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   Chapter 7 chapter seven

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Emilia's P.O.V

The door suddenly slamming open jolts me up from my deep sleep. My head pounds as I accidentally sit up way to quickly.

Alton stands by the door with worry painted on his face with two other guys behind him.

"Are you okay?" He asks rushing inside the room.

He grabs my hand lifting it, inspecting my body. I look at him mildly confused before looking at his friends. One looks extremely amused while the other looks concerned.

"Uh, yeah why wouldn't I be?" I ask looking back down at Alton who kneels down in front of me.

"There's tissue with a lot of blood on it, " Alton says still looking at my arm, "are you bleeding?"

I blush scarlet and feel embarrassment fill me completely. What the hell? I thought I buried it beneath multiple pieces of tissue!

"The toliet water is also red, " one of the guys speaks up.

I did not forget to flush.

My blush deepens further and now all the guys are confused and worried. Why is this happening to me? This was the worst thing ever.

"Emilia are you okay? I can take you to the doctor, " Alton suggest, standing up quickly.

I wish someone could get me out of this situation right now. This was utterly horrid.

"No, I uh, " I didn't want to say it.

God, I didn't want to say it. Not to them.


"I'm on my period okay?" I say blushing furiously, "that's period blood."

Its silent but I refuse to look up. I couldn't stand or bare to look at their faced. Then curiosity gets to me and I peek up to see the two guys faces twisted into disgust.

"Oh my god, " one squeals girlish like.

"Ew!" One screams, "do you know how long I stared at that water wondering what the fuck it was?"

I'd laugh if I wasn't embarrassed.

Alton blinks then he blinks again before he looks at me directly in the eyes. He blushes and looks away quickly, he looked almost embarrassed.

"Uh-ah, sorry for asking, " he mutters.

"No, uh, my fault for not remembering to flush, " I mumble, "I don't remember anything from yesterday night."

"Yeah, I'll explain later over breakfast. Take care of yourself before meeting us in the kitchen, " he says quickly before leaving me alone.

I fall back on the bed, still red as a fucking tomato. I can't believe that just happened to me. I can't believe I was careless enough to let something like that happen. But it wasn't like it was entirely my fault. There weren't any pads nor were there any tampons, that was a given knowing Alton lived here and he was a guy; Aren also lived here but she has yet to experience the horror of a period.

Pushing that out of my thoughts I take care of myself, doing the necessities. Putting on a white T-shirt with sweats and my hair up in a

up your arse, " I spit annoyed.

The more I stayed living in this house, the more I felt my temper continue to rise. I wish I was home.

The chef looked surprised but its not like he would disagree with how I felt about the prick. He'd most likely feel the same way I did. Kade treated the workers as if they were some pathetic worthless beings on this planet and they were lucky to graze the floors he walked on. I wanted to slap a sense of reality on him.

"Emilia language, " Alton scolded me tiredly.

He's been repeatedly trying to correct me since day one. I wouldn't change though. This was who I am and I refused to change.

So I rolled my eyes.

"We have this Pre-Wedding ball to attend tomorrow night so I won't be around-" he paused to look at Tyson and Kade who were busy watching TV in the second living room, "-please be sure to behave and listen to Gloria and Maria who'll wake you up at exactly 8 sharp if you don't happen to wake up."

Pre-Wedding ball?

As the days get closer to our alleged wedding, it feels like I'm getting closer to something. I felt almost trapped though, like I was stuck. Despite being given all these things, sleeping comfortably and eating like royalty; I felt like I had nothing. I felt like this was all a bad dream but then there was this feeling in my heart that I didn't understand.

I never understood my heart, it was why I relied on my brain.

"Whatever, " I murmur.

His face openly showed his hurt and this longing look. He opened his mouth to speak, he wanted to say something, that much I knew but he said nothing though his eyes screamed at me.

He turned and walked away, I almost wished he had said something to me. Instead he left, leaving this hollow feeling in my heart.

Again, I didn't know why my heart felt so empty.

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