away from mine.

"Emilia, listen, " I say calmly.

"No, you-you liar! My parents loved me, stop trying to make it seem like they never wanted me and I was some burden in their life, " she screams in outrage but her eyes told me she was uncertain, she breathed harshly.

"I wouldn't tell you this if it wasn't true, " I say softly, "Emilia, they would've sold you or abandoned you if I hadn't come along."

She shakes her head but I know she's putting things together in her head. Her eyes water as she tries to form a sentence but comes up short and a sob comes out instead. Tears flowing in a rush, she bawls.

I grab her and put her in my lap. She burries her face in my chest, making my white dress shirt wet with tears but I didn't care. All I cared about was comforting her because thats what she needed. It hurt to see her in such distress but it was bound to happen. I'd wait until she dried her tears. I'd wait forever for her.

With that, I whispered sweet nothings in her ear until she fell asleep in my arms.

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