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   Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven

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Emilia's P.O.V

"No way!" Camie gushed, eyes shining with pure interest.

"Oh my God, " Aren squealed in delight as she braided Fallons luscious locks.

"To good to be true, " Fallon smiled widely in happiness as she painted Camie's nails.

I'd told them what happened, not leaving out a single moment for everything felt like a dream that I'd relive if I had the opportunity. That precious memory would remain in my head and my heart for as long as I lived. Alton was my first kiss so I'd treasure it because it felt amazing. His lips were smooth but firm against my own as he moved dominately over mine.

We were close together with his large hands cupping my face to bring me closer. My arms wound up around his neck and I moved forward. He was taller than me, his 6'2 towering over my 5'5 so I brought his face down with my arms and lightly stood on my toes. It was something I could only imagine in some type of fairy tail. The feelings that exploded within me, my rapid heartbeat, the scenery.

But then there had to be that downfall. The downfall being that fact that I'd wordlessly jogged off in the mist of confusion. And he let me go. So ever since, I haven't spoken to him, I was to paranoid things would be awkward and my feelings would just be to

e angry, I know I'd be fustrated. He told me he loved me a while earlier and I claimed him to be a liar, since then he's felt the same and had the courtesy to repeat his feelings and I run out. I was a waste of his time, he'd be able to find another girl in a snap of his fingers. I felt so foolish.

"It's okay, " Fallon comforts, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me to sit up.

"You didn't mess up because we can fix this, " Camie coos, rubbing my other arm slowly.

"And I know exactly how, " Aren pipes up with a smile.

So while I'm left out of the loop, Aren begins telling Camie and Fallom what her genius plan was. Whatever it was seemed to make Camie extremely happy while Fallon approved of it wholeheartedly. When they were finished whispering amongst each other they looked at me and smiled.

Then they attacked me.

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