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   Chapter 10 Chapter Ten

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Emilia's P.O.V

I hated this situation so much. There was so much yapping beside me, I felt like my ears would stop working and I'd possibly go tone deaf. That girl, Diana, would not stop talking. It's like she felt the constant need to say something every second to fill in whatever silence despite the tons of people in the room.

Then there was Alton who looked agitated but politely went along with whatever topic Diana brought up, which was most likely to be about herself. He'd looked at me a couple of times, eyes desperate for some kind of way out of her but I couldn't think of what to do. I didn't exactly want to speak to her.

Allen had said Diana was what was best for Alton which meant they approved of her; not me. It bothered me so much to have her sitting and chatting away with Alton. I mean, I'm sure she would've known about our alleged wedding. She should know he was off the market. It didn't seem that way though.

"Have you been working out?" She bats her eyelashes, leaning forward and trailing her hands down his chest.

Annoyed, he grasps her wrist, stopping her and gently pushes her hand away from him. Trying to hide her irritation, Diana continues to flirtatious look at him. I just witness this happening, not finding it in me to make a move to do anything.

"Were'nt you just with Glenn a few weeks ago?" Alton questions.

"Yeah but he just wasn't my type-" aka, he wasn't as minted as she thought, "-you're my type though."

Alton nodded, it didn't seem like he wanted to go into further conversation with her. His eyes met mine and it looked like it lit up considerably, he gives me a smile, I return the gesture with a grin in reply. Diana spots us and her eyes narrow, she puts on a false smile and squeals in fake surprise.

"I didn't notice you there, love! You're the one who's to marry Al, " she says happily but her eyes pierce mine.

It was as if she was telling me to back down with he

killed me until I finally drew this conclusion that I fell for him. I felt like an idiot for falling for someone like that but my heart thumped and I knew.

I knew I fell for his personality. I fell for how he cared about me despite how much trouble I caused. I didn't know what it was but I was drawn to him. I should've wound up hating him, and I used to, but now I just couldn't hate him.

Having enough of my annoying feelings, I quickly stand to escape from staring at Alton any longer. I zip through people quickly, darting down and towards the door and to the quiet hallway. I didn't want to be here any longer.

Before I can walk any further, large hands consume my smaller ones and I'm pulled to a hault. Spun around swiftly, my eyes briefly catch Alton before firm, soft lips press against mine. Surprised beyond thought, my eyes widen before they flutter close and my lips move with his. My arms indistinctivly go around his neck, his hand leave my wrist and go to cup my face as he brings me closer.

We pull away minutes later, breathlessly and he leans his forehead against mine. My eyes remain close as my cheeks stain red.

"I love you, " he says softly.

My eyes open as I stare in his sincere eyes. That's when I realised, I loved him to.

I loved Alton Hamilton.

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