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   Chapter 8 Chapter Eight

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Emilia's P.O.V

This had to be the best time of my life. It was like I was in a state of eternal peace and happiness. The atmosphere was calm and comforting along with the colours that painted the skies. Flowers blossomed beneath my feet growing tall and beautifully almost like a child growing into a beautiful, strong and wise adult.

The wind blew gently past the flowers, causing them to dance slowly. It blew against my brunette hair, allowing to flow behind me. My body swayed with the feeling in my heart and soul.

Arms wrapped tightly around me in a protective but soft and warming embrace. It felt so loving, like I was meant to be in this persons arms forever. And forever I will, because it felt right. My heart screamed for me to spend life here. His arms were home.

Breathing out a sigh, our bodies fall together onto the bed of flowers. In comfort, I lay against his chest, between his legs. His heartbeat soothes me as it goes in a rhythmic sequence.

Ba dum-ba dum-ba dum-

And so forth.

"I love you, " he said warmly, it sent shivers through me.

It made my heart pound because I knew I felt the same. I wanted to tell him I loved him also, but I wanted to face him.

It was as if time was in slow motion. I slowly turned to face him, my eyes slowly opening to see him and when I did my face crumbled.

The clam atmosphere crumbled. The cheerful bright flowers died and shriveled beneath us. The soothing aura around us shattered.

It was Alton. Alton Hamilton.

Sitting up instantly on the bed, I panted. My chest heaved as beads of sweat dripped down my forehead and onto the soft, cream colour blanket. I gripped the blanket harshly in my fist, balling it to release whatever I was feeling. I couldn't describe what I was feeling so I just sat there in silence.

"I love you."

I let out a soft scream of aggravation, falling back on the soft mattress. My face burned as the words, 'I love you, ' were repeated in the most soft and loving way by Alton. I just didn't understand. Why would I have such a dream? It made no sense, it was so frustrating.

It was like, as days drew closer towards the wedding; these unknown feelings would arise and I couldn't decipher what it was. All of this was so foreign to me. I didn't like feeling this way.

I didn't like feeling helpless whenever my heart would go ballistic at the thought of Alton sometimes. I didn't like the way he'd wander into my mind. I didn't like that stupid smile of his that sent me almost wanting to smile as goofy as him. And I bloody don't like the fact that I can't get the picture and sound of him saying, 'I love you, ' out of my mind.

A knock at the door draws my attention from my thoughts and Gloria enters with a half-hearted smile. She wears her hair up in a gelled ponytail with her maid outfit wrinkle free. Her white shirt with her name encrusted in gold is tucked nicely in her black jeans. Small studded earrings are in her ears with a simple chain necklace around her neck.

"Emilia, you're awake, " she says, pleased, "I almost thought we'd have that death incident once again."

"Don't worry, Gloria, " I chuckle lightly.

"You must be nervous for the pre-wed ball tonight, " she tells me.

Not responding, I watch her come to sit beside me quietly. She gently places her hand above mine. I look at her and she smiles warmly. I return a weak grin though I feel sour inside.

It wasn't the ball, it was not understanding what the hell I was fe

ther found someone 'trust worthy, ' but I was lying to her. I totally did not love her brother.

We finished with our hand and feet message as well as our nails. My nails were a light purple with this gel nail polish that Aren bought because she liked it on me. I told her not to but she insisted. I didn't want them spending so much on me, it made me feel bad.

We headed inside Taylor's, this expensive dress shop. For a 14-year-old she had an awfully good taste in sophisticated and classy clothing. She was the most mature young teen I've ever encountered.

We bought this strapless light purple dress that hugged the chest but flowed gracefully towards the bottom. It had a beautifully tied bow at the center and just looked amazing. I felt the delicious fabric of the nice clothing against my finger tips. My eyes oogled the dress.

Aren noticed me and elbowed me gently with a smile. Her eyes lit up excitedly.

"Thats the one, isn't it?" she bounces on her heels.

I shrug, unsure but my eyes said something else entirely.

"This is the one, " Aren sang, picking the dress off the hanger spinning around quickly before handing me the dress.

I smile and laugh at her, happily looking at the dress but pause as I see the price. Oh my God. I shake my head, placing it back on the rack. Aren stares at me perplexed.

"What're you doing?" she picks the dress back up in a hurry.

It was the only one of that dress. This was that type of store that only had one of a kind dresses so it wouldn't be seen or worn by anyone else. It was one of a kind.

"Did you see that price? Now way am I going to make you or Alton pay for that, " I refuse.

"Its only £700 pounds, " she chuckles humourously, knowing fully well how I felt about pricey things.

"Seriously, Aren?" I give her a blank stare.

"Aw, what does it matter? Alton said to pick whatever you like and you like this dress. This is your pre wed ball, you're supposed to feel like a princess, " she urges.

This wasn't my pre wed ball. I wasn't actually getting married to Alton, well I was but it was without love. I didn't want this. I wanted the dress but I'd feel bad wearing it.

"Just say yes, " she pleads with the puppy dog eyes I just couldn't resist.

"Fine, " I agree.

This was just getting worse and worse by the minute.

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