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   Chapter 9 Chapter Nine

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Emilia's POV

After we'd bought enough things to satisfy a person for years, we went back home. It was about 6:20 at the time which meant we only had about an hour and thirty minutes until the pre-wed ball. Aren claimed we barley had enough time to do anything with her and myself so she called for back up.

It took Fallon and Camie about fifteen minutes to arrive with them still busy getting there hair done. When they did come, Fallon set out to get all the things she needed to do my hair and makeup, while Cammie had to pick out the perfect accessories and shoes to go with the dress I'd be wearing.

"Oh my God, " Camie shrieked, eyes wide, "literally half an hour left."

Camie shoves me inside my bathroom, non to gently.

I slip my dress on, reaching behind me to zip it up myself. Smiling at myself, I twirl around in the effortless dress, loving how it looked on me. It didn't fit me too tightly but it wasn't too loose fitting on me. It was the perfect type of dress to wear when you didn't want to look to flashy but it was meant for an event.

Slipping on light purple heels that were three inches or taller, I walk out of the bathroom with a pep in my step. Camie claps excitedly with a bright smile on her pale face while Fallon nodded her head in acceptance of the dress. Aren had just come in the room in a white dress that was lightly decorated with gold at the hem. The dress hugged her chest then flowed down just above her tanned knees. She wore white flats that had a small solid gold bow at the top.

She didn't wear much makeup but she did wear bubblegum pink lipgloss with eyeliner and a faint amount of blush. Overall, she looked absolutely beautiful. And I had a feeling she knew just how amazing she looked because she couldn't stop looking in the mirror and smiling. I couldn't t blame her. If I looked half as stunning as she did, I won't stop looking at myself for a second. I'd be to amazed that makeup could do such wonders considering I didn't have the pounds to buy any, it was to expensive, even the cheap kind.

As I was admiring the beauty of Aren, I hadn't realized Fallon was doing my hair while Camie was doing my makeup. When I did, they'd finished.

"You look stunning, " Camie compliments, smiling as she gently began to pack up her large makeup kit.

"I think I've made your hair look even better than mine, " Fallon chuckles lightly, "look in the mirror."

I get up anxiously and make my way into the bathroom where I almost freeze in surprise. I couldn't actual believe this was me. My hair fell past my shoulders in professional, tight curls. A larger curl was placed in front of my face as a substitution for a bang. I didn't have makeup caked onto my face but it was noticeably there. Eyeliner boldens my eyelashes and eyebrows while the foundation clears any imperfection on my face.

Blush adds pop to my features while the pink lipstick is spread nice and neatly onto my lips. I was smiling, I was happy, but at the same time, I wasn't.

This couldn't be happening, I didn't want this. I didn't want some pre-wed ball for some fake, false wedding. But as my heart spead up and I felt more nauseated the more I thought about it all, I realized something deep inside.

I didn't know what it was but I was desperate to grasp what I was feeling. I was nearly starting to feel sick. Suddenly the makeup felt sticky against my face, the dress felt to tight and my head felt ichy. God, I felt like shit.

Cold hands land playfully against my bare shoulders. I jerk in response and attempt a smile but it looks more like a grimace, looking at myself, it was almost as i

any less attractive for his age.

"What're you doing here?" Alton spits.

"Can't I see the woman who stole my brothers heart?" The guy peers at me curiously.

They're brothers.

"Those aren't your intentions, Axel, " Alton glares.

They had some type of fued going on. Alton seemed to so far hate everyone in his family, besides Aren. I couldn't help but feel bad for Alton.

"Smart boy, " Axel stands, coughing gruffly before looking at us, "you two are cute."

Before Alton can say anything Aren comes running over and into Axels arms. Axel smiles genuinely and wraps his arms around Aren, spinning her around twice before dropping her and messing up her hair playfully. She swats his hands trying to look angry at him but a smile stretches onto her lips.

"Axel! I've missed you, " Aren pouts.

"Missed you to munchkin, " Axel admits, "you've grown."

"You'd know how much I've grown if you were actually around, " Aren crosses her hands on her chest.

"It'd be better for him not to be around. He barley did any good anyways, " Alton murmurs hatefully.

I look at him but he avoids my stare. Axel doesn't look fazed at all by his attitude, in fact, it doesn't look like cares at all. If he were putting up a front I'd never he able to tell.

"Sorry 'bout that, " Axel shrugs, "I'll come by to celebrate your birthday, yeah?"

Alton scoffs, "thats a laugh."

Axels eyes harden as he stares at Alton. Alton meets his challenging stare and scowls. My hands invoulentarily go to his arm and I tug at his suit harshly. Alton looks at me, his still hard but slowly going soft.

"Get over yourself, Alton, " Axel tosses a goodbye my way before walking away with his hands stuffed in his dress pants. Aren follows quickly, hugging Alton and I before doing so.

Looking at Alton, he sighs and avoids looking at me once again.

"I'd ask what that was about but you probably won't tell me, " I say despite my curiosity.

"I'm sorry about my parents, " he changes subject, "I-if we weren't on good terms I wouldn't have allowed you to speak to them."

"They would've hated me either way, " I shrug.

"I have something to tell you, can we go speak somewhere?" he asks.

I nod wordlessly and we turn to go when some girl in a bright red dress that hugs her way to tightly approaches us with a bright smile.

"Alton!" she smiles brightly.

"Diana, " Alton says gravely.

Oh boy, I think.

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