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   Chapter 6 chapter six

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Alton's P.O.V

It was my fault.

Though I admit it was my fault what was I to do? When I saw her all rational thoughts flew from my mind and all I thought about was that innocent face staring back at me. At first I'd assume it was nothing and if focus strictly on business; that wasn't the case. After leaving the café shop I couldn't stop thinking about her.

I couldn't stop my mind from wandering. Suddenly I began to wonder about her. I wanted to know how old she was. I wanted to know what her name was. I wanted to know how she behaved when know was around.

Did she sing and dance around with only a big shirt on? Did she curl up on her bed reading a good novel? Did she paint landscapes, cook, divine on foods unknown?

Soon enough, I found myself asking another girl who worked at the café who she was and where she lived. Afterwards I'd gotten to know how poor and desperate there families financial situation was. I wanted to help but at the back of my mind, my thoughts were on her. I helped them but with my selfish intentions in mind.

I didn't realize what I was doing by forcing her hand in marriage. I genuinely felt I was doing them all a favour. The parents were more than welcoming to it, a little to welcoming. I'd be giving them an abundance amount of money and she'd be rich, living in a big house with a wealthy husband. What could be better?

Unfortunately, I was in a state of ignorance. I was hazed with my irrational feelings that I thought of nothing and no one but myself.

But that's who I was, wasn't I?

That's what my image was built to be. I was built to be that tyrant wealthy man who received and took whatever he wanted. I was supposed to be that guy who wallowed in all his money while mocking the poor. The guy who thought of no one buy himself. But in all honesty I wasn't that guy.

My father was that guy.

I didn't want to be like my father. I wanted to be different from him. Though are features were the same, I wanted to be the opposite of what people pictured me to be. Having his name tainted my image.

Upset and angered, I concealed myself away only focusing on business, on money. Again, until I met her.

Until I met Emilia.

She was: stubborn, feisty, witty but at the time she managed to be shy, caring and sweet. I just didn't understand the way my heart did leaps just thinking about one girl. She was just so special and to have her push me away, it hurt and astounded me in more ways than one.

Many girls flocked to me. It was easy to steal a women's breathe away with one look her way. Girls forced me to get in bed with them.

But Emilia, she was different. She pushed me away, ignored me, avoiding me until I even began questioning my own existance.

"Alton, " my good friend Tyson grabs my attention.

"Yeah, mate?" I ask my friend of ove

fucker paused, loud music pierces the background.

"I'm lost~" I sing spinning around.

"Where are you?" he asks worriedly.

"Drunk, where are you?" I reply overly loudly.

"How are you drunk?" his voice raises.

"I DRUNK THE GOOSE WATER, IT TASTED LIKE FIRE!" I scream slightly gaging as bile starts rising in my throat.

"That was vodka!" he exclaims with some type of emotion.

Unable to reply I rush over to the closet room available and throw up. Luckily it was the room with the pee bowl in it.

"Did you throw up?" he asks in concern.

"Yeah, that tasted like fire too, am I a dragon?" I answer hoarsely.

"No, " he sighs, "just stay put."

"FEAR THE DRAGON, MORTAL!" I yell loudly rushing out of the room.

"You're not a dragon, " he says with slight amusement.

"BURNINATOR!" I yell before I cough, choking slightly.

I rush back to the room and release the disgusting stuff in the pee bowl.

"Emilia be careful. I'll be there soon, love, " he says.

"Rawrrr, " I manage to let out a powerful roar before I let out another wave of disgusting stuff.

"Emilia pl—"

"If you hadn't left, " I slur walking shakily, "this would never happen."

He went silent.

Went stuff starts falling from my face.

"I wanted you to be here with me, " I whine childish, wiping at my runny nose, "but NOO."

"Emilia I'll be there soon, " he whispers before disconnecting the call.

I knock over a vase, a sudden rage of anger runs through me. Yelling and scream I let out slur after slur of curses while smashing things.

Just as I'm about collapse, hands come around me, holding me in a nice firm and yet soft embrace.

"Its okay now, " Alton whispers.

I love you, I think to myself as I fall asleep.

—Alton's POV—

"I love you, " she whispers quietly as she falls asleep.

My heart speeds up and I can't help but think:

I love you to.

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